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  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized geunyeoro malhal geot gateumyeon
english Let Me Introduce Her
aka about her


genres drama, mystery


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 14 Jul, 2018 - 29 Sep, 2018
episodes 40
duration 35 minutes
air day Saturday
at 20:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 34 users
total users 82
rating 117



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Ji Eun Han
Han Gang U
Gang Chan Gi
Min Ja Yeong
Jeong Su Jin
Gang Da Ra


costume designer
martial arts director


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yokochan 01 Oct, 2018
This Drama is sooo underrated =´(
it was sooo dramatic !!! i ´ve cried a 1000th times . . .
loved it !
milisia 16 Sep, 2018
I just wanted to say that i guessed everything on point in my prev. comment lol XD Anyway, little late for the
revenge part imo

but well...anyway i'm little conflicted about Min Ja Yeong, and i'm not sure, how honest she is now, with her doings, but the ending will be imho quite interesting to watch. Btw. i'm proud of mama LSH, lol XD
that she at last said something! but in the same time i'm little disgusted about what she said at the funeral :/ i mean - saying that hit or two, by husband are ok are no no for me :/ and i believe that's the main reason, why Eun Han didn't said anything her mother, about how badly she is beaten up, by her husband :/

He's true psycho :/ i was hoping quite long, that maybe he's unaware, doting husband, but he was just a psycho for real. And he confuses love with terror.

Anyway i'm really hoping, for JEH x HGU type of ending, with a little hope, that they will be together :P
milisia 12 Aug, 2018
Oh boy...

So i started to wonder - i'm little confused about scene with JEH in the bathtub, and then bleeding, running from her husband...Did she real cut herself and wanted to die, to run from GCG and her mother in law? OR someone cut her wrists? and make everything, like she's trying to kill herself?
I mean - i still think, she was depressed, maybe little unstable, but the whole cutting/depression stuff for me is staged as hell. Maybe she tried for real once or twice hurt herself, but for me whole situation is blown by her husband, to make her a crazy person.

Still i don't know what's on the phone? she knew about her husband romance? and she wanted to blackmail him? he was afraid, that she will ruin his career, as an anchor? and what's with the daughter? JEH wanted to back home, to find her daughter in disguise?
And for what reason, GCG, still want JEH to be his wife? to have nice background?
milisia 05 Aug, 2018
After 15-16

I wonder about GCG. At first i was thinking he was doting husband , and that only his mother is a monster here. But now, knowing how he's looking for the JEH phone, using help of JSJ i'm starting to wonder, what really happend?

I'm sure JEH wasn't mental unstable. She probably was living in unhappy marriage at some point. Probably later, she was aware, what's happening in the firm, and decide to uncover it + she probably knew about her husband cheating? that make some sense. And the daughter! so it looks like they have a child together...and JSJ send her overboard? and maybe that was the real deal?
Eun Han wanted to find her daughter? and changing the face, she wanted to sneak out to the house, and find some clues? and find her? and also running from her killer? + having something in her sleeve to blackmail her husband and JSJ, she wanted to exchange? she will give the phone or otherwise, close her eyes and forget about what she knows, and in return they will give her a child?
yokochan 22 Jul, 2018
This Drama is really interesting ;D and iam so curious about anything xD
milisia 22 Jul, 2018
Ok, so

Ji Eun Han was married to Gang Chan Gi, that's interesting, but not much surprising, when you think about it. I wonder, why everybody have grudges about her, and only servants, likes her? It looks like, she hadn't "good background" and was common girl? Her mother-in-law didn't liked her, Jeong Su Jin sends some thugs...i think, she was forced to make some "vacations", and knowing, she will be killed, JEH, used that time, to change her face? and vanish? + now i'm totally sure, she knew something about company, that she shouldn't.

Anyway i think we have more to come. I'm just curious how long it will take JEH, to discover, her "true" role, because now she messed up things :P
guuurlll, really? being a mistress was the only thing you had? :P
yamashita 17 Jul, 2018
Kim jae won put on soo much weight
Side effect of being a father ^.^
milisia 15 Jul, 2018
First four episodes were great, and i have some theory from the start, why we have this situation with main girl:

Soooooooooo :P something is odd with this new, "natural" medicine/cosmetic line, and it looks like Chan Gi family is trying to cover this up? and it looks for me, that Ji Eun Han clearly knows something about it, and that's why she was escaping from the thugs, sended by that woman. Also about the cuts - i think their also sign for something. Anyway it looks very interesting, because i think that medicine it's not only problem here. Also i'm interested, what Ji Eun Han mean, saying that she she got involved in something she shouldn't? i just think, she discover something, maybe she was naive and was doing something with good intentions, but then she was trying to withdraw from it, but knowing too much, she's now the main target?

Will see, but i'm very excited.