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  • 2011
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized byakuyakou
english White Night (literal)
aka Into the White Night

Based On

based on book
title byakuyakou
author Higashino Keigo (東野圭吾)


genres drama, suspense, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 29 Jan, 2011
duration 149 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.93 of 5 by 123 users
total users 515
rating 360
favorites 1


2006 TV jp
same setting
baegyahaeng: hayan eodum sogeul geotda
2009 film kr
same setting


Karasawa Yukiho and Kirihara Ryouji both have a secret about their past that no one else knows but each other. As they grow up trying to keep this secret from being found out, one lives life in the open while the other lives life in the shadows.


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Karasawa Yukiho
Kirihara Ryouji
Sasagaki Junzou
Matsuura Isamu
Shinozuka Kazunari
Kawashima Eriko


director, screenwriter
original creator


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danisensei 15 Jul, 2014
Horikita Maki's performace was good, and I liked some things in this movie, like
why women around Yukiho would die being raped, the morse code as a communication way between Yukiho and Ryouji, and how close they both got during childhood.
But for many things it 'loses' to the korean movie version. And it is very slow. 3 stars only because the idea of the plot is good.
9miho 05 Nov, 2013
"Ooooh, there's a film version!... oh... Horikita Maki..."

Although reading the rest of the comments maybe I'll give it a go sometime.
sayitaintsojoe 28 Nov, 2012
I usually don't like movies like this but this was good.
ifchan 05 Aug, 2012
I didn't like Horikita Maki's acting since ...forever...BUT I have to admit that in this movie she did a great job. I liked her portrait of the bad-yet-good character. The movie has a few slips and mistakes, but for me it's a very good one, maybe because i haven't watched a good movie in a while, I like the story plot very much, so I'm thinking of watching the drama.
mitte 22 Mar, 2012
I had a really hard time deciding if I liked this movie or not.. it's a great production and the atmosphere is kept heavy and dark all the way thru - I like that!
But since I have been a fan of the dorama since I first saw that one, I had a hard time really getting into the characters this time around, I think it was because they didn't appear desperate enough to keep each others safe.. It's not intense enough to build up the actions in which the movie ends.. :/
But at least it made me want to rewatch the dorama again soon ^___^
csmth 28 Jul, 2011
I would not say Maki's acting is superb but she is acting appropriately. In answering last question asked by Sasagaki, Maki's face is acting like the novel. (Spoiler below for detail, warning: "extremely exposing", not normal spoiler)
Before she replied Sasagaki, she has no facial expression. She tried very hard not to let anyone knows her true feeling. After she replied Sasagaki, she is walking away but looks her feet is heavy. Her eyes is looking far but aiming to nothing.
The credit should mostly goes to scriptwriter, but Maki acted so precisely and deserves some credit.

Later on, Yukiho returned to normal.
There is later development. This development is natural, but it is superfluous should not be explicitly told. The movie should leave the audiences to imagine what Yukiho would do next.
Despite of my criticism in above spoiler, this movie is most faithful adoption of the novel. This is a very interesting adoption even for those who read the original novel. There are many changes but they are needed for having too short movie run time (149 minutes).
olga2468 31 May, 2011
can't trust Maki's acting as Yukiho @@ [2]
yummy2 20 Feb, 2011
I didn't watch the other versions, but I liked this one. I'm not fond of Horikita Maki, but I she did a good job. I think they should have made it a bit shorter.
I wonder, how the inspector knew everything in the end. It was bit like it fell from the sky. And he showed a bit to much affection for the boy. "I want to be your father..."?