ESC to close 3.02 (by 314 users)gakkou ja oshierarenai!
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized gakkou ja oshierarenai!
english School Can't Teach! (literal)


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 15 Jul, 2008 - 16 Sep, 2008
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.02 of 5 by 314 users
total users 599
rating 947
favorites 7



An all girls school decides to finally open its doors for male students as well! The five boys that start to go to school feel like they are in paradise, since they are surrounded by girls, but soon find out that it's not easy to adjust to the new environment. To help the poor boys of her class, and also to make her own dream come true, Mai sensei opens a dance club. The five boys and girls of the club have to overcome many problems until their club is accepted at school and they themselves see how enjoyable dancing is.




Aida Mai
Mizuki Kazuki
Himuro Kensaku
Narita Shizuya
Suzumura Rei
Yokoyama Eri




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10 Mar, 2012
By all accounts, this is a poorly done show. I have no idea why anyone thinks Fukada Kyouko is still relevant, but here she is in yet another main role in which she can overkill with "cuteness" and superficiality.

But despite the bad acting (Fukada's just one of the few. Most of the young cast seem oddly cast, and inexperienced), I found myself enjoying this show. It's the kind of show that is unapologetically fluffy. It takes one theme and runs with it, and doesn't pretend to be more important than it is.

So this show is about love, friendship, all taking place as a group of boys and girls participate in a social dance club. It doesn't get more complicated than that, and it doesn't have to be.

It was particularly refreshing to watch Nakamura Aoi. Tellingly inexperienced, he nevertheless shines with his natural charisma, allowing us as audiences to both identify with, and feel for, Kazuki. I also like that the drama took an unexpected turn with regards to his ending.

Asakura Aki was also brilliant as Hitomi. She really lifted the whole show. Hitomi's character, arguably the one with the most complexity in the show, is likable. This is a girl who puts others above herself, and who is both vulnerable and strong.

Approach this as your average school drama, and you may just find this an enjoyable watch.
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12 Aug, 2011
In generell this drama is about a group of people who doesn't really belong anywhere in a school full of people. At first there are the only 5 guys of the former girl's school and then there are also 5 girls who already were at this school. Together they form a dance club and this club is the reason for many good happenings in the lifes of those students.

This drama has so many good points.

The little pairings who slowly get closer, the friendship between the club members, the way of becoming an adult which is shown through the member's way of finding themself and gaining courage to go their own way, the stories behind the charakters and for sure the charakters themslef.

The story itself is not very fast. In the beginning episodes you always have one episode having one couple as the main point but from then onwards there are not many problems anymore. While watching the ending of the 7th episode I really thought this could have been the final end of the drama but it didn't end. There were sill three other episodes left but even at the end of these it did not feel like the story should must go on.

Thought I like how the story goes on, I still think it wasn't necessary. And at the last episode there also was a slight feeling of forcing myself to watch it to the end.

Thought I enjoyed the last episode as much as I enjoyed the other ones before. I even got a bit sentimental at the end.

Also I like the end because it is not just a happy ending but also one that shows what is necessary to become an adult, to choose your own way but also to support your friends and beloved ones no matter how hard it must be for yourself.

Another reason for me to love this drama is that they also have being gay, both lesbian and queer, as a theme. Even though it is not that big of a theme I still like how they brought it up in the drama. I especialy love Toumo's charakter for his reaction to Kazu's confession.

Then there are the disney metaphors that Mai-chan always brings up. You have it through the whole drama and even if it sounds a bit childish and gives the drama a wonderland touch, I always thought it suites the situation and it never failed. Despite the one with Aladin which she tells the wrong way. XD

All in one I really enjoyed this drama. It espacialy made me laugh a lot mostly because of the sometimes very perverse guys.

I want to recommed this to all who like drama's about growing up and finding themself but also to those of you who love to laugh a lot.
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Both are youth-focused and feature an all-girls high school becoming co-ed.


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japanfreak 06 Nov, 2012
i really liked it too bad i didnt get to see more of the couple i wanted to see most hitomi x kazuki anyways i recommend this Jdrama give it a try
neoluchs 08 Nov, 2011
Two of my favorite girls in a drama together. Naka Riisa + Fukada Kyoko! I am so excited to watch this!
poulminjae 15 Sep, 2011
I'm on 4th episode and I already love this drama.... All characters are so clear and honest. I think it's one of the best j-dramas I've seen... :)
angi 12 Aug, 2011
I really love this one a lot!
It is an amazing drama about youth, love and friendship.
The dancing does not really take a big part in the drama it is just the thing that makes them all come together.