ESC to close 3.46 (by 1295 users)beethoven virus 베토벤 바이러스
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized beethoven virus


genres music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 10 Sep, 2008 - 12 Nov, 2008
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.46 of 5 by 1295 users
total users 2578
rating 4483
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beethoven kkumgwa yeoljeongui virus
2008 TV kr


Gang Geon U, famous maestro, a perfectionist who holds himself in high esteem for working hard to reach where he is now. Gang Geon U, a young man who shares the same name as the maestro, but hates music with a passion despite his natural genius in playing the trumpet. Unknowingly bringing those two together is the cheerful Du Ru Mi who has a dream of playing in an orchestra at least once in her life before her illness takes away her sense of sound.




Gang Geon U
Du Ru Mi
Gang Geon U
Kim Gap Yong
Jeong Hui Yeon
Ha I Deun




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13 Dec, 2011
I didn't think I'd like this drama, the theme wasn't interesting and I was expecting that it was gonna be boring. Honestly I started watching it because of Geun Seok.

But I was really surprised already in the first episode. The story is so dynamic and intense. Always let me wanting more.

The maestro Gang is absolutely amazing, I think that Kim Myeong Min made the drama. Of course he is very mean, but the character is so deep. Something makes him lovely, even his smile, it's explicit that he's living a total mess, fighting against his feelings.

I appreciate every piece of his personality, he's obviously the best character and, as I said, made the drama.

Du Ru Mi is interpreted so softly. In my opinion the way that the writers had placed her deafness is so rational, without make this the central story and that over sad thing. Of course I cried sometimes with her dilemma, but it's not overdone.

Geun Seok's character, "Good Geon U", maybe has disappointed me. In the beginning he was stronger than in the end. He was an essential character, but I think he was depending on the others sometimes, a little weak. But still great.

And finally, the "harabuji", how I cried with that story. I was really sad with his outcome, after all I had some hope that he would play one last time, as well as Ru Mi. But still thrilled me, the devotion of that girl, reminds me of my grandma. I was really emotional about it.

Beethoven Virus is nice because there's no focus on one couple, or one character. Every character has a story, a particular drama. And every moment of it is worthy.

In the last 2 episodes I basically only cried. The whole drama, the aspects, the atmospheric, everything caught me and just won me.

The final episode didn't disappointme at all. Ok, a friend of mine made me the 'favor' of telling me the end, but it was a good thing because I passed the whole drama preparing myself emotionally for that end.

I really like romance, and think a little more romance wouldn't be bad. But I understood. And the story kind of stays implicit, so I think the plot is really worthy, beautiful, thrilling, intense, and finally, underestimated. It's different from any drama I ever watched, and it's a masterpiece.
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17 Nov, 2010
Gang Geon U is a famous maestro and known worldwide. One day he comes back to korea and ends up conducting the bunch of random people that will become the main characters of the story. All of them aren't professional musicians but determined to play in an orchestra. Just that Gang Geon U doesn't want to conduct them, so they end up in a fight with him and take his trainee as their conductor. The focus is on Du Ru Mi, who want's to play one last time in an orchestra, since she will become deaf soon. And somehow she ends up falling for Maestro Gang, which ties the two of them together for the story of this drama...

Maybe it was me expecting too much, but this drama was...disappointing. It was good enough to keep me watching, but not good enough to actually make me addicted or even make me think more about it then "Oh, I need to watch the next episode." So I hear people asking me why? Here you go:

The main characters are just...not my style. I like the actors - what could I say against JGS and that funny Maestro? - but the roles they portrayed were just... weak. Let's start by the main girl, Du Ru Mi. At the beginning I felt like she was the strong, independend girl and that she knows what she wants. They tell you in the synoposis something about her becoming deaf. You got to be kidding me. It wasn't really relevant for the storyline. And so was the girl. She was the main girl, but I could not attach to her. She was weak and I couldn't understand her feelings. Okay, that's all right, as long as the other characters are good.

But what? JGS is just as stupid as her! The young boy who doesn't know what he wants, suddenly realizing that his dream is to be a conductor and because he lost his love to that Maestro he tries even harder to get that dream? And what about his strange temper? At first he is rather emo-ish but lovely then in love and all lovely, then passionate about his dream then heartbroken only to throw a fit to become like Gang Mae and THEN he returns to his old, lovely self? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT BOY!? But okay, I still could accept that, if at least the main guy was all right. But I think, this drama is not made for me because...

