ESC to close 3.81 (by 678 users)akmareul boatda 악마를 보았다
  • 2010
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized akmareul boatda
english I Saw The Devil (literal)


genres crime, drama, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 12 Aug, 2010
duration 144 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 678 users
total users 1018
rating 2584
favorites 24



Gyeong Cheol is a serial killer, Su Hyeon is a man whose fiancée has been killed by this killer. The tracking is about to begin...




Jang Gyeong Cheol
Kim Su Hyeon
Section Chief O
Se Jeong
Chief Jang
Gyeong Cheol's Mom


costume designer


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26 Nov, 2012
Both are about a cop who chases a psychopathic serial killer just after seeing someone they care about violently murdered.

06 Jan, 2012
Both are about men who turn into "monsters" trying to get revenge after seeing someone they know being violently murdered.


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koriya 23 Jul, 2017
i'm speechless, disgusted and disappointed at the same time. normally i like 'bloody crime revenge' movies but it was too much. i don't even know the reason i started watching it because i don't like lee byung hun... i think i've had a high hopes.
1/5 boring and repetetive.
mirroro 11 Mar, 2017
it was a bit ridiculous (sometimes a bit too much of... everything to take it seriously), but in general: it was a good watch. actually, from the very beginning i knew that i will enjoy it. i could feel this... psycho mood.

give it a chance if you like stories about serial killers, revenge, or in general crime movies.
nessssbm 15 Jan, 2016
if the subject matter wasn't so serous in nature (murder, rape, etc), i'd consider this a comedy.
every time lee byung hun's character caught and beat up choi min shik's character, so funny!! hahaha like cat n mouse
missblackrabbit 02 Sep, 2015
What's so great about this movie? I don't know. Oh right, the plot was fun... but even that was short lived! 20m in and I was bored of the pattern. I shortned long scenes I was so bored!
The bad guy was great but the "hero", not so much. Did not feel his pain whatsoever. Unidimensional, overall left me uninterested.

The music was as boring as the character development.

The korean police so useless it was unbelivable. No I mean it. It was not believable. Not one bit.
Seriously, the best part was the last 5m. And then it FINALLY ended!

This one was a major let down for me, and reading the other critics, I don't seem to be alone.
1/5 = Waste of time
minjung 23 Mar, 2015
@Random chan Ahah you're right. That's probably all it is about :D
Random chan 23 Mar, 2015
@minjung >D the jacket is great.
minjung 23 Mar, 2015
Hmmm i don't get what's so good about this movie.
It's stupid and contains useless blood. This isn't even sad.

This is why i didn't watched Koreans movies since a long time, too much as usual >.>
catchxfireflies 12 Feb, 2015
Good performances from the two leads, though by no means their best. Had potential but ended up being meandering, repetitive, and about an hour too long. Not to mention frustrating.

I realize the whole point was that he was playing a cat and mouse game with the murderer, but he KEPT LETTING HIM GO EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE (usually a girl) GOT HURT EVERY TIME HE DID. You'd think, given what happened to his fiancée, he'd want to prevent that happening to anyone else, which I'm sure she would have preferred instead of some elaborate ill thought out revenge plot that resulted in more murder, including that of her father and sister since Detective Dumbass didn't bother to safeguard them before he chose to irritate a lunatic. Nice going, pal. And of course nobody won, which I could have told you before I sat there for nearly 2 and a half hours.