ESC to close 3.78 (by 482 users)gimbiseoga wae geureolkka 김비서가 왜 그럴까
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gimbiseoga wae geureolkka
english What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
aka why secretary kim

Based On

based on book
title gim biseoga wae geureolkka (김 비서가 왜 그럴까)
author Jeong Gyeong Yun (정경윤)


genres comedy, romance, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 06 Jun, 2018 - 26 Jul, 2018
episodes 16
duration 80 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:30 - 22:50
status released


avg. score 3.78 of 5 by 482 users
total users 795
rating 1824
favorites 12



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Lee Yeong Jun
Kim Mi So
Lee Seong Yeon
President Lee
Mrs. Choe
Kim Pil Nam


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07 Aug, 2018
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim is a light, fluffy romantic comedy except for when it's not. It's a bit odd but somehow manages to make it work.

The positives of the show is the main leads, whose chemistry with each other is off the charts and manage to stay cute throughout the run. It becomes obvious that the leads balance each other and the relationship develops fairly smoothly and entertainingly. Even the added darker story, meant to help balance the fluff, helps continue some of the cute and develop the relationship.

The downside is that the show is almost too light, often feeling like it lacks conflict or subsistence. There are aspects that get dropped (such as the motive behind the darker plot), and it tends to feel as if the plot is spinning its wheels. The main leads, along with some funny supporting cast, helps keep the entertainment coming but having some more and longer gravitas would definitely have helped elevate a great show.

Perfect for those days where you want something super light and fun. And a definite recommend if you're a fan of romantic comedies.
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limenora 13 Mar, 2019 first I thought I'll love this drama, but after about 4 episodes it started to be boring and repetitive.
Same old cheesy chebol - hard working, poor, "I don't care about your money"girl love story.
I have no problem with Park Min Young at all (I really liked her in City Hunter) but in this She really didn't put any effort to her character whatsoever. It seemed really fake.
The story was kind of boring and predictable.
I cared more for the supporting cast than the main characters.
I don't think it's worthy to watch to be honest.
alex3 12 Mar, 2019
It was quite nice, but i felt like it was missing something... The chemistry between the leads was good, I didn't care much for supporting characters.
the kidnapping part was kind of ridiculous imo
missiealice 28 Dec, 2018
Aff, que drama chato, meu deus.
Não sei o que tanto viram. Achei mó lenga lenga, clichê de protas imaturos, além do típico ceo mimadinho com algum trauma (bonus mocinha com trauma tb e por ironia do destino ligado com o passado do mocinho), enfim, trama dramática previsível, sem inovação. Romance fraquinho e até forçado. Tentei duas vezes e cheguei com muita luta no episódio 6. Desistindo. Por sinal, se a trama protagonista fosse sobre o drama do irmão malvado e a mocinha, olha, seria bem mais interessante.
ally 11 Dec, 2018
It had its few funny moments, but apart from that... It's forgettable.
And I don't know what happened, I love Park Min Young but her acting looks extremely fake in this drama, and Park Seo Jon's character was extremely annoying, I don't know how someone could fell in love with that.
seoltang 09 Oct, 2018
Desistindo. Deveria ter terminado com bem menos episódios - já que as coisas facilmente se resolveram. Dar16 eps deixou tudo muito arrastado e chatissimo de acompanhar. 2/5 (E olha que estou sendo generosa).
yuna 07 Oct, 2018
I've barely managed to finish this.
Sooooo boring!
sillysym 30 Sep, 2018
It's so boring..I can't believe this drama has the highest ratings in Korea. [x2]
The plot is boring. The acting is boring. The characters are boring.
It's really hard to watch.
akasha 25 Aug, 2018
One of the most boring dramas I've ever saw. First couple of episodes were quite funny and with some intrigue, but somewhere in the middle everything worked out, and the last 6-7 episodes were just monologuing and soooooo veryyyyyy loooooong looks and smiles, and hair flips and looks and smiles and hugs and looks, i can't even. Those 7 episodes could be wrapped in like 15 minutes. Main couple were so hot, but with no chemistry whatsoever. And c'mooon, in how many dramas will they reuse that house.