ESC to close 2.89 (by 627 users)bishoujo senshi sailor moon
  • 2003
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized bishoujo senshi sailor moon
english Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
literal Pretty Warrior Sailor Moon

Based On

based on manga
title bishoujo senshi sailor moon
author Takeuchi Naoko (武内直子)


genres action, comedy, romance, school, fantasy, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 04 Oct, 2003 - 25 Sep, 2004
episodes 49
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 07:30 - 08:00
status released


avg. score 2.89 of 5 by 627 users
total users 982
rating 1809
favorites 39


bishoujo senshi sailor moon act zero: sailor v tanjou
2005 video jp
bishoujo senshi sailor moon
2004 video jp


Usagi Tsukino finds out that she is not ordinary middle school girl as she thought. She is Sailor Senshi, one of legendary guardians. Crybaby Usagi, shrine maiden Rei Hino, tomboyish Makoto Kino, genius Ami Mizuno and J-pop idol Minako Aino are going to defend Earth against evil.




Hino Rei
Aino Minako
Tsukino Usagi
Mizuno Ami
Chiba Mamoru
Kino Makoto


director, screenwriter
original creator


26 Mar, 2010
This was my first drama ever.

When I was browsing some Sailor Moon Videos on youtube I stumbled upon this Drama. I started to watch it, since I loved the anime and thought it was a good thing to make fun of. But despite my intention to drop it after the first or second episode I watched the whole thing in no time.

It has the parts that are soooo bad and you can only laugh at the stupid fighting scenes and monsters. But it has good scenes as well, which make you follow the characters, which, in my opinion, have more personality and background story than the anime characters.

But nevertheless you should probably only watch this, if you're a fan of the anime and ready for a good laugh on the poor parts.

When this long drama was over I was sad and wanted to see more japanese TV-Series. Hence my drama obsession was born. Thank you Sailor Moon (who coincidentially also gave me my anime obsession).
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22 Jan, 2012
Both are about the heir to the throne of another world who lives on Earth with a group of guardians, friends, disguised as humans. When the forces of evil try to steal human energy by manipulating human emotions, the protagonist must release his or her powers to protect humanity. In both series the gender of the guardians reflects the gender of the heir. Both series are also named after its protagonist.


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hiiromitsu 23 Apr, 2013
My first drama :D I like it more than animation version.
pearline94 08 Oct, 2012
justironic 29 Sep, 2012
The end was so epic. So worth watching all of it.
I mean it's kind of shitty, but bring a friend and laugh at all the bad props and costumes together, and 25 episodes in you'll find yourself wanting to watch more and more.

Also, I really feel like I need to (re)watch the anime because I only watched it years and years ago.
suzumemichi 30 Jun, 2012
This live-action is so bad, but I love it so much. I'm currently rewatching it so I can actually finish it, lol, and I like it a lot more than when I first saw it when it was airing.
maxotaku 29 Apr, 2012
This was my first drama ever.[2]
iheartyoona 13 Mar, 2012
@r0lan Same here. I mean, of course, since it's Live Action it won't be better than the manga or anime BUT I actually was able to enjoy the whole thing!
dodii 11 Jan, 2012
I use to love sailor moon but looking at the picture right there, it doesn't turn me on :/... I guess I'll give it a try >_
r0lan 25 Nov, 2011
OMG this was such a bad drama....
I guess it's because i love Sailor Moon 8D haha
It has it's own story after Jupiter comes in... and I guess i liked it because it WASNT like the anime or manga lolz
Tuxedo Kamen didn't throw any roses though... TT3TT