ESC to close 3.07 (by 28 users)unmyeonggwa bunno 운명과 분노
  • 2018
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized unmyeonggwa bunno
english Fates And Furies
aka fate and fury, fate and wrath


genres drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 01 Dec, 2018 - 09 Feb, 2019
episodes 40
duration 30 minutes
air day Saturday
at 21:05 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.07 of 5 by 28 users
total users 73
rating 86



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Tae In Jun
Gu Hae Ra
Cha Su Hyeon
Jin Tae O
Tae Pil Un
Han Seong Suk


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jujuvieira 13 Apr, 2019
Poderia ter sido melhor se não enrolassem tanto pra prender os verdadeiros culpados. A personagem da Lee Min Jung me decepcionou muito, ela foi ficando cada vez mais irritante. O que salvou tudo foi o Tae In Jun.

Suspeitei desde o princípio que foi a A Jung que tentou matar a Hyun Joo, mas acabei ficando com pena dela por ter passado aquela tortura toda com a sogra e o marido.
milisia 10 Feb, 2019
Well, after the last episode, i'm still into ★★★ mood. It could be so much better, and again i have a hard impression, that half of the episodes would be enough? The revenge part - not so good, and rushed. Evil people are evil :P and twists and turns, it's hard to really call twists and turns

I mean - for all the people, only Go A Jeong was the possible option, to be the "mastermind". But to be honest, she was so dull at the end. I know that we should pity her, because of her husband, but still - her way to blame everything on Gu Hyeon Ju, and then use the Gu Hae Ra, to clean her life situation was just..meh :P I'm simple just tired, seeing another creepy wife, choping her husband's lover, than this stupid guy, who beats her, punish her and even send their son overseas, and didn't care about him, at all. Really gurl, your husband and mother in law, are the problem her, not a girl itself.

And about romance part - i was mostly in "i don't care mood", and that's sad, because in the Cunning Single Lady , they made a great chemistry together, and here i was like "who cares". I read somewhere, that it's because they are married now, but c'mon, what a lame excuse, to play boring pairing in the drama :P
milisia 31 Jan, 2019
The series is generally fine, but from the very beginning it was clear to me that

it was not Tae In Jun who had anything to do with Gu Hyeon Ju, and that the evil brother was a monster in this story, with his mother

Anyway i wonder now, how it will end?
because i have few questions. For example - who gave instructions to Jin Tae O, to use Gu Hae Ra? and what he have in return? ok, he was blackmailed etc. blah blah, but still..
Also i just hate Cha Su Hyeon. She has no sympathy for her own daughter, she picked her career, and left her only child behind + the way how she always does, what her parents :/
Also i'm afraid that now, Tae In Jun will be hunting Gu Hae Ra, not knowing that she's making, in my opinion, everything to secure place fot him in the firm. I mean - i think he want's to redeem herself, and the only way for that is going to the lion deen, and help from the shadow TIJ. who will be mad for sure. And i think that potential happy ending awaits us at episode 40, lol XD