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  • 2019
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized dororo

Based On

based on manga
title dororo
author Tezuka Osamu (手塚治虫)


genres action, history, horror, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MXTV (Tokyo MX)


date 07 Jan, 2019 - 24 Jun, 2019
episodes 24
duration 30 minutes
air day Monday
at 22:00 - 22:30
status released


avg. score 4.32 of 5 by 19 users
total users 39
rating 82
favorites 1



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milisia ~ 3 weeks
At the beginning, I was skeptical about the title because, I don't really like the "samurai" / "edo style" one. However, I quickly fell in love with the story. First of all, thanks to Hyakkimaru. It really demonstrates the strength of the character if half the show

he practically doesn't say a word, beyond issuing strange sounds

Also, his determination, cute and violent side, make him a great person. About Dororo - we can say much :P I liked how cheerful she is, beyond all obstacles. I also liked how she's also waking up, more human side of Hyakkimaru. And one more thing:

i like, that she decide to leave her parents money, where they where. I mean...i think she wanted always minimalist life, full of adventures, and not being a 27/4 target for some stupid folks, just because of her money.

The conclusion of the story..

You can see how hard at the end, plot no jutsu, tries to justify mom and give her a little human face. And Taho - ******** please. It was potential, for a pretty sensible figure. A little broken because of father's obsession with second son, but I hoped he will open his eyes at the end. Well, he ... opened it, literally ... on his body -_-

It is a pity that, no one has seen from the very beginning how great shit, this is :/ First they made a child a victim, and then they chase him, because they are unhappy, because he didn't liked that fact, and village has some problems with gods. Excellently. Calling him a "thing" etc ... great. He didn't become one, by his own request and everyone has Surprised Pikachu face, that he wants to recover what belongs to him and was taken away without his consent. He didn't ask to be a sacrifice to humanity, so spitting at him, that he wants to live, is seriously out of place, especially from his brother, raised like a donut in a butter, almost prince alike style.

And our midnight star, Tahomarou - okay, he lacked mommy's feelings, but it's not Hyak's fault, sorry. Go throw your scythe, at your father or ... destiny? Mum probably loved both of them, but she clearly felt that she had taken chance for a normal life from one of them, literally, and hence those sad, prolonged looks towards the sky, don't really surprise me.

Ending is bittersweet imho . Like life :P
Anyway, it took me a long time to watch it, but overall it was cool.
It's a pity that the old one doesn't lost his head, literally :P but I think he was actually more sick of losing his family and splendor. With emphasis on the latter, because saying to Hyak, that he should take over the heirloom after him, after all, was quite insolentand and ironic for me.