ESC to close 3.66 (by 286 users)black 블랙
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized black
aka beullaek


genres suspense, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 14 Oct, 2017 - 10 Dec, 2017
episodes 18
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 22:20 - 23:40
status released


avg. score 3.66 of 5 by 286 users
total users 549
rating 1048
favorites 4



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Gang Ha Ram
Yun Su Wan
O Man Su
Grim Reaper No. 007
Grim Reaper No. 416


producer, director


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silentscream93 26 May, 2018
After the first few episodes I didn't expect too much. But later it became better and better. It was really addictive! Ha Ram was annoying in the beginning when she wanted to save everyone, not thinking about the consequences... But later she was less anoying. I liked many of the characters, including Crazy Dog. ❤ But I liked the whole "police team". It was my first drama from Song Seong Heon, but not the last after this drama.
Black character development was interesting. I laughed so much when he was a jerk at first. Then he became more and more like a human being. The 2 silly grim reaper were awesome too. The story was well-written. It had many plot-twist. I couldn't get bored, not even for a moment, it was always exciting.
ilate 21 Apr, 2018
Surprisingly, I enjoyed this drama a lot. I'm far from being pleased with the ending though:
I don't know. It just feels like all the time we've invested into knowing Joon/Moo-Gang/444 was a waste. And also, I feel bad for Joon, because when they agreed to remove him from the memories of all, it felt like removing the existence of an innocent child was a way to solve all of the horrible things that happened. And it makes me very very sad.

Though I'm not a fan of Go A Ra's acting, this time it didn't make me want to quit midway. And damn, Song Seung Heon is such an eye candy it should be illegal.
neo9000 04 Feb, 2018
Verry good. I quit at 14 cause I dont bother with end of such a story but the humor was fucking insane. I never laughed that hard on korean comedy.
neo9000 04 Feb, 2018
Verry good. I quit at 14 cause I dont bother with end of such a story but the humor was fucking insane. I never laughed that hard on korean comedy.
stehcamine 15 Jan, 2018
Ficou ó, uma bosta.
Começou bem, mas da metade pro fim ficou horroroso.
sillysym 13 Jan, 2018
Fa schifo
reonsoru 02 Jan, 2018
In the beginning, I was reluctant to pick this up because it did sound like Goblin so much, but it´s Song Seung Heon, so how can I resist? I like the somewhat dark, edgy feel to it and the characters are quite lovely. However, just as purtysunshine pointed out, the drama doesn´t use the potential of cast and plot, and it´s quite hard to pinpoint why that is. Personally I enjoyed the drama until the last 2 episodes, when suddenly the writers decided to introduce plot twist after plot twist, which felt forced rather than exciting. Also, the final scene completely doesn´t make any sense at all

The maximum punishment is supposed to be him never having existed in the first place and her losing all her memories about him, but even before she passes she starts to remember (when she cries holding his bracelet) and then she says she remembers and they walk off holding hands... Like... wtf???????

Overall an interesting and entertaining watch though and personally I loved Go Ara´s performance in this.
purtysunshine 01 Jan, 2018
When it was good, it was REALLY good. But it was just never quite good enough. The mystery was full of potential, the romance was full of potential, the trajectory of the story was full of potential...and it just kind of always fell short. I could see what the production was aiming for and just think they executed it poorly. I was left frustrated by the plot holes and a bit annoyed with reused supernatural plot devices (Traveling through doors...the scene of him slamming his hands down on the car with unnatural strength...come on now! This is Goblin and You Who Came From the Stars 2.0). I wanted more original material. Having said that, the fact that I’m worked up and upset about it proves that I did indeed love this drama at times (which is all the more reason why it disappointed me so). It’s worth a watch—just check your expectations.