ESC to close 3.58 (by 3893 users)kimi wa pet
  • 2003
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kimi wa pet
english You're My Pet (literal)

Based On

based on manga
title kimi wa pet (きみはペット)
author Ogawa Yayoi (小川彌生)


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 16 Apr, 2003 - 18 Jun, 2003
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 3893 users
total users 5570
rating 13918
favorites 337


neoneun pet
2011 film kr
same setting
kimi wa pet
2017 TV jp
same setting


Iwaya Sumire, a strong and good looking woman, hated by everyone she knows. She is just too indifferent and strong, too high to reach. Therefore, her boyfriend leaves her and she is fired from her journalistic job. But surprisingly when she returns home she finds a box near her door, in which sits a living human being. She takes him home to heal his wounds, but on the next day he tells her he has no cash and nowhere to go. So she lets him stay in her home, but under one condition -- he must become her pet.


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Gouda Takeshi
Iwaya Sumire
Horibe Junpei
Fukushima Shiori
Shibusawa Rumi
Asano Satoshi





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31 May, 2013
Both Japanese series are about a woman who starts going out with a younger boy.

18 Oct, 2011
As a whole, these two dramas have a similar air. In both a relationship is revealed between an older, working woman and a younger man. In both the main female character seems cold and hard to reach. In both the main male character is foolish, hyperactive and puppy-like, cute and adorable.


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sillysym 26 Nov, 2017
This is 1000000 times better than the manga. It will be one of my fav drama ever
allase 16 Feb, 2015
@aphton well i am not an expert but japanese are known for concealing their emotions, making them look emotionless to an outsider. if thats what you mean. so i guess most of the times its an honest representation of japanese people. tho not gonna lie, matsujun is not very good here
aphton 22 Jan, 2014
Gotto make a confession and risk sounding racist -.-
I gave a lot of japanese-dramas a go and I know im greatly generalizing now but DAMN japanese actors dont know anything about acting.
They are so stiff and their acting feels so artificial / plastic?!
This might be the last one im watching... ill go back to k-dramas - much much better.

As for this drama, I cant rly recommend it. Yes it was ok, bearable.. But nothing above average (at most)!
revy 03 Jul, 2013
The only older lady/younger man-combination (aside from Natsuniji, oh, Matsujun and his thing with ladies older than him) that actually works. Koyuki is incredibly charming and Matsujun obviously is cute as a button. While the storyline is ridiculous it works, the main pair have chemistry, the other guy (whathisface) is a cutie and no one is obnoxiously annoying. Maybe my love for this drama is colored by the fact that it was one of the first dramas I ever saw but I don't care, I love it :D ♥ Gotta admit though, I didn't particularly want Sumire and Momo to get romantically involved, I think their platonic relationship was super-cute already but oh well. I don't mind the other way around either but-
pyapi 10 Apr, 2013
While I did like the drama, I do have to say the manga is much, much better.
yamashita 02 Feb, 2013
I think who watchh this drama must read manga too. Manga was amazing like drama too and manga s ending was more nice :)
alex3 22 Oct, 2012
I wanted to watch this drama long time ago, but I never did. Yesterday finally I've been able to do that.
First, I watched korean movie "You're my pet", and after that japanese version. I must say that I was kinda disappointed. Lots of ppl says that movie was horrible, and drama is hundret times better, so I was hoping for even more enjoyable entertainment.

Ah but I must say that Momo was so adorable and cute. But nothing really captivated me in this.
luluah300 20 Oct, 2012
Just finished re-watching this drama... I really like it even thought it's my second watch and I watched it all in just 2 days . I like how sumire and momo performed their roles so perfect or maybe cuz the roles just fit them, especially sumire chan *__* .
P.S. I may like it cuz in somehow I feel like I relate to sumire.