ESC to close 4.01 (by 68 users)misty 미스티
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized misty
aka miseuti


genres drama, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 02 Feb, 2018 - 24 Mar, 2018
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 4.01 of 5 by 68 users
total users 151
rating 273
favorites 2



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Go Hye Ran
Gang Tae Uk
Seo Eun Ju
Ha Myeong U
Lee Jae Yeong
Han Ji Won




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seoltang 22 Apr, 2018
Os últimos episódios puseram tudo a perder. Uma pra. 2/5
katissleepy 08 Apr, 2018
I thought I was sure that this drama was a masterpiece but the shitty ending happened so I gave it 4 stars instead. Don't even get me started of what I think and felt on the like last 3 min. of the finale. It should've just ended with a confession from the real killer!!!
milisia 25 Mar, 2018
After the last episode i have some conlusion, that made me sad and i agree with @bayanoh

I was so pissed of, about how everybody were blaming Hye Ran, for everything. First of all, ok she made bad decision as a kid, just because she wanted to go to the university. She didn't do anything to Ha Myeong U
:/ HE decide to go to the jail and help her. Ok she run, she didn't stop him, but still..duh.
Second - the husband. I'm just...i was beliving, he has more faith in GHR? and it seems, that he didn't belive her at all ;/ So why, for god sake, he even married her? because he belived, that she will ..."change"? for whatever reason? and the rest of the case - it looks like he just wanted to save his own ass, and he didn't care about his wife at all? i was so proud of him, the whole time, at the end - i'm just pissed of :/

And the third - Seo Eun Ju. From the very start, and after she talked to Hye Ran i was sure, she saw something that night. But anyway...she was such a hypocrite. She payed her husband's lovers some cash, to shut them up, and then declare some love to her spouse...she was mad at GHR, and in the same time ...just duh... She was so two faced. She was pushing her husband, to the top, and didn't care about him at all. Just after his death, she acted as some "a dog in the manger".

Anyway my point is - everybody were blaming all their misfortunes at Hye Ran, and for me, she didn't do anything wrong. She was hardworking woman, with goals. And just because everyone were envy about here, and were mad, that she didn't play the way, they wanted to...they decide to crush her.
It's like, she attracted very toxic and unsecure people, able to do for here everything, even if she didn't ask for it. It was like obsession - her husband, past lover, Myeong U or SEJ. And i pity her so much. Everybody, from the very start, just hurt her on way or another :/

So i'm mad about the drama conlusion and the ending for me it's just confusing as hell :/
bayanoh 25 Mar, 2018
It could've been much better.
seoltang 26 Feb, 2018
Melhora a cada episódio!
bayanoh 25 Feb, 2018
I don't think they thought the investigation process through. Whenever the detectives are on screen it feels like I'm watching a zero budget crime series, kinda like when two high school kids are shooting action scenes in their dorm with their phones. They miss the important things then see very ordinary things and say "Things just got interesting!" NO THEY DIDN'T! They should've made the detectives more clever or shouldn't have showed them at all.
uver 11 Feb, 2018
This is K-drama at its best, pure quality. In love with the noiresque atmosphere - the latter half of ep 3 especially left me in awe.

One thing I appreciate about the writing here is its ruthless & uncompromising style. It dares to delve off into the darkest sides of humanity, and because of it we are rewarded with organic characters that we can relate too, no matter how minor the role. This coupled with an intricate plot (Which misty so far has shown to have) is essential — I can't tell you how many times I've liked a drama's story — yet been totally disengaged, because almost none of the characters feel real. The writers get lazy and paint characters with black or white strokes. Misty is all about the gray - and this invites quality.

I'm also ultra impressed by the atmospheric & noiresque direction. The last Korean drama I remember, that executed Noir this well must've been way back in 2013 with 'Cruel City' ('Stranger' comes close but while heavy on the silent ambience it was more noir-light).

Lastly, the acting.. Kim Nam Joo — Daesang 2018, anyone? Lol
seoltang 07 Feb, 2018
Vamos ver... A primeira impressão foi boa. A única coisa que me atrapalhou foi o ritmo (1h e 8min???). Tirando isso, a história é intrigante. Aquelas trocas de olhares e insinuações aqui e acolá...
Outra coisa: será que aquele prisioneiro é um fã? Porque estou achando que foi ele quem matou o casal.
. Ah, sim, o Go Jun sempre em papéis pequenos (capanga, bandido, etc). Nunca pensei que ele fosse tão sexy...

Enfim, só deixei em pausa porque pretendo maratonar mais tarde (senão vou acabar me frustando com tantas perguntas não respondidas, haha).