ESC to close 3.92 (by 658 users)singleklek thiriakwa... rak สิ่งเล็กๆ ที่เรียกว่า... รัก
  • 2010
  • film
  • Thailand

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romanized singleklek thiriakwa... rak
english Little Thing Called Love (literal)
aka First Love


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship


language Thai


country Thailand
type real
format film


date 12 Aug, 2010
duration 118 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.92 of 5 by 658 users
total users 904
rating 2578
favorites 25



Nam admired Chon since she was fourteen, but he never looked at her twice. As time passed she grew to be pretty and popular, yet nothing changed. Instead, Chon's best friend fell in love with her.




Teacher In
Uncle Chang
Teacher On


singer, composer
director, screenwriter


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20 Nov, 2011
Actually this movie could have gotten a total of 5 points but before I will tell you why I gave it 4 points instead, just some short info about the movie.

This movie is about a girl who is deeply in love with one of the most popular guys at her school. Sadly she is not what people would call a beauty and so she does not have the confidence to hit on him but looks at him from afar instead. After her friends see her suffer for a while, they decide to help her become more beautiful and the more her friends help her, the more self-confidence she gains. All the hard work is for good because she turns out as one of the most beautiful girls of her school but instead of the guy she is in love with all this time, his best friend falls for her.

Actually, the first half of the movie she is still ugly or let's say she does not suit the beauty standards. In this part there are lots of very funny and cute moments, like when he gives her the mango and she is totally happy but in the next moment he gives one to another girl too (scene is also in the trailer). I love all those cute and funny scenes but since I don't want to spoil it to you guys, I leave it with this little example.

In the second half she is already very beautiful and I think it's amazing how much she changed, it's really like a huge turn.

I like this part a lot too. Though in this part there are way more sad parts but also more cute parts then in the first half of the movie. Well you could say the real drama starts and it goes on to an extremely sad point but not only because of what you guys might think while watching. This sadness was kind of unexpected, though I would have never thought that this would be the real end, it never is, but I would never had expected this book and you will just know what I mean with the book when you watch it. It's so super extremely adorable and sad at the same time and also it explains a few things and then again after I saw this book-scene I thought why it has to be so hard for them, it could have been way easier.

However that's enough for the story, let's talk about the characters now. At first we have the main character Nam who is very cute . I like her very innocent and sometimes stupid behaviour and her happy dances are kind of cute too. She is really someone you have to like. Then we have Chon who is the typical prince charming type of a guy who every girl in a drama would fall for. The one that also has a heart for the ugly and unliked ones, the guy who is always nice. Who is smart, has not only one special talent and is a free minder who knows what he wants. In short, the perfect guy. Then there is the Teacher of Nam, Khruin. She has a lot of self-confidence and is very nice to her students but only falls for guys who are good looking, though those ones prefer more beautiful women. She tries everything to get what she wants and that makes for lots of the funny moment of the movie.

Then there are the friends of Nam who are also very cute and I like their friendship a lot. Also one of the more important characters is the best friend of Chon, who is also the prince charming type of guy though he is not as amazing as Chon but he is the one who reveals his feelings to Nam. I like his character because I think he is the most realistic one. He has this kind of arrogance and he knows well that he is good looking and uses this fact to get girls but although he is very kind and sweet in his behaviour when it comes to Nam.

Despite these characters there are some other ones that make this movie lovable like Nam's mother and sister, the parents of Chon, some of the other students like e.g. Gin. And for sure there are also some characters that you might not like e.g. the girl who tries to get Chon or the teacher who thinks she is better then others.

About the acting, well it wasn't a masterpiece but it was totally acceptable, there is no one I would say was very bad.

I also liked the music, it always suited the scenes perfectly especially in this already talked about book-scene.

As you can read I like this movie a lot and there is nothing too bad about it, that's why I wrote at the beginning that I actually think it could have gotten five points of me.

Now about the reason why I gave it just 4 points. Well if there would be a 4,5 then I would give it a 4,5. The problem comes with the ending. It's not really the ending it self because I kind of like the idea they had, what I don't like of the ending is at first that it happens at "this" place and also I really hate the camera work or should I call it the special effect, at the end. This looks so stupid and totally out of place. I know it might be a bit harsh to say that just because of how the last scene was built up, it got one point worse but this totally ruined the whole ending for me and that way it could never be a masterpiece for me. But for me it's nearly a masterpiece and that's what should count.

At least I would say all of you guys who like cute and innocent movies about love should definitely watch this.
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08 Jan, 2016
Both films are about a girl's first love, with many cute and sweet moments.


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babo 30 Apr, 2015
@danisensei I totally agree with you! It took me a week to finish it but then, as you said, the ending was really sweet :)
danisensei 10 Feb, 2015
I found it SO boring in the beginning I almost gave up watching it (for the 2nd time). But the end made the whole movie be worth, very warm.
kamilles 24 Feb, 2014
this drama was so cute!
sullilea 28 Sep, 2013
I like it ^^ really they were so cute :3
alicedreams 06 Jul, 2013
It's cute and it was going great until the end. It actually has a bad message - changing your outer appearance to get the person you want. It's sugary-sweet despite that and it never gets boring luckily.

I'm mixed. I like this film...3/5.
xezona 04 Jun, 2013
So beautiful <3 <3 My favourite Thai movie :) I will watch it again for sure.
zor6a 24 Mar, 2013
<333 This is my first Thai Movie!! :** I watched it many times and still am not tired. <333
watashiwachiaki 04 Mar, 2013
I watched this without expecting anything...and I really liked it ^^