ESC to close 4.02 (by 2620 users)seonggyungwan scandal 성균관 스캔들
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized seonggyungwan scandal
english Sungkyunkwan Scandal
aka seonggyungwan and scandal, skks

Based On

based on book
title seonggyungwan yusaengdeului nanal
author Jeong Eun Gwol (정은궐)


genres comedy, history, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 30 Aug, 2010 - 02 Nov, 2010
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 4.02 of 5 by 2620 users
total users 4060
rating 10537
favorites 279


seonggyungwan scandal
2012 TV kr


When Kim Yun Hui's brother falls ill, she disguises herself as a boy and takes his spot in attending Seonggyungwan University in the hopes of supporting him. While there, she befriends Lee Seon Jun, Gu Yong Ha and Mun Jae Sin. As the four become fast friends, Yun Hui and Seon Jun fall in love, except Seon Jun believes that he's falling in love with a man.




Lee Seon Jun
Gu Yong Ha
Mun Jae Sin
Kim Yun Hui
Ha Hyo Eun
Im Byeong Chun




27 Dec, 2011
The story takes place around the time when King Jeong Jo was ruling (XVIII-th century ?).

The whole plot is actually way more interesting than I thought it was, there is also much more depth in the characters, I just started warming to it from episode 4 onwards.

The actors are doing a very very good job, for a bunch of youths. The higher class politicians are all a bunch of corrupt individuals and some clichés of upright son vs corrupt father surface inevitably.

What I really appreciate from the plot is the fact that it brought something that would be considered as a huge problem back in the day : a woman taking a role of government official and how the whole society would "kill" her if she gets caught red-handed.

The interactions between the four of Lee Seon Jun, Gu Yong Ha, Mun Jae Shin and Kim Yun Hui are so funny and cute. Especially when the boys gradually discover the real identity of Kim Yun Hui. It makes it that much cuter that the boys respond to Kim Yun Hui's natural feminine aspects without realizing it.

It is fair to say that Seonggyungwan seukaendeul is an excellent drama, with an intriguing historical plot combined with well defined roles, cute interactions and good chemistry between the leads. Excellent piece of work, without a doubt :D
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10 Jan, 2011
I watched this one so fast! The basic story is about a girl, who enters a school as a guy. Her brother managed to pass the hard exam to enter that school, but sadly he falls ill and she takes his place. There she meets her roommate, has to keep her identity a secret and studies a lot. It's basically a school drama in the ancient times.

The drama has 20 episodes, but I was so happy about everything in this drama. I thought that maybe they should've stopped at episode 16, but after seeing the last 4 episodes it was still okay. They managed to NOT destroy the drama with a stupid ending, strange characters or a boring story. The quality was always high and the characters showed some great developement. Even though I don't like main girls that cry too much, Kim Yun Hui was okay. She didn't really cry, it was rather that her eyes were alway teary. It was a bit annoying, but the rest of the characters made up for it.

Mikki might not be an eye-candy (for me) but he did a great job on this role. I was pleasantly surprised. But what made me really happy where the other two guys. Mun Jae Sin has some really nice parts and I love, how he isn't the classical "poor" side guy. At first I thought of him as another Hanazawa Rui, because he was just watching from the sidelines and pushing the main characters more together. But he was actually way different. I don't dare to say, that he really is the side guy... He is just there, watches over that stupid main girl and takes care of his friends.

And the best part of this show is the fourth leading character. Gu Yong Ha. I just LOVE that guy. He is a real beauty, even in that ancient-clothing. And his character is full of so much win. I feel like he had the greatest developement in the whole story.

Other then that, the soundtrack wasn't that overwhelming to me, but it still fitted the drama. I liked the setting, the story, the characters. Even the evil boys were really nice. The main villain should be the Student President. I really like, how they let him be a little bit soft in front of his girl and how they show you a glimpse of his changed character at the end, but leave everthing to your imagination. It didn't destroy everything for me. It was just perfect. And if I had to say it, I really love the father from the main guy. I never saw someone as great as him! He has to be my favorit dad ever!!

So, even though it's an ancient drama, it's totally addicting! Go and watch it!
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17 Mar, 2018
Both historical drama are about a girl who has to disguise herself as a boy to survive. She meets a boy who is of higher birth than her. Oblivious to her secret, the man and the girl become friends and eventually develop feelings for each other.

29 Apr, 2016
The two are romantic comedies set during the Joseon dynasty. Both are lighthearted and have a modern feel to them; history being mostly just a background for a fictional story. In both dramas, the female lead pretends to be a man.


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warmlia 03 Aug, 2016
Gu Yong Ha <3
missblackrabbit 29 Feb, 2016
The chemistry between the two leads was scorching!
Just like the iceberg that hit the titanic.

The only good part of this simple minded, dragging on, uneventful show was Gu Yong Ha's character. Oh and Cho Seon.
ally 21 Dec, 2014
Took me forever to finish this, so boring!
I think there was 0 chemistry between the leads, and individually, I hated both of them. Kim Yoon Shik was such a crybaby, she spent more time crying than talking. Lee Seon Yoon was boring and had no personality whatsoever.
The only good thing about this drama was Gu Yong Ha and Moon Yae Shin. That's it.

This drama was only popular because of Yoo Chun fangirls.
meakoo 28 Sep, 2014
A wonderful drama, maybe I got a little bored in the middle, but it quickly picked up. LOVE.LOVE the Jalgeum Quartet. Yu A In MYGODNESS, I'm in love with his character, and forgot all the weirdness that I saw in him in the first scene. So much love for the bromance in this drama. Just AMAZING!!
goguma 31 May, 2014
rewatching it and Jalgeum Quartet is really spectacular! Gotta love all of them, they have great chemistry. On the other hand I realized how I despise Ha In Soo and his group of dumb underlings. These characters are such boring antagonists that I want to skip the parts where they appear. Nevertheless this show is really nice and well handled.
ellymate 19 Feb, 2014
this is definitely the 3rd drama i was mesmerized by it! it's up on my top fav dramas alongside Skip beat and You're beautiful!

the plot was great, the characters were simply adorable! i really enjoyed Gu Yong Ha the most - so funny and interesting, clever boy!
this is something i'd recommend to anyone who's a drama lover!
aphton 17 Feb, 2014
What is with Park Yu Cheon dialect - speaking manners?
It is very different from any other korean actor Ive seen.. and I like it. It gives him an unique touch!
Does anyone know more? Is it from a specific region where everyone speaks like that? Or is it just his voice and simply mannerism that makes it sound like that?
reiko92 30 Jan, 2014
I'm currently watching it, but I could describe it with one word: cute. (despite fighting and power harassment, the whole story is rather cute for me, and nothing more.) And those hiccups, awww.

EDIT: Finished it. It's good if you wanna giggle.