ESC to close 3.22 (by 186 users)criminal minds 크리미널 마인드
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized criminal minds
aka keurimineol maindeu

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based on tv
title Criminal Minds


genres action, crime, drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 26 Jul, 2017 - 28 Sep, 2017
episodes 20
duration 90 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:50 - 00:20
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 186 users
total users 442
rating 599
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Gang Gi Hyeong
Kim Hyeon Jun
Ha Seon U
Yu Min Yeong
Lee Han
Na Na Hwang


singer, composer


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02 Oct, 2017
Criminal Minds continues the trend of Korean remakes of popular North American shows. Unfortunately it also seems to be following the general trend of the remakes not managing to quite live up to the originals (or even really stand on their own).

The basic premise of the original is kept - a federal level organization has a criminal profile team that handles the hardest cases. Most core main cast members are kept (and those that aren't have aspects merged into those that were brought over). The cases also are taken from the original show.

However, disregarding the original entirely and judging the show solely by its own merit does reveal its weaknesses.

The profiling group is poorly written. Over the course of twenty episodes we learn about their pasts (or get hints of it), and we watch them grow closer together as they face the worst of humanity. And yet despite all that, they feel flat and two dimensional. They often take back seat to the villains, who are terrifying but humane and tend to take over the center stage. Part of it has to do with the directing, which has lots of moments of staring and exposition while part has to do with the writing. It feels as if the writer had so much fun creating the villains that they forgot to do the same to their leads. The odd directing choice of having cases end in the middle of most episodes also threw off the tone. There's the finale moment of closing the case, and then you're suddenly dropped into another terrible crime for the second half. It's jarring and more obvious when the case closes an episode and feels tonally smoother.

Overall a recommend for fans of the actors, the original or criminal procedure shows but otherwise nothing interesting to offer.
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sukimatsuura 02 Jun, 2018
@bhagwanti totally agree with you
sillysym 28 Mar, 2018
They shouldn't touch american series. Even without comparison, this one is not good. With even acting seems to be lacking. They took somebody's idea, but still script is bad.
With all love for Korean shows... if you wanna watch this, watch american one and enjoy. [x2]
bhagwanti 12 Nov, 2017
They shouldn't touch american series. Even without comparison, this one is not good. With even acting seems to be lacking. They took somebody's idea, but still script is bad.
With all love for Korean shows... if you wanna watch this, watch american one and enjoy.
tenshitoakuma 05 Oct, 2017
There should be a "better than average but not good enough for good rating" rating for this show.. if it wasnt for Jungki I dont think I would watch it till the end.. 3 more eps left for me, think it will make me give it a "good" rating in the end? >.
ikah 07 Sep, 2017
Hmmm, I liked the first (five ?) episodes and thought that they did a good job with the show, but lately I watch it only because of LJG. The cases drag on so much and arent very interesting for me, there are so many scenes of the team that look like the actors are just reciting the script. :/ I am glad that at least the performance of villains was actually good, because it is quite hard to like/enjoy the main characters for many reasons...It is pity...
eyeslikefirefly 03 Sep, 2017
Yeah, overall most of the stories are boring and the acting isn't that believable. Especially the nerdy hacker chick, when she tries to type quickly it sounds sooooo fake. They tried to have depth to the characters, but then they forgot about it? Probably the character we know the most about is Gang Gi Hyeong.
I will say the actor in episode 11 was pretty damn good- especially changing his facial expressions. And most of the single-episode characters did a pretty good job acting (the kids... T_T). Just the main people seem so fake (I'm sorry, I love you, JG! It's not your fault, it's the writers!)
I'll probably still finish this, but I'll take my time...
alex3 20 Aug, 2017
I really wanted to like it, even though I saw the comments that said its really bad. I'm a fan of original version so of course I was excited to see how it will turn out. Unfortunatelly I must agree with people in the comments below. There's nothing that makes you sad/exctited/whatever. Characters are dull and cases (so far) are not that interesting, solutions to them are often, how do i say it... dumb? I only saw few episodes but I won't bother much longer.
bhagwanti 13 Aug, 2017
Lost of words... bad dialogues, bad script, absurd situation... they just stay there and listen to conversation when they know where the culprit is? They should run there like crazy... Do not watch this x2