ESC to close 4.2 (by 5413 users)secret garden 시크릿 가든
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized secret garden
aka sikeurit gadeun


genres comedy, drama, romance, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 13 Nov, 2010 - 16 Jan, 2011
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 4.2 of 5 by 5413 users
total users 7483
rating 22719
favorites 1220


secret garden
2011 TV kr
mi mi hua yuan
2012 film ch


Kim Ju Won is the pansy and rich president of a company; Gil Ra Im is a manly and poor girl who works as a stuntwoman. Their first meeting is when Ju Won mistakes Ra Im for the famous actress his cousin Oska had an affair with. She leaves a strong impression in him and he falls in love with her -- though she doesn't seem much impressed by him. Both are just too different to understand each other. Will a little magic make them switch their bodies and gain mutual understanding?




Kim Ju Won
Gil Ra Im
Yun Seul
Im Jong Su
Mun Yeon Hong




25 Dec, 2012
I like that drama, but it was not the best I've seen. The actors are either really awesome or really bad. The story is sometimes really great and other time it was so cliché or somewhat boring.

I would say the first 15 ep are mostly good, the last 5 not so much. I'm not that much into the swaping bodies thingy either, I think if they did exactly the same story without it, it wouldn't have change anything really.

Anyhow, I laught, I cried, I got attach to some character (Ra Im and Oska). I would recommand it, it's light with just enough sadness from time to time. And 20 ep isn't too long.
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21 Feb, 2011
I'm really sad that it's over. I don't want it to be over. I could keep watching it over and over again and I would have no problem. This drama really hit me hard. I just loved it, all of it.

The story is a bit cliche, having a rich person falling in love and giving up everything to be with a poor girl. I'm still really bothered that Joo Won's mother didn't give them her blessing. But at least she accepts her grandchildren. Ugh, Joo Won's family has got to be the most stubborn family ever. I get that they want to keep the wealth circulating, but he was madly in love with Ra Im. Couldn't they just let him be happy and support him? Ra Im isn't even that poor. She's a stuntwoman, she's bound to make a decent amount of money. It's not like Joo Won picked her up off the streets. Aish, I just feel bad for Joo Won and Ra Im. They can't live in complete happiness. There are still problems on the side.

I really loved Joo Won and Ra Im's relationship. They were lovey-dovey with each other, but at the same time mean. It's good to have some teasing in there. Lovey-dovey gets boring. Besides the main couple, I really really liked Ah Young and Secretary Kim! They were so cute and bubbly! Ahh, they were just so fun to watch together and as individuals. They really are perfect for each other~.

Okay, confession time. I really hated Yun Seul when she was involved with Joo Won. But when she's with Oska, I'm totally fine with her. She can be cool. Oh, and one more confession. I would have been okay with Ra Im ended up with Director Im. They're an alright couple. He cares for her, that's all that matters. He'd treat her right.

After watching the whole drama, I don't really see how the switching really fits in. It did bring some good moments though. If I'm correct, that's how they shared their first kiss. But anyways, the story could have gone on without the switching. Although if it weren't for the switching, it would just be a regular drama with a person crying over the unconscious body of their lover. So, I guess it has its ups and downs.

There was one thing that surprised me about this drama. They had a somewhat happy ending. The only downside was that they never got the mother's blessings. But other than that, they're both healthy and happy. No one died. I thought that at least Joo Won would lose his memory for the rest of his life or something. But everything turned out fine. And I'm glad it turned out that way!

Fav. Female Character - Gil Ra Im

Fav. Male Character - Kim Joo Won

Yeah, I like the main characters. How predictable.
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07 Jun, 2016
Both are Korean comedy dramas in which the main characters experience living in a different body, including gender switch.

17 Apr, 2013
Both TV dramas are about a body swap between a man and a woman. Secret Garden is about a rich man and a stunt woman and class difference. Oohlala Couple is about a divorced couple and marriage life.


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sweetsuga 20 May, 2017
Vou dizer o seguinte: o drama não é ruim como eu pensei. O problema é você saber lidar com a raiva que vai sentir do protagonista. Mas melhora a partir do episódio 13. Só tenha um pouco de paciência. Infelizmente, o roteiro é sem sentido e errático (não vá se iludir pelos elogios abaixo).

O protagonista é irritante e caricato. Dava muito ódio quando ele ficava delirando dizendo que ela não tinha pensado nele pra aparecer com aquela bolsa. A Gil Ra passa a metade do drama tendo que lidar com um louco que a perseguia, e ainda agia como se ela estivesse interessada nele. Não é legal ficar romantizando esse tipo de coisa. Alguém tem que dizer pra tia Kim Eun Suk parar com isso.

A @bhagwanti disse que a "troca de papéis" é uma bosta. Eu discordo. Dependendo do script e da atuação, pode ser muito divertido.

p.s.: Yun Sang Hyeon have a nice voice.
laydii 14 Jun, 2016
I loved it so much :'O I cried so much and ... Yeah
ralphina 05 Jun, 2016
Considering when the drama was made, it's still emotional roller-coaster in a good way :)
leviathan 04 Apr, 2016
Too overrated...
lovelyashley 25 Sep, 2015
it should be way shorter, seriously :P
and showed too much drama sometimes (o.O)
all the time one of them would leave the other one, and a few moments later they would meet up again to finish their talk?

and I rly disliked the "role's switch" parts !!!!!!! wrrr

but yeah, I enjoyed it and would reccomend others to watch it :)
etoile 22 Feb, 2015
it's typical kim eun sook drama. you either love it or hate it. i hate it
goguma 26 Jan, 2015
@bhagwanti exactly my words, I dropped it after the roles swith. Hyeon Bin cannot save it.
bhagwanti 28 Aug, 2014
I really don't understand why this drama is so famous. Beginning was ok, but starting with this "role's switch" it's ...a crap for me. Because it's so famous I was trying to watch it but for me it's waste of time.