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  • 2007
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized dear friends
aka ディア フレンズ

Based On

based on web novel
title dear friends: rina & maki (Dear Friends リナ&マキ)
author Yoshi (Yoshi)


genres drama, life, friendship, illness


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 03 Feb, 2007
duration 115 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.68 of 5 by 649 users
total users 1036
rating 2387
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High school student Rina has a bad attitude and thinks that friends are something that you use when you need them. She doesn't have any real relationships and is not even on good terms with her parents. Rina is the clubbing queen and could get any guy she wants with her stunning looks. One day, Rina suddenly collapses and her world falls apart. She finds out that she has cancer. The only one who starts to support her is her classmate Maki. Maki tells that they were friends in primary school even though Rina doesn't remember. Maki wants to get close to Rina and help her like Rina had helped Maki when she had hard times.

A movie about the value of friendship.


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Takahashi Rina
Takahashi Kanako
Doctor Kinoshita


director, screenwriter


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The leading characters in both movies are people who take what they have for granted and thus act accordingly. Upon being struck by disaster in the shape of an illness/handicap, they both decide to not even bother trying to live anymore. They are both helped by another sick person, a child, that makes them want to give it their best to prove that things will be all right.

30 Jul, 2010
Both tell about how important is to be grateful for being healthy or just being alive.


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ayumi674 21 Dec, 2012
I LOVED this movie, i watched it awhile back and it was Worth the watch. It has a great story line and good actors, it’s very emotional for people who have friends that have had problems of anysort it shows the strength of friends and of friendship. The most emotional parts for me were the ending so you must watch it to the end to be able to grasp the movie and the message it is trying to send to the viewers. It made me cry a bit at the end and it is a very sad movie even though it does not seem like it at the beginning but it is very sad and then you feel more sadness for the characters because you silently scream at the computer screen yelling things in your head about each character ether good or bad. Trust me you want to watch this movie it’s not a waste of time..
mizuxmizu 23 Nov, 2011
I saw this movie 3 years ago and i remember that I cried like a baby that time.
The next weekend I'm going to rewatch it, I know that I'll cry again!

Thanks to this movie I started to like Keiko's acting. The first thing I saw from her was the PGSM series I was totally disappointed with the PGSM series. But Dear Friends automatically deleted my previous opinion about her acting.

I'm really excited to watch this again *-*
shinjusakura 11 Nov, 2011
me and my friend cried so much while watching this... it's one of the best movies I've ever seen !!
renai 17 Apr, 2011
Yeah, it was based on the manga.
I've read it long time ago, loved it, and was interested in how would the movie be. In my opinion it was good, the actings were also done well, so in two words: NICE JOB!
iricch 26 Mar, 2011
It was a very nice movie, but it was so sad... :(
darkarisu 22 Mar, 2011
isn't it based on the manga "Dear Friends"? Just asking...
kiyoshi 26 Feb, 2011
Omg Yousuke was so cruel !
But it was a very beautiful story between two friends and I loved it, the end was touching... :(
nikki 05 Dec, 2010
It was nice. Cute movie about friendship. I like it.
Keiko is awesome ** So beautiful.
I hate Yousuke.
So sad movie ;____;