Gang Maestro is just everything I hate in a guy/man. He thinks he is the greastest, looks down on others, needs only the best and... ARGH! He is just so despicable. Normally, they start a drama like that and I like it. When the main guy is just an ice block that needs to be melted and stuff. It would be like It started with a kiss/Playful kiss, HanaKimi, You're beautiful or many other dramas. I like that and was expecting something like that.

To give Gang Mae a plus: He really stayed himself. He was the only character I started to like at least a little bit, because he was really predictable. Normally it would be bad, but this drama really needed something like that. Someone as predictable as him. Only sad, that they managed to destroy even that in the last two episodes. But no spoilers on this one. Just let me tell you: Gang Mae is a jerk. He throws cushions at a dog. And they felt the NEED to film that. Argh, I felt so sorry for that dog. /random On the good side, he was the funniest character. I love his sarcastic comments and he was the funniest when he was angry - and that was pretty much all the time.

Okay, so on other points, this drama was nice. I like music, so I also enjoyed the classical inserts and I love how they inserted random german stuff. Song titles, names... I love them all. Highlight was probably Gang Mae takling german! I think they wanted to create a sidestory at first but realized it would be too exciting/reasonable so they cut it out? Idk.

Since they had an orchestra full of characters they had enough side stories, but none of them really grabbed my heart, except for I Deun and Grandpa. I cried really much in some scenes and was sad, that they didn't tell us more about the story of the two of them. In fact, I was sad they didn't tell us anything at the end. I feel like I got none of my questions answerd. It's a really open end - at least I feel like that - and that made me somewhat angry, since it's really REALLY open. For everything and everyone. You get no answers, you get no descriptons you don't even get a hint in what direction the story will go... There is just the ending...

Fazit: If you like music - especially classical music - and open ends, you might also like this drama. It is enjoyable, but nothing I would suggest someone to watch wholeheartedly. There was too little romance (even though the few romance scenes they gave were really exciting and beautiful.) even though it is a romance drama but there was also too little of anything else, so I could suggest lovers of a genre to watch it. It's rather...subtly. Only 2 stars, because I gave my previos drama Miss No Good only 3 stars and Miss No Good was way more exciting then Beethoven Virus.
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28 Jun, 2011
Both are about a group of what is considered failures overcoming extreme difficulties to achieve their impossible goals. They are motivating series that teach the audience the value of ambition through inspiring characters.

17 Jan, 2010
Nodame Cantabile centres around working hard, innocent love, and has doses of comedy while still being musical and serious. While Beethoven centres around the love triangle more than anything else, it has its comedy and is focused on the orchestra that is formed by the famous maestro Kang Geon Wu. The two dramas are alike at some points, but are also very different. If you liked one, you'd probably like how different the other is, while still giving you a déjà vu notion.


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tamayatz 25 Jan, 2017
I started watching because of JGS and in the beginning it was really good and interesting. However, the Gang Geon U character was super annoying but I kept watching. At some point I had a break watching this and I just couldn't really get back to it. It was just not interesting, the same problems and issues kept appearing and JGS' character started to annoy me even more than the maestro. It's not helping that the subject of the Drama was really not interesting. If you are really into the classical music world and play in a symphony then you might like this. Otherwise it's most likely waste of time.
dodii 15 Aug, 2014
I didn't think it... At the beginning it was okay, but when she fall in love with him, as he said, she is masochist l0L! I only watched it because of JGS <3! The supporting cast was more interesting to watch (with GS of course). I really didn't like Ru Mi role, at all :/.
nessssbm 31 Dec, 2012
I'll agree with @kasumii in that this drama did not need any love story. When romance became a prevalent theme, I just fast-forwarded through it.

But will never forget the "Nella Fantasia/Gabriel's Oboe" scenes. So beautiful.
alexadm81 31 Dec, 2012
This drama was so good!!!! I liked a lot how Kim Gyeong-min played his role :D The OST was so beautiful :)
lulu 30 Oct, 2012
So bad and boring :(
hadien 13 Jun, 2012
I just loved it! :) I started to watch because of Jang Geun Seok. But I can't believe it, how touching and lovely characters are all orchestra remember! The story line is simple, but gorgeous.
I recommend it for everyone, but specially for the classic music lovers! :)
ftyunka 04 May, 2012
boring, always the same thing in episodes ;;
kasumii 31 Mar, 2012
i had this in my planned list for a while and then i decided to watch this.well i'll say one word.AWESOME.
this drama has an amazing cast,plot,characters,feelings and of course great music.well i guess the end was kinda disappointing but it made it more realistic and fun to imagine what happens next.totally recommended...especially for those who love classical music and those who will love it in the future
PS:i think the story would be better without the love relationships.just my opinion