ESC to close 3.86 (by 93 users)juuni kokuki
  • 2002
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized juuni kokuki
english The Twelve Kingdoms (literal)
aka Record of 12 Countries


genres action, comedy, drama, fantasy, friendship, adventure, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network *NHK
by Studio Pierrot (ぴえろ)


date 09 Apr, 2002 - 30 Aug, 2003
episodes 45
duration 30 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 18:00 - 18:30
status released


avg. score 3.86 of 5 by 93 users
total users 189
rating 359
favorites 12



Youko was a regular high school girl when a strange man appeared before her and decided on her destiny. From that point on, she was dragged into an unfamiliar world in which she and a few people tagging along must understand their mission and what's waiting for them.

[Schedule: From episode 40, 5.7.2003, aired Saturdays 09:00-09:30.]






director, storyboard creator
original creator
character designer, animation director
character designer, animation director, storyboard creator
storyboard creator
director, storyboard creator


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29 Apr, 2016
Both have a fantasy setting and feature far more than just epic battles or ground breaking quests. They're not similar in terms of plot and general atmosphere, but they are both interesting works that belong to the same genre and one might enjoy one if liking the other.

10 Jan, 2013
Both involves a ruler of a kingdom who became one not fully prepared for the policy, therefor he/she has to turn into a full fledged monarch through the series. They also involve a red-haired woman who is quite weak and came from modern Japan to that not-so-modern kingdom through a strange magical portal. The woman only wants to return home, while in fact she must learn how to survive in her harsh surroundings. Most common people believe she was send from Heavens to help the country and bow before her, while some high-ranked officials takes her as a threat. They are even attempts on her life and she has a creature from a rare kind that is skilled with magic as her protector.


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yumichan86 19 Nov, 2013
I´am on ep 14 and i really like it.
I hope the end will be as good.
moniquedefine 07 Nov, 2013
Eu gostei deu para entender bem os personagens mais eu sinto que foi 45 episódios e quase nada aconteceu.
Nem deu para perceber que o final era um final.
zaharisa 06 Jan, 2013
The only think I'm dissatisfied with is that the story isn't actually finished. Especially the Taiki's part.
I would definetly like a continuation of it. :)
nanuklein 21 Dec, 2012
It's hard to be satisfied with this anime. 45 episodes and there was no real development that would give me this satisfied feeling. Maybe it's because the story felt like watching a historical animation that does not really make you feel attached to it. Just that the problem is that although it's well animated and each character is well developed, it's a world which does not exist, and sadly is not much interesting as it still focuses too much on humans instead of the mystical aspect. The ending was like to extinguish a fire...or something like that. Bah..