ESC to close 3.81 (by 678 users)akmareul boatda 악마를 보았다
  • 2010
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized akmareul boatda
english I Saw The Devil (literal)


genres crime, drama, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 12 Aug, 2010
duration 144 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 678 users
total users 1018
rating 2584
favorites 24



Gyeong Cheol is a serial killer, Su Hyeon is a man whose fiancée has been killed by this killer. The tracking is about to begin...




Jang Gyeong Cheol
Kim Su Hyeon
Section Chief O
Se Jeong
Chief Jang
Gyeong Cheol's Mom


costume designer


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26 Nov, 2012
Both are about a cop who chases a psychopathic serial killer just after seeing someone they care about violently murdered.

06 Jan, 2012
Both are about men who turn into "monsters" trying to get revenge after seeing someone they know being violently murdered.


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chocapik 02 Jun, 2011
Now I found something interesting about the Korean cut and the International cut... Maybe it'll be good to mention which one you had seen. I have seen the korean one so I'm maybe going to see the international one. Apparently violence is the same, I looked at the things which changed in the international one, it is not more violent at all.
In the international one there is not the scene where Choe Min Sik has sex with the butcher's wife (or daughter) but in the korean one not the all thing about the butcher eating human's meat.

Also some scene are covered with different angles. Here what they say on a website I found : "So, it would appear the main difference between these 2 versions is the pacing of this hardcore rollercoaster. Both have equal violent scenes, yet the international cut looks rougher while the korean cut looks more sick. Narratively speaking, characters stay the same, one version just seems to go straight to the point while the other tries to emphasize this whirlwind of violence."
Ending song is also not the same.
chocapik 02 Jun, 2011
Hum... I don't know I'm disappointed. First I had expected something way more shocking and terrifying but no, maybe I am too used to this kind of movie. For the same reason the plot was unsurprising.
But yet it wasn't a boring movie, the acting was really great [oooh Choe Min Sik I love you] and the mise-en-scene too, but not my favorite movie by Kim Ji Un.
olszyna 17 Apr, 2011
I started watching this movie, but it was one of the most terrifying and violent movies I've ever seen.. to much for my nerves.. I couldn't finish, but I think the acting was really good from what I managed to see..
yoonmin 06 Apr, 2011
It was nasty.. that´s all I can say about the story plot... plain nasty >____< the acting on the other hand was really good. Byung is my favorite and proved why again.
Though I kind of lost concentration and found myself thinking about Byung's lips XD
It was... a movie I will never watch again, but don´t regret watching.
nanuklein 24 Feb, 2011
This is omg. Choe Min Shik never fails to win me over with his acting, contrarily to Lee Byeong Heon who fails all the freaking time. Anyway, good film, but please, Kim Ji Un next time don't use Lee Byeong Heon in your films -- he's not made for these awesome films.
eyeslikefirefly 07 Feb, 2011
Do not watch this late at night. This movie was just so messed up and terrifying. I feel like Lee Byeong Heon did a really good job in this movie though.
beatus1990 11 Jan, 2011
@malice - It was awesome and shocking.
ByungHun ... he was ... great !!
6/5 (!)
daredaniel 21 Dec, 2010
Good stuff. 8/10