ESC to close 3.82 (by 196 users)neodo inganini? 너도 인간이니?
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neodo inganini?
english Are You Human Too?


genres romance, sci fi


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 04 Jun, 2018 - 07 Aug, 2018
episodes 36
duration 35 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.82 of 5 by 196 users
total users 424
rating 748
favorites 10



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Nam Sin Ⅲ
Nam Sin
Gang So Bong
Ji Yeong Hun
Seo Ye Na
O Ro Ra




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14 Sep, 2018
Are You Human Too is a show that starts off shaky before finding its feet. It's never the best show but not terrible either.

The best part of the show is Seo Gang Jun who flawlessly flips between playing an android and a human. Despite having one character impersonate the other, there's never a doubt about which character he's playing. The rest of the cast is great but weaker in comparison.

The weakest aspect is the writing. The basic premise of the show is interesting enough but it does get dragged down but other plotlines and somewhat inconsistent characterization. The main couple helps keep things interesting.

A watch for fans of Seo Gang Jun or dry spells, but not much more.
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10 Aug, 2018
That drama broke my heart in a lot of ways, but...

It's very, very good and I can recommend this without hestitation!

It's very rare when I like main female character, but So Bong was really great. Ofc, at the beginning she wasn't, but the further the better.

I wished human Nam Shin the worst, but I didn't predict that their mum could die... It's unfair, but human Nam Shin changed at least.

Ye Na was the most sad character. She loved him, she lost him, she lost his father... I didn't like her, but she wasn't that stupid second character I hate and I really symphatize with her. And my favourite is Young Hoon. Sometimes he looks more like a robot that Namshin III, but if he wasn't on the Nam Shin's side, they all would be dead in the middle of the drama xD I love him!

I think that drama can show that everything which was made by someone with a heart, has a heart too - a drawing, a meal, a model, even a robot.

I didn't except from this drama such good plot (with mistakes of course, but it's still sf, yes?).

Seo Kangjun's work is amazing in this drama too! I'm proud of him!

Watch this!
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ellenasabina 03 Oct, 2018
3 times already ..... on my "watched" list :D
cowgirl805 13 Sep, 2018
Wow twist and turns in every episode. What an awesome show. I would recommend this.
ellenasabina 31 Aug, 2018
Ultra-masterpiece ....
ilate 30 Aug, 2018
enjoyed it a lot! <3
sillysym 25 Aug, 2018
One of the best drama I've ever watched. Kang seo joon is really handsome and his acting was really awesome. i couldn't take off eyes from the tv. Plot, cast, everything was really good. I'm just so sad it finished. Great job everyone.
about the endind. I don't know if i would have preferred her with the human one since he became a good person in the end. Cause the future with the robot will be hard. Well. It's a drama. It's ok. The will never have a future lol.
purtysunshine 22 Aug, 2018
I LOVED this drama. OMG! Seo Kang Joon just came out of nowhere for me and won my heart and soul. His acting was SO good, especially since he was charged with playing two totally different characters…one of them being a robot no less. The story was refreshing and I go in to dramas featuring robots with a lot of skepticism (looking at you, Zettai Kareshi) but I was very pleasantly surprised with the way this one played out. I loved the characters and everything fit together nicely—the plot, the directing, the music. It was just produced so well. Nam Shin III being so utterly perfect and adorable is just the icing on this delicious cake. So much love. Will watch again!
uver 21 Aug, 2018
Lacklustre world building, shame because the premise was interesting. Good acting all around (albeit Yoo Oh Sung has a tendency to overact), and the leads have great chemistry. Sadly the last segment drops the ball completely. . The best thing about this show was probably SKJ — he's definitely come a long way as an actor. I could see him excel playing an amoral character (think Pil joo from Money Flower etc.) in a darker, more mature piece of work.

Anyway still waiting for that one AI-centered kdrama to blow me away!
allase 14 Aug, 2018
3.5 / 5