ESC to close 3.29 (by 2546 users)neoneun pet 너는 펫
  • 2011
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized neoneun pet
english You're My Pet

Based On

based on manga
title kimi wa pet (きみはペット)
author Ogawa Yayoi (小川彌生)


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 10 Nov, 2011
duration 110 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.29 of 5 by 2546 users
total users 3842
rating 8374
favorites 59


kimi wa pet
2003 TV jp
same setting
kimi wa pet
2017 TV jp
same setting


A woman finds an injured man inside of a box in front of her home and takes him in to heal his wounds. Somehow, that man reminds her of her childhood dog and jokingly she asks him if he wants to become her pet. Surprisingly, the man agrees. Later the woman finds out that the man is a prodigious dancer. Everything is OK, but it gets complicated when her old love from college appears.




Gang In Ho
Ji Eun I
Jin A
Yeong Su
Kim Mi Seong
Min Ji Min


martial arts director


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25 Dec, 2012
Kimi wa Petto is a drama based on the original manga written by the Mangaka Yayoi Okawa. An unique story who takes place in the world of a Business woman's life. You're My Pet is an alternate movie version based on the actual drama already being displayed earlier with Matsumoto Jun in the lead role as momo.

Replacing Matsumoto, Jang Keun Suk takes on the role of the boy who has a sparkling career ahead of him. In Ho is a boy who spends most of his time reaching for his dream. A dancer who wishes to advance to perform in musicals sometimes in the future. Not really having somewhere to live and always ending up having to sleep on the hard wooden floor in the dance studio he manages to fix up an agreement with a buddy of his. He'll take his place as a cleaning lady for a woman who seems to have way to little time on her hands.

Meanwhile, Ji Eun is a woman of unusual status both with height and career. Everything seems to be working out succesfully for her, Except one thing. She Can't seem to find a man who can accept her for the person she is. Not a man who can live up to her standards atleast.. Constantly being let down with guys she decides she wants to get a pet. A Dog that will welcome her when she arrives home from work, A playful dog who'll appreciate all her hard work. In Ho moves in to her apartment and takes the place of his friend with one condition. He has to become her ''Pet..'' Then, She'll do the cleaning herself.. Only becoming a pet won't be enough though.. He has to give up on all human things, Especially sexually. Agreeing to this agreement, A hard road ahead awaits them both as love shows up in the most unexpected place.. A Romance between a Girl and a Boy. Will their Master and Pet relationship come in the way of the romance happening?.. Will the secret about Ji Eun's pet being a human, be revealed?

I really liked this movie.. I actually really didn't have that much expectations to this story atall.. I saw the actual drama a couple of months ago, And I liked it.. But it didn't make my top 5 dramalist.. This movie made my favorite list unexpectedly.

The Rewatch value is plenty high, I actually feel like rewatching it again right now, Despite of just having completed it. The musically score and soundtrack were really good with performances from Keun-Suk himself inserted into the story.

This Movie is a must watch for sure, Especially recommended for rom-com lovers, And fans of the Kimi wa Petto drama..
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22 Feb, 2012
Watched the JDrama prior to this. I have to say this wasn't as good. Although I haven't read the manga, but just being compared to the JDrama it wasn't as good. As much as I love Jang Geun Suk and as much of a good actor, I think the story in the JDrama was better. From the JDrama I knew that the lead girl was suppose to be very curt and mean, but the movie portrayed her as a ditzy (ish) woman who was very indecisive. I guess it is harder to portray her character in a movie compared to a drama, but it would have been nice to make her character a little more defined. Momo is suppose to be like a kid, shorter and more kid like. The dancing aspect was very poor I feel, I know that Jang Geun Suk isn't a dancer by profession, but they could have made his character a more dance-y. And I guess the styles of Dance at the time when the JDrama was made and the KMovie are different, like what style is popular at the time, but even in Kpop there are a lot of good dancers and they could of shown it better then some corny musical. I think Woori was a nice touch, they didn't really go in to much detail of their relationship but I think that it was okay since it was a movie.

Overall, I feel like if you haven't seen the JDrama you would probably like it. I just thought it would be more like the Jdrama, but the fact that it wasn't exactly like it was a nice change, because then it would be boring I guess.
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beautifur 29 Jan, 2015
Why so many negative comments?!
It was pretty cute and fun imo and I don't even like JGS. Watched the j-drama as well and I actually liked this better.
sukimatsuura 28 Oct, 2014
the japanese version is muuuuch better
danisensei 26 May, 2014
The only good scene on this movie was the fighting one. The rest was a waste of time.
alicedreams 31 Aug, 2013
Not a particularly good adaptation. The manga is of course much better and the j-drama was okay but this is downright appalling.
bubblyxmiku 15 May, 2013
This wasn't bad at all ! The Japanese ver. was much better though, to me there is no use comparing the Japanese ver and the Korean ver- two totally different cultures made their own twist on it, Jang Guen Suk was funny in this ^^ . It may not be 5 stars like the drama, but it was fun watching it with the Korean twist to it~! I'll definitely rewatch this ! ~ ^o^
ayumi674 21 Dec, 2012
I was really looking forward to watching this because it’s based on my all time favorite manga. Unfortunately, the Korean version (unlike the Japanese drama) failed to deliver. The main female lead was utterly unconvincing, she seemed too weak in my opinion, the strong front that her character was supposed to have in contrast with how self-concious she is while at home was nonexistant. I only knew that she felt uncomfrotable with her college flame because she said so, I couldn’t tell by her behavior. As for her relationship with Momo, yes, the script called for a lot of cuddling, but there was no real chemistry there. It didn’t bring up that warm fuzzy feeling that the Japanese drama did. They should have chosen a more impressive actress for this role.

As for Momo’s character, I’m not sure Jang geun suk suited that role at all, but then again I have to compare him with Matsujun’s Momo - an unfair competition. I know Jang geun suk has a lot of fans, but it seemed as if he couldn’t really commit to the carefree attitude that Momo’s character requires..
minjung 11 Dec, 2012
It was really boring, even though i'm a Geunseok fan. I don't like to compare but the J-Drama is so much better and i can't stand Jun. This version was just a waste of time :|
alex3 20 Oct, 2012
Very good movie, I haven't seen j-drama yet, but after this piece of awesomness i think I'll watch it :3