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  • 2002
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized naruto

Based On

based on manga
title naruto
author Kishimoto Masashi (岸本斉史)


genres action, comedy, drama, friendship, adventure, martial arts


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)
by Studio Pierrot (ぴえろ)


date 03 Oct, 2002 - 08 Feb, 2007
episodes 220
duration 30 minutes
air day Thursday
at 18:30 - 19:00
status released


avg. score 3.88 of 5 by 1009 users
total users 1440
rating 3911
favorites 105


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The ninja village Hidden Leaf was attacked by the nine tailed demon fox. The great shinobi known as the fourth Hokage succeeded in defeating the monster by sealing it inside a newborn boy, Naruto. Now twelfth years later, Uzumaki Naruto has lived all his life being detested by the people of the village because of the seal. Wanting to change this by getting the highest ninja rank, Hokage, and thus become acknowledged by everyone, he begins his struggle to achieve his dream.

(From April 2, 2003 19:27-19:55, from October 2006 19:30-20:00.)






original creator
director, storyboard creator
storyboard creator
director, animation director, storyboard creator



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03 Jul, 2013
Both series, though theme and media may be different, are alike in terms of the protagonists' goals (i.e. to be Hokage/to be the best swordsman) and the hardship they endure against their rival (i.e. Sasuke/Yeo Un).

08 Sep, 2010
They both are very famous animations involving fighting scenes and a lot of action. They also speak of some moral problems and feature a group of people that eventually become close since they go through adventures with each other. Hate, hurt and also love and friendship may be found in both.


Special Naruto Movie For 10th Anniversary Announced komorebi 1 posts 27 Mar, 2012 by komorebi
It has been announced that the popular anime series Naruto will get a new movie for the 10th anniversary of the animation this year. Special about this proj...


d0npian0 30 Aug, 2014
When I last stopped reading the manga, I was somewhere around chapter 300 I think, and I actually only wanted to continue it once the whole manga was finished, because it was just annoying to wait for single chapters... but since it probably won't end anytime soon, I decided to just watch the anime for now, so that I at least remember the stuff I already read. And seriously, I almost forgot how good the storyline sometimes is. There are many silly episodes, and arcs I still don't really care about, but then they have those really heart-breaking episodes in between... and man, I'm not even ashamed that I've been a fan for over ten years now
r0lan 19 Jan, 2013
Wow after watching it again (after 8 years) since I last dropped it because I thought it was "bad" made me realise that this anime is quite good haha

Really recommend episode 101 and 186 ;D
sarangimnida 03 Aug, 2012
Starting the anime soon. I've already read thirty volumes of the manga!
vanelya10 27 Jul, 2012
summer of 2008 ive watched like from season 5 till 8 or 9 episode by episode and day by day.....those were the old time......
hope it will never end
and if it does i have it will be with a good happy ending
but everybody will go nuts then
rini 09 Dec, 2011
I've been wanting to finish this series since two years ago and I managed to watch the 5 last episodes today. What can I say? Sometimes it get's boring I guess that my favorite parts and the comic ones, but overall it was good.
curi 02 Oct, 2011
I am still shocked I managed to finish this. Would have been a lot better without so many filler episodes. The beginning and middle were pretty good imo, but after that it went downhill.
saska 30 Aug, 2011
@ komorebi - I had a lot of great memories with Naruto too. Fillers sucks but orginal series is the best :)
komorebi 18 Aug, 2011
I know everyone thinks this is clichee and uncool and stuff, but I had a lot of great moments with Naruto & Co. ♥ Of course only the original version is good. Screw the cut, horribly dubbed overseas versions.