ESC to close 3.95 (by 4743 users)dream high 드림하이
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dream high
aka deurim hai


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 03 Jan, 2011 - 28 Feb, 2011
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.95 of 5 by 4743 users
total users 6512
rating 18736
favorites 724


dream high 2
2012 TV kr


Students at prestigious Kirin arts school work hard to become the best at their selected form of art and shine as stars.




Song Sam Dong
Jin Guk
Yun Baek Hui
Kim Pil Suk
Go Hye Mi




13 May, 2011
This was a really good drama. And it once again showed that Korean dramas have way too much drama.

From the beginning I felt sorry for Hye Mi, especially when she got bullied at school. The reason why she acted so mean at the Kirin High audition was because she had to get into that school no matter what to pay off her debts. Baek Hee didn't need to turn into a 'monster', she could have simply ignored her from then on. And the students in that school were definitely stupid to go along with everything.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the songs and this drama track. I love it even more that they used English songs and Hye Mi's 'Only Hope - by Mandy Moore' was amazing.

Jin Guk was really a great guy, always thinking about everyone and not myself, cause he somehow knew he would find his way. Sam Dong, had a interesting way of looking at things and never gave up. Jason, arrogant, but had this sweet hidden side that people didn't really see, that he hid in the form of 'Good Manners'.

Baek Hee, didn't like what she became at all, and I'm glad that she realized that her holding grudges, in the end, only made her feel miserable when everyone else was moving on. Pil Suk, well, she was just a sweety from the get go, but I commend her for not giving into what the world thinks of beauty and that she was able to realize that she was happy even when she was fat. Hye Mi, it was nice to see her transformations. From being basically a robot to be able to find back her emotions.

And with each and everyone of them, none of it would have been possible if they didn't have eachother to intervene and stare that back on the right path. And also, their amazing teachers: Kang, Shi and Yang. ho all seemed to have and amazing selfless side to them when dealing with their students.

The story was really a touching one, of friendship, dreams and the hardships and complications that come alone when it comes to trying to get something you really want. Because nothing really comes easy in life and it's only the determined and strong at heart, the people who have the will to stand when they fall, that come really pull through.
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22 Apr, 2011
Dream High is a famous drama about a school that teaches how to dance, act and sing. There are six main characters and you follow them on their way to fame, while seeing how they have doubts about their decisions and face problems that normal students probably don't have.

I can fully understand why many people were so addicted to that drama. Sadly, there were some elements that didn't make it a 5* drama for me, but it's great anyway. Why?

First of all, the cast is great. I know that they can't play too well. At least I felt at the beginning like they were just bad at acting and even though it was a bit annoying, I got used to it so fast. So it's not worse than any other drama in this world. Some people made up for the bad acting of the idol-kids. I was surprised at how good Jin Yeong Park aka. JYP was. I don't know why, but I don't feel very sympathetic when I see JYP in person. But in this drama, he was really cute and he showed such a nice side of his acting that I actually like him a bit more now. And the kid that was the greatest actor for me was the not-looking-like-it-main-boy aka. Sam Dong. He didn't appear from the start which made me a bit confused. But they should've brought him in earlier, because since he was there I was totally addicted! He caught my attention immediately and kept my heart till the end.

For the story... Well, it was better than expected! It had so much music that I thought it would get broing soon, but that only happend in the last 10 minutes of the episodes. There were some annoying parts in the story but since these are my personal feelings (and I'd spoiler) I'll not talk about it here.

Good point was also: Jason and Pil Suk. At first I wasn't really interested in them, but omoo... Those two are just great!

