ESC to close 4.16 (by 513 users)pi zi ying xiong 痞子英雄
  • 2009
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized pi zi ying xiong
english Black & White
literal Ruffian & Hero


genres action, crime, law


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network PTS


date 11 Apr, 2009 - 27 Jun, 2009
episodes 24
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:00 - 22:00
status released


avg. score 4.16 of 5 by 513 users
total users 1035
rating 2133
favorites 87


pi zi ying xiong: li ming zai qi
2014 film tw ch


Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are polar opposites; the former does nothing but sit around, live a life of luxury, and, in a sense, waits for information about cases to fall on his lap while the latter is a true believer in justice and actively and enthusiastically spends his time on the streets catching criminals. One case brings these two crime solvers together and while they fight the bad guys... they also fight each other.

[Schedule: Two consecutive episodes on every Saturday]


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Chen Zai Tian
Wu Ying Xiong
Gao Yi
Ma Xiao Ming
Chen Lin
Lan Xi Ying





19 Jun, 2010
The acting skills and relationships between the lead actors and their supporting characters is amazing. I liked the suspense and mystery of each of characters as they came into the story and their past was revealed. The unexpected twists really made this drama worth watching. This drama will have you guessing what will happen next, contemplating who is bad or good, and trying to piece everything together. However, some may find it complicating or too much to keep up with all the twist and stories. Overall, I found this to be a very exciting drama to watch and in my opinion the best Taiwanese action drama I have seen so far.
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24 Jun, 2010
Both are action dramas, they involve crimes done by the mafia and the cops/agents which are fighting them.

02 Jun, 2010
In both dramas two cops who have totally different personalities have to work as a partners. They don't like each other and the idea of working together, but maybe their different look on situations and way of thinking will actually be of much help for the both of them.


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ralphina 16 Jul, 2015
I liked it in the beginning and perhaps the middle parts, but the closer it got to the end, the more disappointed I was becoming. I rarely feel like something wasted my time but this one didn't really work for me...
enta 16 Jul, 2012
Wonderful drama with colorful characters!!!
kuro112 12 Nov, 2011
one of my favourites <3
nanael 22 Oct, 2011
Really really good drama. I loved it.

I was really surprised to see a tw drama this good, they're often cheap. And the cast is amazing, they all did a good job.
purtysunshine 11 Oct, 2011
This drama is like Tokyo DOGS clashed with is exciting and at times funny...with lots of action, plot twists, and (best of all) bromance!

I wasn't able to be as invested in it as I would of liked, however because I've seen other similar dramas before so I was able to pick out most of the twists and turns which ruined a lot of the tension and suspense I imagine other viewers feel (or, felt). Having said that, it is still a fantastic drama that has a wonderful cast! I think you could argue that this is one of the best Taiwanese dramas ever as far as quality is concerned, the directing is great and it was all pre-filmed so the editing is also very nice. Plus, it has a really good soundtrack.

I gave it a "very good" instead of "masterpiece" just because of my personal issues with the plot but I think it is otherwise a high quality drama that everyone should watch!
komorebi 01 Oct, 2011
I'm currently loving everything about this ;___;

EDIT: Finished~ I really really loved this show and I know I'll miss it so much in the next days 8D
I couldn't stop watching and though I understand the people saying there were some boring scenes (c'mon, this has 24 episodes!), for me, there really were none. After all, this is -besides being an action drama- also a human drama, and all the little details eventually resulted in its brilliance. I also liked the humour. Whenever I felt they were getting too dramatic, they eventually balanced it out again with some Zai Tian-dorkyness or something similar. I loved the characters (most of them) and I'd really have liked to see some more, since for now I still don't have enough :O also I think there were enough turning points, suspense, and I did judge some characters wrongly at first. The romance was almost non-bothering, since I liked Chen Lin and it's not like it was too much, nothing happened really. I found the whole story a little confusing at times, but well....maybe that's my own stupidity XD

Well that's my opinion right after finishing it, and for now it's gonna be 5 stars (maybe it had some flaws preventing it from being a 'masterpiece', but it's just a personal favorite of mine. <3) I'll think it through again in the next days. And now I'll stop talking.
whitedestiny 14 Aug, 2011
I watched this for Vic Zhou and also because I like this type of detective dramas.. The story has enough suspense but I got too caught up in the love triangle (square) and if they don't give a satisfying ending to that, I will be disappointed.

So far, I support Vic and Ivy but that might not happen. So, I am wondering if I should continue..
dziubas 28 May, 2011
AWSOME dama!!! XDDD LOVE it!!!♥♥♥
Vic, Vic, Vic!!! =))