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  • 2011
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized paradise kiss
aka parakiss

Based On

based on manga
title paradise kiss
author Yazawa Ai (矢沢あい)


genres life, romance, fashion


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 04 Jun, 2011
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.71 of 5 by 3057 users
total users 4434
rating 11342
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paradise kiss
2005 TV jp
same setting


Hayasaka Yukari only wants one thing: to enter the college that her mom wants. One day, she meets an extravagant group that loves fashion. They were searching for a model and Yukari fits their ideal model. From now on Yukari will know the world of fashion and modeling, and what she really wants.




Hayasaka Yukari
Koizumi Jouji
Yamamoto Daisuke
Sakurada Miwako
Nagase Arashi
Tokumori Hiroyuki


original creator


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30 Oct, 2011
I'm a very big fan of Ai Yazawa and her Manga, so I was happy when it was announced that they'd make Paradise Kiss into a movie. The basic story is about a girl who only learns for school and has a cursh on a very smart guy from her class. She only lives to study and to make her mother happy. However, one day some guy asks her to become the model of their school festival. She is totally against it, until she meets George, who also works on that festival. And with that meeting, her life starts to change.

The manga had a strange ending, that really disappointed me at first but after thinking about it, I was glad it ended that way. However, this movie ends different! So even if you disliked the manga, you should give the movie a chance!

Concerning the characters I was not sure if Mukai Osamu could pull off a stong character like George. But he did! And thinking about it again, I couldn't even think of another actor that could've played him so well! His character gives a different feeling from that in the manga, but it fits the whole atmosphere, so I couldn't deduct any stars because of that.

Yukari is the same, she feels different from the manga, but she plays her part very well! What I liked about her was how she did the small comedic parts without looking like she overacted. I really start to appreciate her as an actress!

The other characters were okay. The only thing that bothered me was Isabellas voice. I think they casted Isabella very well, just that his voice was way to deep for him. And I missed some comedy from him. He felt more like the big sister of the group and not having the random moments he had in the manga made him feel cold... Oh, and I narly forgot: Miwako! I adored her in the manga! But Aya didn't live up to her charachter. She tried very had to be as cute and energetic as Miwako, but in the end I couldn't forget her character in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. The "dark aura" was too present for me, as if she didn't get rid of her previous acting... I feel bad for her, because that might be just my personal feeling, but Miwako needs to be someone small and cute and squishy...

For the story, as I said the ending is different. And I also really missed the bed-scene between Caroline and George. I was totally waiting for it, but I guess they had to cut it... But aside from that personal minus point, everything else is perfect! I really like the studio they found. It looks so much like the manga. Also, how they worked with the scenery was beautiful. How they worked with the lights, the wind and the music was perfect! I also found myself liking the OST very much, the songs always added up to the scene perfectly!

With that, I have to say it's one of the best japanese moives I've watched so far. There is nothing annoying, the moral of the story (finding your dream/being yourself) is great and there are no overdramatic scenes!
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26 Oct, 2011
you know, i found myself strangely excited about paradise kiss before i even saw it and without having read the manga. and it was for good reason. aesthetically, a beautiful film, where every color and shape was valued and every shot treasured. kitagawa keiko is perfectly cast as the lost high school student who butterflies into a powerful, beautiful model under the tutelage of mukai osamu's george. the supporting cast is lovely too, from yamamoto yuusuke to oomasa aya to igarashi shinji. surprisingly, despite the plot, the film is hardly larger than life, instead feeling rather down to earth and sincere in emotions. highly recommended. :)
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13 Jun, 2012
The female main lead doesn't have confidence in herself until one day, her life changes upon an encounter with a certain person. Both have light humor, little drama and they both involve fashion. If you liked one of them, you might want to check the other.

15 Nov, 2011
Paradise Kiss also deals with fashion, modeling and designing, but both deal greatly with fashion and friendship.


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vanityfull 17 Oct, 2015
Waaaay too different from the anime/manga. The ending is
a complete opposite, not sure i liked it all that much even though the two ended up together. I felt like it the bitter-sweet finale of the manga/anime was better
stabinsavvi 22 May, 2014
@raritsujun, You should definitely watch the anime at least, it was very good, it was one of the first anime's i have ever watched.
raritsujun 16 May, 2014
It sucked. And Mukai's bad acting only made it worse.
I've never watched/read the anime/manga.
fuurfy 06 Mar, 2014
I liked this live action, because it is light and fun.
vodkarain 15 Jan, 2014
Not impressive.
Anime was great, so musically, so stylish and creative.
And this movie have no one piece of that.
justironic 19 Dec, 2013
I loved it. So much better than I thought it would be. Positively surprised, wow. The scenery, the clothes, the music. The actors did great too, imo. Isabella ♥

But I haven't read the manga, so see this as the opinion of someone who watched it without knowing the story. :D
barbster 17 Jul, 2013
Disappointing for fans of the manga and anime. But I guess if you watch without expectations, its ok
barbster 17 Jul, 2013
Disappointing for fans of the manga and anime. But I guess if you watch without expectations, its ok