ESC to close 3.56 (by 32 users)kaitou saint tail
  • 1995
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kaitou saint tail
english Mysterious Thief Saint Tail (literal)
aka Mysterious Phantom Saint Tail, kaitou seinto teeru

Based On

based on manga
title kaitou saint tail
author Tachikawa Megumi (立川恵)


genres comedy, drama, romance, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)
by TMS Entertainment


date 12 Oct, 1995 - 12 Sep, 1996
episodes 43
duration 30 minutes
air day Thursday
at 19:30 - 20:00
status released


avg. score 3.56 of 5 by 32 users
total users 58
rating 114
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Meimi is a normal girl, but at nights she becomes the mysterious thief Saint Tail who steals what was taken dishonestly. She gets help from a friend of her, a sister in training and together they give the objects to their original owners. But as she is a thief, she can't be a rightful person in eyes of the many. Because of this, after her is chasing a boy of a detective , determinate to discover her true identity and catch her.


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03 Sep, 2013
Kaitou Saint teeru is an anime not to be underestimated.. I watched this anime because in generally I am a huge fan of shoujo romance animes, aswell as oldschool ones.. and alltho I was kinda sceptical to the plot upon reading... I forgot about that pretty fast.

I will be writing a spoilerless review about the anime kaitou saint teeru.

Haneoka Meimi is a girl very much unlike any others. While she seemingly is like all other girls you can see, Nobody knows that in reality she is the mysterious phantom thief Saint Tail. Saint tail working for the sake of greater good and helps people toubled by stealing or using illegal means for helping... she is also being chased by the police. Among the police force you'll find Asuka jr, a boy with a sincere wish of catching saint tail, thus proving to himself he would make a great cop in the future.. Due to his father he is there for every mission with the police force, but soon Asuka finds himself falling for both Meimi and St. tail. As kaitou saint teeru unfolds, you will find yourself laughing, crying, and absolutely completely adoring it. its not boring for a second, it makes you want to keep watching.. and the plot is more wide than what it seems to begin with originally upon watching....

This anime has it all. An enjoyable soundtrack, great character developments and surprise elements.. Kaitou saint teeru is an anime I would recommend to people generally fond of shoujo and magical girls animes, romance and oldschool animes. Give it a chance, watch it.. surely you will adore it. This anime only gets better as you go on, and the graphics are amazing as this is an anime from 1995. I truly will say, this is one of my alltime favorite animes.. While in overall this is a magical girl anime, it contains in overall no magic powers, moreover magician powers. Haneoka's parents are both magicians and they've tought Meimi what they know of magic making her able to use magic using her hat or cards\her staff ingame... By this, I feel like they in overall kinda made a somewhat realistic twist to the anime, not making it all magical girl styled.

Watch it, you will not regret it.. This anime has top ratings for everything from me. I completed this anime about a year ago, and it hasn't left my mind for a secound ever since.. I've rewatched it so many times I kinda lost count, and yet.. It was worth every minute watching it.
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monjaelisa 03 Sep, 2013
best shoujo anime ever <3 There would be no loss as big as to miss out on this anime.. its more than what it seems... in overall, I really recommend it.. :3