ESC to close 4.4 (by 572 users)hotaru no haka
  • 1988
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized hotaru no haka
english Grave Of The Fireflies (literal)

Based On

based on book
title hotaru no haka
author Nosaka Akiyuki (野坂昭如)


genres drama, history, war


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format film
by Studio Ghibli (スタジオジブリ)


date 16 Apr, 1988
duration 88 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.4 of 5 by 572 users
total users 819
rating 2518
favorites 40


hotaru no haka
2005 TV jp
same setting
hotaru no haka
2008 film jp
same setting


Seita and Setsuko's mother dies in the air raids and leaves them to live with her sister. However, in those days of the second world war, there was not enough food for so many people in one house and they soon left to live by themselves. A dramatic story of a brother and his little sister who are struggling through the days of a horrible war.


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director, screenwriter
key animator
original creator
character designer, animation director


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14 Jun, 2015
wow.. This movie was really beautiful. It was so honest. This movie showed the honesty of how world war 2 was like, and how people suffered. I thought that I wouldn't end up crying in this movie, but the ending really got me. After finishing this movie, and rewatching the beginning, it got me crying even more. This movie showed me how humans truly are. As humans, we are so prideful of ourselves, refusing to ask help, and thinking we can solve things on our own. When our pride gets in the way of things, it becomes a problem for us.

The graphics in this movie was absolutely beautiful. The rural setting of this movie was beautiful. Seeing the fireflies all light up was beautiful as well. For a movie that was released in 1988, the graphics were really beautiful. There's no other word to describe it. This movie was really sad, and definitely a movie that is recommended to watch. I never thought an animation movie could make me cry the way I did while watching this movie. "Grave of the Fireflies" is truly a masterpiece.
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02 Dec, 2015
They are both about siblings struggling to get through a disaster. Hotaru no Haka follows 2 siblings trying to stay alive during a war, while Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 follows 2 siblings trying to find a way home and stay alive. Both are really beautiful and sad anime with lot of emotions. I highly recommend you watch both.


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lubushen 10 Oct, 2016
This is the most heartbreaking animation that I ever saw, hands down. I'm not the kind of person that cries (in any given situation), but this movie made me cry like no piece of fiction ever done before.
elenasayasen 14 Jul, 2014
I'm pretty sure I cried the whole movie, I was going to watch the live action movie but I don't think I can bring myself to watch it after watching the original. It's a really good movie though! Just prepare to bawl your eyes out.
greenpeas 12 Mar, 2014
This film tore my heart out. I promised myself I wouldn't watch it again because of all the pain, but I always find myself crying under my covers in the middle of the night while watching it.
lucidkitty 05 Dec, 2013
I cried like a baby, never cried so much over a film.
ichyuuki 01 Jun, 2013
Made me cry a river! TT_TT And stay depressed for days! Amazing film!
minjoong 28 Apr, 2013
So sad~ I cried so hard! Awesome movie.
kyraa 25 Apr, 2012
Sad, but really great movie. I cried like a baby. Worth watching!
rini 13 Sep, 2011
Cried so much. Great great movie! <3