ESC to close 3.22 (by 101 users)dasi mannan segye 다시 만난 세계
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dasi mannan segye
english Reunited Worlds
aka into the new world


genres drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 19 Jul, 2017 - 21 Sep, 2017
episodes 40
duration 35 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 101 users
total users 252
rating 325



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Seong Hae Seong
Jeong Jeong Won
Cha Min Jun
Gil Mun Sik
Sin Ho Bang
Cha Tae Hun




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14 Oct, 2017
Reunited Worlds claims to be part romance, part drama and part fantasy. Except it's really not fantasy and tends to be a whole lot of confusing.

The show follows a fairly fantasy premise. The once-dead Hae Seong returns to life as if he never passed away, while finding out that everyone he knew has moved on in the 12 years since his death. There's a mystery thrown in that Hae Seong works to solve while also adjusting to the new world and life he lives in.

That being said, we never really explore the fantasy aspect of the show. Hae Seong comes back, some (but no where near enough) questions are asked and then...nothing. The focus shifts towards the mystery and the relationship between Hae Seong and Jeong Won. Which isn't necessarily bad in itself, but leaves a huge gaping plot hole with regards to anything that has to do with Hae Seong's return. And considering it's such a crucial factor, it really needed more addressing.

The show's strengths is the acting, with Jin Gu being as great as ever while the rest of the cast is serviceable.

The weakness is the writing. Along with the plot holes, oftentimes the plot seems like it was written or guided by a child. Very little of it seems true to life and many of the characters actions feel like they're being viewed through the lens of a child; you want something done, it'll magically happen within the next 24 hours, personalities flip quickly, there's little questions about things that should be asked and areas of strong story-telling exploration get briefly skimmed over. That's not to say there aren't any highlights; the siblings and friendships are great, and Jae Hyeon is a unique leading man. He loves the girl, he's suave, smooth, rich but he's also dorky, messes up hilariously and is actually willing to give the female lead autonomy which is amazing.

Overall a recommend only for really dry spells or fans of Yeo Jin Gu, and really only with the fast forward button.
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tascha 02 Nov, 2017
was only worth watching bc of the gang friendship and the relationship between the siblings. couple had no chemistry and lee yeon hee's acting sucks. yeo jin goo was amazing as always, he made me cry a river on the last two episodes :( but i was really pissed of by the last what? 10 seconds???
why was he there again after all those goodbyes wtf and if it was her imagination they should've made it clear
warmlia 24 Sep, 2017
então, dois anos que já é maior de idade hahaha. Mas eu achei a química entre eles péssima.
A atriz fez um trabalho horrível, eu tinha vontade de socar! Acompanhei até o fim, mas a parte final foi sofrível. Não recomendo pra ninguém!!
seoltang 24 Sep, 2017
eu pretendia te responder quando terminasse (duas semanas atrás), mas acabaram alongando o drama. Ah, é, eu nem deveria ter ficada chateada porque aquelas bitoquinhas foram quase nada, haha. Btw, filhote fez vinte faz pouco tempo u.u.
seoltang 24 Sep, 2017
Bom, não me arrependi de ter acompanhado. Mas não assistiria de novo e nem recomendaria.
A melhor parte desse drama foi o ritmo de cotidiano, a gangue de amigos, e o Yeo Jin Gu. A Jeong Jeong Won como personagem me desapontou muito. Como alguém pode continuar apaixonada pela mesma pessoa de quando era adolescente por 12 anos? Isso é totalmente inverossímil. Apenas trocaram a atriz, porque ela permaneceu a mesma.
Inclusive, sem amadurecer nada. Frustrante.

Achei desnecessário fazerem uma história de perda tão triste. Foi intuito nos acertar no coração? Todas as vezes em que o Han Sung fazia aquelas caras de tristeza quando descobria que a vida dos irmãos ficou difícil porque ele morreu, pô! Foi incrível como consegui me segurar pra chorar apenas no final. Sad Heart é uma das músicas mais melancólicas que já ouvi...
warmlia 20 Aug, 2017
@seoltang ele tem 20 anos, não é ilegal!
seoltang 20 Aug, 2017
Ih, realmente colocaram romance ilegal. (Espero não furar os meus olhos nos próximos episódios).
warmlia 12 Aug, 2017
I'm enjoying so much so far :~
seoltang 10 Aug, 2017
É aquela atriz lindíssima d' A Millionaire's First Love! Eu nunca iria saber se não tivesse checado. Ela tá um pouco diferente...