ESC to close 3.26 (by 1734 users)koukou debut
  • 2011
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized koukou debut
english High School Debut (literal)
aka koukou debyuu

Based On

based on manga
title koukou debut
author Kawahara Kazune (河原和音)


genres comedy, romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 01 Apr, 2011
duration 93 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 1734 users
total users 2498
rating 5656
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In middle school, Haruna was all about her club activities. But when she enters high school she decides to find a boyfriend and experience love. However, for someone like Haruna that's not as easy as it sounds. She has no sense of style and is not feminine in any way. This is when she meets You. He promise to teach her how to get a boyfriend, but only if she promises to never fall in love with him.




Komiyama You
Nagashima Haruna
Takahashi Mami
Komiyama Asami
Tamura Fumiya
Matsuzaka Reona


original creator


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10 Jun, 2012
While Haruna was in middle school, she was a very talented softball player. But now that she is going to high school, she wants to find love and become a pretty and cute girl. So she stops playing. Sadly, all her efforts go to waste, because she doesn't know her good points. One day, You meets her while she tries to find a boyfriend and tells her how strange she looks. So the next day, shedecides he will be her coach to show her how to become a popular girl. He agrees, only under one condition: Not to fall in love with him. And so they start to train.

This movie is very light. There actually is a moral, but it doesn't seem forced or anything. They try to keep the fluffy comedy feeling through the whole movie, and for me it worked! The characters are also rather funny. Very stereotypical and the main girl is also overacted, but it fit her personality, and that's also the point of the movie. I'm not a big fan of Mizubata Junpei, but in this movie I liked him. And the best part was Suda Masaki as Fumiya. He really is a good addition!

Now, the movie is short and funny. There isn't much you could do wrong while making a movie like this, so I gave it 5 stars. But in the end, if you want to see a good and meaningful movie, I wouldn't recommend you to watch this. Only if you're looking for something cute, romantic and a bit funny, then this is the right thing.
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Both are high school romances based on a manga series. The main boy is self assured and popular, while the main girl works to become more confident.


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aqu135 04 Dec, 2014
had some funny moments and then got spoiled with exaggerated ones..obviously a low budget movie, but that didn't change the fact that the movie was ok and easy to watch...i liked the main girl's character...maybe i shouldn't be watching high school rom-com movies at my age :/
himitsux33 22 Jul, 2014
I've read the manga a long time ago, and I gotta admit I liked it. So it's pretty obvious that I just had to watch the movie.

5 minutes passed and I already was slightly pissed off because of You and his stupid thinking that all girls are the same (they don't know what they want therefore they always end up hurting the guy's feelings). Dude, seriously? Just because of one bad experience with girls you tar them all with the same brush? Not cool if you ask me.

Haruna is your typical dumb, childish and naive protagonist who always does her best because hello it's Japan. What pissed me off is that she looks for a boyfriend forcibly. She thinks that just because Christmas is coming, she has to find a boyfriend. Yeah, good luck with that. Haruna tries to change herself so guys will like her. What a great message, isn't it?
Thank God that You accepts her the way she is.
Also Jesus freaking Christ, she develops crushes on guys so easily. And the reason why this keeps happening is so stupid. I swear she would have a crush on any guy who shows the slightest interest in her, for example talks to her or compliments her out of politeness.

Now the best part. Even though Haruna is dumb and childish, I didn't dislike her. What's even better, I kind of liked her. She wasn't as annoying as most female protagonists in dramas.

Anyway, you can watch this movie when you're really bored and looking for some romcom cliche. But you won't miss much if you don't watch it.

Oh, by the way. The main girl's acting is pretty bad. Seriously, why is Japanese acting so eccentric.
honami 12 Jul, 2014
It was fun to watch :) Really funny and cute~
liselotte5 21 Apr, 2014
Really cute and funny :D
kiyoshi 01 Mar, 2014
Cute and funny little story ^^
tsurumi 10 Jan, 2014
Manga was perfect, i loved it! So i'm thinking if i should give this film a try. And all the comments are so convincing ^_^
ralphina 29 Dec, 2013
This movie confused me. A lot. @_@
rozendoll 29 Sep, 2013
lovely movie ;) i like main actors, specially You. :)