So last but not least: I tried to be more open to crying scenes. I tried to understand that the girls in K-dramas always have to shed a lot of tears because that's just what everybody seems to like. But I can't even count HOW MANY TIMES someone was crying in that drama. Not only once for everybody but everybody all the time! If the main girl wasn't crying because she felt bad for herself, she was crying for her friend. Or the other friend. Or the friend cried for her. Or she cried because someone was hurt. Whatever! And after her tears finally dried up, the next character starts to cry non-stop. Which makes to main girl cry again, since she is such a sensitive person and feels so sad for her friends... Well, sometimes they had a good reason to cry. But most of the time I felt like "WTH, why are you crying AGAIN?" That's my main reason for only giving 4*. This non-stop crying and some parts of the story that I didn't like and/or understand. But please, go and watch it! It's totally worth it. Funny, romantic yet not too romantic. And if you're open, you'll just ignore all the tears that are going on.
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13 Aug, 2018
Both revolve around performance arts students, in Dream High they learn vocals and dance, while in Cantabile it's Instrumental/Conducting/Orchestra. Both are similar in the sense that the main leads in both dramas are extremely talented but lacking in the emotional category (they have a hard time expressing how they really feel and so instead come of as cold, rude and indifferent). In both dramas this is enough of a set back to prevent them from truly showing their full potential. At the same time you have other characters who are seen as less talented but as time goes on they develop their skills and gradually gain recognition. Both show how the exceptionally gifted and the underestimated are able to evolve by interacting with each other, so as to be able to live up to their full potential. While doing so we get to see friendships formed and also tested.

27 Dec, 2015
Both dramas are about kids in school, who are interested in music. In both dramas, popular and unpopular students are forced to work together, getting to know each other and become true friends.


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yamapixluver43735 26 Feb, 2018
i loved it! it was even better than i imagined!! just not too fond of the ending tbh
bobbydoll 19 Nov, 2016
Está aí um dorama qual nunca me cansarei de rever. É tão bom em tantos quesitos. Vai desde o elenco excepcional, ótima trilha sonora até um final não esperado.
Ao menos, para mim, tive certeza que Hye Mi ficaria com Guk no fim. E que o ultimo dono do amuleto seria Guk, não Sam Dong. Foi o primeiro drama que não shippei errado! Yes!!

A partir daí e Producer tive certeza que tudo que há IU♥, Soo Hyun e dedo de JY Park deve ser acompanhado com muito carinho.
jangminhae 04 May, 2015
I had so much fun watching this drama!!!
I delayed my homework numerous of times to keep watching, but I feel it was worth it!
The first episode didn't quite attract me, but, after the 2nd episode, you I couldn't stop watching!!!
I liked the plot and all the anexpected things that happened. It did get somehow predictable at some times, but I really couldn't predict what was going to happen next. And this was a good feeling.
The ending was not really what I expected, but I hoped for something like this!
I had forgotten about Jin Guk and Hye Mi's kiss, but still until the very ending I felt like he was going to get the girl. I was about to get disappointed when at the last two episodes something seemed to change... For the good! Yeiiiii!! =))))

Watch it!!!
Very Good: 4/5
lehduff 18 Jul, 2014
Apaixonadíssima pelo diretor <3
ryofanka 16 Jul, 2014
I am half way through this drama and still not impressed with Suzy acting or dancing skills :( but Teak Yeon looks hot ;) Cannot wait to watch the next episode ;)
And at the beginning I didn't like Jason but now OMG him and Kim Pil Suk are so cute ;)
bzzfrog 29 Apr, 2014
My first drama, never gonna forget ♥
dodi1d 05 Apr, 2014
Most of the cast did a great job! I liked Sam dong from the beginning he was amazing his voice is so beautiful. Jason and Pil suk were so cute together♡ Also, Kang and Yang jin man were funny. I love dream high really enjoyed watching it.
tomoesama 28 Jan, 2014
I've been thinking of watching this drama for a while, I always thought that it would have been a crappy drama (Moreover since I don't really like Teacyeon and Eun Jang's acting), so I always postponed it for later...

I realised that it's actually very good. The characters were all portrayed in debt and even those that I may have disliked at the beginning (as Beak Hee for instance), I came to love them at the end, as every character grew with each episode.

Pil Suk and Jason were the cutest, and Jason and Hye Mi's constant "rivalry" on Pil Suk was also very cute.

I loved the end, although each character went their separate way, and it wasn't really clear if Hye Mi and Sam Dong are together, but they are all still connected through the dream they had when they were younger. Honestly I was worried that he had lost his hearing completely but I guess he didn't xD