ESC to close 3.76 (by 669 users)freeter, ie wo kau.
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized freeter, ie wo kau.
english Freeter, Buy A House. (literal)
aka freeter, ie o kau., furiitaa, ie wo kau.

Based On

based on book
title freeter, ie wo kau.
author Arikawa Hiro (有川浩)


genres drama, family, life, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 19 Oct, 2010 - 21 Dec, 2010
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 669 users
total users 1209
rating 2517
favorites 28


freeter, ie wo kau.
2011 TV jp


Take Seiji is basically a shut in at age 25. After failing entrance exams the first time and not being able to get used to work culture, he does many part time jobs, always switching fast if it became the least bit bothersome. One day he finds out his mother is suffering from depression. In order to care for her, he finally takes a higher paying job at a civil engineering site. There he meets Chiba Manami whose bright personality soon start to affect him and his views about his family and life.


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Take Seiji
Chiba Manami
Take Sumiko
Nishimoto Kazuhiko
Nagata Ayako
Take Seiichi




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ready2fly 25 Jun, 2011

i absolutely agree with @sarahohimesama that's why i prefer japanese drama!

as usual nino did a great job, among arashi he has the best damn acting skills
when he cried, OH MY BOY !!! i cried not because the drama! i just can't stand watching nino cry =(
his expressions + his personality = AWESOME ~
the story is good though it's purely about family but so good
it's make me respect the japanese society more than before =) ~
love both theme songs ♥
and yeaaaaaaaah i almost died when aiba show up in last episode =$

tomohisa917 11 Jun, 2011
this is a lovely dream it's has so many meaning
at some parts it's like talking about my problems

worth watching ^^
dramallama 04 Jun, 2011
I can't say I've seen too many things that made me cry with the first episode, but this show managed to pull that reaction quite unexpectedly. I do so hope this ends somewhat happily as I'm worried how much crying I've got to look forward to with the coming episodes. ^.^;
sarahohimesama 01 Jun, 2011
one of the must good dramas i ever watched!.. well as expected from the japanese :D i mean their dramas are pretty serious and enjoyable at the same time.. i really learned a lot from the japanese dramas i'm not exaggerating!.. unlike korean dramas its just frustrating and always give me a false hope with their fairytale-like stories T-T

Freeter is one of those dramas that i really got to learn lots of things from .. to not look down on ones work nor give up on having a steady job.. to respect parents and take care of them.. its just awesome!! thats why i love Japan and Japanese people :)

malice 19 Apr, 2011
it took me a lot of time to complete this because i hadn't subs but i'm glad i finished it xD
the story was touching and beautiful,overall the drama was well-made and the acting was good too.
revy 08 Feb, 2011
Loved it, a little disappointed at the ending but that was kinda expected. ♥
haruchan 29 Dec, 2010
just finish watching ep 9.
can't wait for ep 10 :DD

i cried so much after watching ep 9. T___T
mouri 10 Nov, 2010
With the first episode I bawled. Almost every thing Nino has been in has left me in tears (good and bad). But with episode 2 I am raging. lol

I'm looking forward to what other emotions this drama pulls out of me.