ESC to close 4.14 (by 604 users)code geass: hangyaku no lelouch
  • 2006
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized code geass: hangyaku no lelouch
english Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion (literal)
aka koodo giasu: hangyaku no ruruushu


genres action, school, supernatural, military, politics


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System, MBS毎日放送)
by Sunrise (サンライズ)


date 06 Oct, 2006 - 29 Jul, 2007
episodes 25
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 01:25 - 01:55
status released


avg. score 4.14 of 5 by 604 users
total users 964
rating 2498
favorites 79


code geass: hangyaku no lelouch r2
2008 TV jp
code geass: hangyaku no lelouch - special edition black rebellion
2008 video jp
same setting


On the tenth of August, 2010, Britannia conquered Japan with their new invention: Knightmare Frames, and renamed the country to 'Area 11'. Lelouch, who went through many hardships, had sworn to destroy Britannia and its emperor. Seven years later, in a life threatening situation, Lelouch meets a girl named C.C., who offers to save him by accepting the power of Geass that will allow him to fulfill his dreams.

(The last two episodes came out on Sunday 02:25-03:25.)






director, original creator, storyboard creator
character designer
character designer
character designer


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30 Jan, 2012
Their theme and aims are different, but Psychic quite resembles Code Geass, in terms of one character's ability to control people just by looking at them. If you're interested you might as well have a look at both.

12 Sep, 2011
Each has a male protagonist, both of which are very similar to each other. They are both very, very clever, using all kinds of techniques to trick others to achieve their goal. Their personalities are very much alike too. Sometimes you'd even think they are closer to being the villain than the hero...


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rinpi 31 May, 2018
Best anime I have ever seen! Lelouch's character is amazing and really fascinating to watch. A lot of plot twists to look forward to as well! Many people might not agree but Lelouch is really the Knight of Justice <3 Can't wait to see season 2 and the movies! :3
garurumon3d 04 Feb, 2017
I watched Death Note years ago and just can't stop comparing these two animes. Honestly I'm giving up on this series halfway because it's just so similar to Death Note that I see no reason for me to watch it. It's like watching the same story all over, the only difference is that Death Note's plot is way better and its writting has the perfect flow for my taste.
uver 09 Jun, 2015
Doesn't get more entertaining then this <3
carroline 12 Feb, 2015
History of an egoistic vile fascist assassin. And it's not about a rebellion, but a bloody and lame personal war.
For all the 50 long episodes i just hoped for Lelouch to die painfully. I really can't understand why so many people love this coward bastard so much :\
Also the plot is really confusing. In many points of the series i felt like things were happening totally random.
Positive points:
There are tons of other characters and almost all of them have are really well written and interesting.
The animation quality is really good in all the 50 episodes (thanks to pizzahut, i guess... in every episode there were advertise for it hehehe!!!) and i really loved the Clamp style.
There are some unexpected plot twists that make you want to go on with the show. Even if you hate the main character. Unfortunately for me :|
dodi1d 15 Jan, 2014
Amazing anime i really liked it!!! specially Lelouch he's awesome <3
Random chan 27 Apr, 2012
What I really like about Code Geass are the characters, they are definitely one of the strong points of this series.
sarangimnida 12 Mar, 2012
Loved it! Bring on series 2!
vanelya10 09 Oct, 2011
Amazing, awesome and EPIC ANIME! you don't get this kind of anime twice in life that's for sure