ESC to close 3.97 (by 1073 users)zhan shen 戰神
  • 2004
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized zhan shen
english Mars
literal War God
aka jin san, 战神

Based On

based on manga
title mars
author Souryou Fuyumi (惣領冬実)


genres action, suspense, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network GTV


date 07 Apr, 2004 - 18 Aug, 2004
episodes 21
duration 60 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.97 of 5 by 1073 users
total users 1765
rating 4258
favorites 144


mars: tada, kimi wo aishiteru
2016 TV jp
same setting


Chen Ling was the typical school badboy and heartbreaker, he usually went for girls who were rebellious and outgoing as he was. On the other hand, Han Qi Luo is a quiet girl who spent time between classes drawing in her sketchbook and minding her own business. One day, Chen Ling was asking for directions, and the girl who helped him find the right road had drawn a breathtaking sketch of a woman and child on the back of the paper. Chen Ling, who had lost his twin brother in their childhood, is drawn to her sympathetic and understanding nature, but the times they live in are tough for teenagers who wish to be recognized as adults.


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Han Qi Luo
Chen Ling
An Da Ye
Lai Qing Mei
Fan Tong Dao
Sha Zhi




25 Aug, 2011
'MARS' is a compelling drama that circles around love, hate, mental illness, and tragedy. Barbie Hsu plays Qiluo, the shy and quiet lead who doesn't like men due to tragic circumstances; Vic Zhou plays Ling, the seemingly carefree man that is internally troubled by his family and the death of his twin brother. Together the two take the audience on a touching journey that divulges into the darkness each of them has faced. The character growth and development in this drama is amazing and the acting is outstanding. Even the supporting cast brings so much depth and intensity to the story. Barbie and Vic have great chemistry and their on-screen romance is one of the most realistic relationships that I've ever seen in a drama. The ending is good and wraps the story up cleanly, giving the audience a much anticipated (and wanted) happy final episode. One of the best dramas I've ever watched. Definitely the best Taiwanese drama I've finished so far.
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08 Mar, 2011
A dark drama that looks at all the downfalls of today's society, Mars is a drama that looks at the worst of what humans have to offer in the eye. Amazing acting and chemistry by the leads, the story goes full force, never hesitating for a moment. One of the best Taiwanese dramas I've seen, it's still as thought provoking now as when it was released. If you're looking for a light drama, stay away. If you want something that's not afraid to show the world our weaknesses, this is for you.
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missiealice 20 Sep, 2018
Não desapego desse dorama! kkkkkkkk Maravilhoso.
yasmin1994 23 Jul, 2018
como faz para assistir?
heartofautumn 14 Dec, 2016
Oh my. It's been so long. I need to re-watch this. My downright favorite drama of all time. And that song Ling by Alan Kuo? Killer. I STILL listen to it on repeat. Both the drama and the music haven't left my head 6 years after watching this for the first time.
richelle 19 Apr, 2013
i love mars zhan shen forever.....
addy1884 13 Mar, 2013
loving it!!!!
ally 17 Dec, 2012
This was pretty interesting, but the end... it was really strange and unexpected, but not in a good way.
greyhippo 08 Dec, 2012
I thought I was going to love this drama and in the beginning I did. However as it when on I realized the characters (not the actors) were annoying idiots that kept on making the same mistakes over and over again almost as if they didn't learn anything. By the second or last episode I just wanted to punch myself in the face for ever starting it because it just didn't live up to my expectations.
resphoina 28 Apr, 2012
v Boring as hell? It just probably wasn't your thing. At the two people below: Taiwanese actors=Bad acting? You gotta be kidding me. I wonder what you consider bad and good acting. I guess japanese dramas/actors are your thing. I find them natural.