ESC to close 4.05 (by 527 users)ibeon saengeun cheoeumira 이번 생은 처음이라
  • 2017
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ibeon saengeun cheoeumira
english Because This Is My First Life
literal This Life Is Our First


genres romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 09 Oct, 2017 - 28 Nov, 2017
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:30 - 22:50
status released


avg. score 4.05 of 5 by 527 users
total users 785
rating 2132
favorites 24



Yun Ji Ho is a quite successful assistant screenwriter who has spent the last 3 months living in the main writer's house. After coming back home, she finds out that her younger brother has got married and the wife is expecting a baby. After a talk with her patriarchal family, it's decided that it is she who needs to move out quickly but she doesn't have money for the deposit. Meanwhile, Nam Se Hui is currently looking for a new tenant who can take care of his house and cat. His CEO is desperate to help him since he refuses to work overtime at a critical moment of wrapping up the project until he would find a tenant. Hearing from a friend that Se Hui doesn't require deposit money, Ji Ho automatically accepts his peculiar conditions and moves in, contacting him through messages. On the other side, Se Hui is very satisfied with the new tenant's ability to follow his rules. The only issue is that both don't know they're the opposite sex.


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Nam Se Hui
Yun Ji Ho
U Su Ji
Ma Sang Gu
Yang Ho Rang
Sim Won Seok




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10 Dec, 2017
Because This is My First Life shows how to take a common cliched premise (contract marriage and forced cohabitation) and make it slice of life, romantic and heart-tugging in the best of ways.

The show has multiple strong aspects, all of which come together to create a great viewing. There's flawed, realistic and relatable characters who slowly grow and change while also remaining consistent to their base personality. There's strong friendships, great acting and directing but it's really the writing that elevates everything. The story is written like an ode to the writer's own life; it's painful but heartfelt, brutally honest but also filled with a sense of fantasy that if a contract marriage was to happen, this is how it ideally would occur. No big shenanigans, no crazy exes but mature, responsible adults that hurt, heal and are wiling to overcome misunderstandings.

And because all the conflicts arise from the characters themselves, it never becomes melodramatic or overwrought, which is a breath of fresh air in a medium that often relies on such crutches to carry the story when there's little left to tell.

A definite recommend for any fan of romantic comedies, slice of life, romance or dramas in general.
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In both dramas the two main characters decide to get married for purely practical reasons without any love between them. They go through awkward meetings between the parents and friends and try to pretend to be a true couple.


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aqu135 29 Nov, 2018
so i finished this show after dropping it a year ago since some reviews said that its different from nigehaji, but to me its still too similar and they should have bought the rights instead of stealing the screenplay...i didn't enjoy this at all though and thought the female lead was badly written...started out as a typical kdrama lead and then just became a mess
ladyvampire666 28 Oct, 2018
I generally liked the whole series. I don't think Ji Ho's actions after marriage were weird at all. When love comes in, people tend to be hurt easily and won't speak with each other so openly, as they did, when there were no feelings involved. I just really didn't like the last episode. They all suddenly acted like different characters. I understand the burden was off but people don't change overnight. It was just fake. So because his personality was serious and a bit gloomy, after finding love, he will become someone else? Bulshit.
And I absolutely hate the fact she just left him and expected to go back to him without explaining anything. It would be different if she didn't know he loves her so much and all, but there were so many ppl that told her he wants to get real, that their feelings are mutual, yet she still went away and hurt him ON PURPOSE. I get misunderstandings, unspoken words and all that but when she was leaving, she knew how much it will hurt him. And after she came back, he even told her that to her face and she just smiled. I feel so sorry for Se Hee, in the 3 years after thing, it seems like he became her pet, not a husband.

But I absolutely love the acting and characters. I just started to hate Ji Ho in the last episode.
dollstar 28 Jun, 2018
@kirtil haha I tried really hard to abstain from trashing the show, but I had to get it off my chest in order to "move on". Thanks for the rec, I will give it a try!
kirtil 28 Jun, 2018
@dollstar I wrote a long "rage out" post about this and before I posted I felt so drained I just erased all of it and simply stated Japanese one was better.

I highly suggest to give Japanese version a try.
dollstar 28 Jun, 2018
I have a lot of unpopular thoughts about this drama, but most importantly, a lot of the behaviors displayed by our female lead rubbed me the wrong way. We see a lot of the story though her lens, so a certain amount of identification is required, but I could not bring myself to like her after a certain point.
If the genders were reversed I think a lot of people would have been scandalized by the way she lashes out in response to her own embarrassment and insecurities in this very petty and undeservingly vindictive way towards the male lead. And while some degree of character flaw is more than welcome to flesh out a relatable and realistic fictional person, no amount of mental gymnastics can make me root for her in the final episodes of this drama. I prefer my heroines not passive-aggressive, self-serving and emotionally manipulative, thank you very much. At the end of the drama Sae Hee acted like an obedient puppy with Stockholm Syndrome. I also second what @nimwoo said that after the move-in Ji Ho lost all her spark and regressed into this bland cardboard cut-out of a person. She was boring, cruel and pretentious, but not from the the beginning! So i personally felt her character trajectory was very disappointing after some very promising first episodes, but that's just me.

I also think Jung So Min executed the character very blandly to the point that I was unintentionally drifting away during her scenes. I liked Sae Hee a lot tho and having a neuro-atypical main lead who may be emotionally restrained, but who is also caring, kind and fair was a very welcome character archetype.

The first 5 episodes tho were truly perfection and for half the show, Sae Hee and Ji Ho were so refreshing in their ability to talk honestly and effectively troubleshoot all their issues. I was also impressed with the show's ability to breathe new life into common K-drama tropes by turning all our worst expectation on their head. There were a lot of relationship issues that were handled very deftly and realistically, as well as a thinly veiled vendetta against Korean societal pressures and expectations that felt very brave.

In the second half tho, the conflicts started to overstay their welcome, I no longer liked Ji Ho and didn't find the romance progression terribly believable either. The writing deteriorated and lost depth. I was bored by the heavy-handed, but half-baked metaphors and shallow preachy meditations on love and marriage we were being bombarded with, narrated by our heroine thiiiiiiiiiiis-sloooooooooowllllllly. Then those last 2 episodes were some Cheese in the Trap-tier narrative monstrosities. In the end I left this show feeling shortchanged and like I wasted my time.
kiyoshi 26 Apr, 2018
I absolutely loved that drama. I was absolutely addicted to it. There are still some clichés, but most of the drama brings something new. It was very refreshing :)
allase 21 Mar, 2018
I havent watched the japanesse version so I am only going to say if I enjoyed this or not.
Truth is yes, the drama was slow, but the characters were so nicely developed that the pace was pleasurably slow.
You could relate or you know someone in their silutation which makes it even more enjoyable.
The only negative was episode 15. I felt they did what they did only to create tension between the two main characters and it was not very fitting.

Other than that a good time, a good message, nice character development, a lot of sensitivity, perfect scenario that made you think about life. What's not to love?

4.5/5 stars
jihye 25 Feb, 2018
Gostei bastante para falar a vdd mas não me entra aquele episódio 15, aliás não entendi qual foi o objetivo da protagonista de fazer aquilo. Mas no mais gostei te todos os personagens e o roteiro foi muito feliz na maior parte do tempo, Su Ji foi com certeza minha personagem favorita.