ESC to close 3.59 (by 17 users)secret mother 시크릿 마더
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized secret mother
aka sikeurit madeo


genres drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 12 May, 2018 - 07 Jul, 2018
episodes 32
duration 35 minutes
air day Saturday
at 20:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.59 of 5 by 17 users
total users 51
rating 61



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Kim Yun Jin
Kim Eun Yeong
Han Jae Yeol
Ha Jeong Wan
Park Seon Ja
Han Ju Hui




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milisia 08 Jul, 2018
Ok the conclusion of the drama was....hmm

Stupid husband and his stupid mother made me mad. And PJY saying, that he would say his wife someday, that he killed his daughter...gimme a break. Also PSJ still wanting KYJ to help her husband..for real? ok, it was an accident, but by their lies, they made more damages to the family. MAking KYJ almost a insane person, ruining her career, life ..making KEY also almost insane, and her sister a victim..great job, for real..and all of that just because of some affair..
Btw. they were meeting so long? O.o it looks like, HJY was almost whole marriage with KYJ, living a double life :/ so why he didn't married her instead? because his mother would crush it?

Anyway i was hoping for more, and that HYJ will pay more prize, for what he did.

Overall - i think drama is still little too long. They cut it from 40 to 32, but to be honest i think even half of it, would be ok. I'm also little annoyed, that the rest of the characters, didn't change much overall, about their lives.
milisia 01 Jul, 2018
Something isn't adding up for me after 28 episode
i really don't get why for god sake Han Jae Yeol left his daughter on the parking lot, and went somewhere with his lover...i mean WHY? especially that he said, that he wanted talk with Kim Yun Jin that day, and explain everything to her? he left his child alone, probably confused, and if it will be truth..for real..such a coward :/ But still somehow it isn't adding up...
I mean - i was thinking that sister took the kido, for whatever reason they have car crash, and she was safe/ daughter died. So where should we put Jae Yeol narration then, if he is saying the truth? he said the day when the kiddo was missing. Or i understand something wrongly?
milisia 03 Jun, 2018
Ok, now i'm confused as hell

So KEY sister had romance with HJY, ok..that's not very suprsing. But i'm confused about the rest. It looks like, maybe because of her mental state, and HJY treating KEY sister, she decide to take revenge on his wife, KYJ? or maybe she wasn't aware that her lover, is her husband?
Anyway, i guess that first episode is very misleading. I doubt that KEY will die, we have only 16 episode. But who pushed her? it's some guy, but i don't think is HJY, he looks younger. And also Gang Hye Gyeong case - if KEY isn't her blackmailer, the who is?

I mean - it look like, that for me: i don't know how exact timeline looks right now, but...probably KEY sister was sexworker/barworker, whatever. That way, maybe she meet HJY? maybe he promised her, better life? but then left her, maybe she found out about his wife? with great depression, left by her lover, she went for consoling? but then KYJ treat her, as a fly, didn't help at all, just left by herself, again. KEY sister, went there again, made fuss with cuting herself, and just maybe..wanting to take reveng on her past lover, she took the daughter, and get missed? i mean, all leads goes to the husband..maybe he didn't do anything directly to the woman and his own kid, but for sure, he made some big mistakes. And his wife is paying for that now :/
milisia 27 May, 2018
Ok after 8 episodes i have some more or less idea, what's going one here :P but i don't have much theories, what happend at the end or i should say, why we have the conlusion that we see in the first episode? like, it's still to early to predict something, but of course, i have some theories.

First of all KYJ case:
i think that KEY sister, were her patient. She was some bar/sexworker? probably..from door frame, we see she's cuting herself (?) so, maybe she had some depression/mental issues, because of that/ or something that happend in her work? and maybe KYJ is not the one, who should be blamed for that? we know that KEY sister vanished, so..maybe she's the one, who took KYJ daughter? for some kind of revenge or just because of her mental health? and that's why KYJ is repeting, that she want to find that woman? that makes some kind of sens. But something is odd with her. Like..i don't think, that only her daughter disapperance is the case. Something really happend in the cabinet, that shaken her up. But i'm still not sure, how much KYJ is only the victim? Also what the hospital can hide? KYJ for real did something? even in self defens, that can be treated as assault?

and KEY thing:

i think that reason she jump of from the roof can be two:
1. or she wasn't able to prove, that KYJ made something to her sister? also she maybe found out about some psychotic side of KYJ? or something like that
2. Or everything was messed up from the start...she was taking revenge for nothing? KYJ wasn't related to her sister death, and the whole revenge was for nothing? and maybe she wasn't able to conclude who's is at fault or the case was so simple/obvious from the very start, but she was so into third party involment/KYJ, that she missed the point?

Anyway i can't wait for more, because i think we have may interesting questions here....and one more thing -
it's looks like KEY messed up with many people..using threats, lying, exposing their secrets, lives, maybe we have more than one culprit? just seeing how this district is messed up..maybe that was farewall revenge from Kim Eun Yeong?