ESC to close 3.73 (by 170 users)nae dwie terius 내 뒤에 테리우스
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nae dwie terius
english My Secret Terrius
literal Terius Behind Me


genres action, drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 27 Sep, 2018 - 15 Nov, 2018
episodes 32
duration 35 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.73 of 5 by 170 users
total users 328
rating 634
favorites 1



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Kim Bon
Go Ae Rin
Jin Yong Tae
Yu Ji Yeon
Cha Jun Su
Cha Jun Hui




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ilate 21 Dec, 2018
Had a really good time watching this drama. It was genuinely funny - I laughed a loooot. And it was this kind of humor that not many actors can actually pull off (I can think of three people at the moment, luckily one of them being Seo Ji Sub).

Also...I'm from Poland. So seeing the drama being shot in my country's beautiful capital city, and hearing Seo Ji Sub speaking Polish makes me like this drama even more.

As for the plot. I have to admit it was quite full of cliches, but it didn't really matter in this case. I think it might have even made this whole experience so enjoyable.

The only thing I'm conflicted about is the relationship between Kim Bon and Ae Rin. I liked how the connection they had wasn't really focusing on the romantic aspect of it, but more on a mutual trust and understanding. On the other hand....

Also. The chemistry between every single person in this drama was amazing. I think they really had a great time working together.

And lastly. I can't get enough of Seo Ji Sub with kids. I mean. How freaking adorable! Just a heads up if you also can't get enough of it - there are bunch of YouTube videos with clips from behind the scenes of Seo Ji Sub interacting with the kids. I mean...they are basically my life right now :D
iruru 05 Dec, 2018
I liked it! The comedy was fun (if a bit cheesy at times), engaging storyline and warm (silly) characters. Definitely not a masterpiece but not terrible by any means. Overall I thought it well written and carried out (the suspense was nice, but sometimes over exaggerated).
aquariia 18 Nov, 2018
The drama is good with a little bit bland characters but still enjoyable, and it's not getting bad at the end like many kdramas. Subtle is a good term to describe it. There're subtle comedy, very subtle romance, a bit of family stuff and some action. The action though is sometimes ridiculous. In real action drama it would be annoying but here it was fine because with cute children jumping around and funny neighbourhoods trying to play spies, it is really difficult to take the whole action part serious anyway.
kirtil 18 Nov, 2018
Not great, just good.
It looks like playing with children is not a strong point of So Ji Seop. He was good, but not great as his previous roles I've watched him in.
silentscream93 16 Nov, 2018
It was an interesting drama with a mix of genres. Terius slowly open up to others as Kim Bon. Ae Rin and the twins helped him to heal. Bon was unexpectedly sweet with the twins. I liked Joon-Joon so much, they are really naughty but charitable kids. KIS was awesome too, I laughed on them many times. I liked Ae Rin's character too. Finally I think Jin Yong Tae's character was interesting. In the beginning I thought that he stands on the evil side, but he is a totally lovable guy. I liked so much when he called Kim Bon as "Brother". :D There is a little romance in the drama, the main characters were soulmates rather than lovers. :) It was really enjoyable for me from beginning to the end.
bayanoh 14 Nov, 2018
I find it silly. The amount of coincidences there are, people always being too stupid to figure everything out, how slow the villains are and how much "good timings" the good guys have. I mean.. a fugitive is going around his neighborhood telling random people he just met his actual real name!! The chemistry between the main characters is close to zero, so if you gave up on the action/thriller part, and you are looking for romance you won't find it here. It's like if the producers got So Ji Seop and thought it was enough to make a successful drama. It should've been a good enough reason for me to like it, but I really hate how silly this drama is, and how subtle it's trying to be.
xezona 27 Jul, 2018
Zdjęcia do serialu były robione w Warszawie na przełomie Czerwca i Lipca tego roku.