ESC to close 4.14 (by 938 users)bu neng shuo de mi mi 不能說的·秘密
  • 2007
  • film
  • Taiwan

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romanized bu neng shuo de mi mi
english Secret
literal The Secret That Cannot Be Told


genres drama, mystery, suspense, romance, school, supernatural, music


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format film


date 27 Jul, 2007
duration 101 minutes
status released


avg. score 4.14 of 5 by 938 users
total users 1401
rating 3886
favorites 84



Talented young pianist Ye Xiang Lun has just transferred to a new school. Although he is clearly admired by his friendly classmate Qing Yi, Xiang Lun is more interested in a mysterious girl he heard playing alone in the school's old piano room. Her name is Lu Xiao Yu, and when Xiang Lun asks her what song she was playing, she simply smiles and tells him it's a secret. Xiang Lun notices Xiao Yu is often absent for long periods of time, but when she returns she always insists she was just off practicing. Though they become quite close, Xiao Yu still refuses for a long time to teach Xiang Lun the song she was playing on the day they met. When she finally does, she makes him promise not to play it in the old piano room. Not long after, Xiao Yu disappears altogether, and a confused Xiang Lun is left wondering. After looking desperately for 4 months, he finally catches a glimpse of her, but she disappears almost as quickly as she came. Xiang Lun is perplexed, but one thing is clear -- until he discovers the significance of the song Xiao Yu played, the mystery will stay a mystery.




Ye Xiang Lun
Lu Xiao Yu
Qing Yi
Ye Xiang Lun's Father
A Lang
A Bao


singer, composer, director, screenwriter


24 Dec, 2012
First thing I want to mention is its awesomeness in music department. This film’s music is composed by Terdsak Janpan & Jay Chou. Every track in the album is amazing and gripping. I love every track of album but I frequently listen to ‘Sunny Doll’, ‘Angel’, both themes of Xiaoyu and ‘The Flashback’. The music will grab you and blend you into the atmosphere. Use of Piano in this movie is effective, brilliant, breathtaking and touching. Piano performs crucial role in this movie, in characters’ feelings and emotions like when both leads are playing together and The Piano Battle.

Words of other reviewer, “It’s no exaggeration to say that its background music is another main character. Even if you hate soft music, once you try to listen to its music, it would begin to wear down your defenses. It won't let your ears close even for a minute.”

A reviewer said, “If you miss this movie, it would be one of the goofiest things you've done throughout your life as a movie-goer.” And I'm agree with him/her.

Before starting this movie I thought this movie is going to be average but surprisingly it was far beyond my expectations and now I placed this movie in my permanent favorites list (I never rotate some favorites) including all Hollywood, Bollywood & all other non-Asian movies.

Don’t think that it’s a typical school romance with tearjerker moments, it’s more than that. I’d say it is beautiful, intelligent and a chiller thriller in a way. It is full of romance and mystery, blending of many genres like School, Youth, Melodrama, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery and Horror (Not horror but listen ‘The Flashback’ and you’ll know what I want to say).

And about ending; it’ll leave you thinking. Story needs some thinking to be able to understand it fully. You’ll probably think that there are many flaws in the story but there aren’t any because you’ve to think and most of things are logical in movie point of view. I know what happened in the end but whenever I watch it again it makes me confuse. I’m still confused about ending.

Visually it is more than satisfying. Its coloring is awesome and special effects are also good (Don’t expect effects like big budget Hollywood movies).

Lun Mei Kwai is beautiful and did brilliant job. She is lovely and charming.

And bow to “Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Actor/Producer/Director” Jay Chou. Before I thought he’s just another guy who looks cool and sings and because of obsessed fans he’s popular but now I take my words back. Now he is ahead of all those ‘SHOWCASE’ actors but still behind those ‘ACTOR’ actors. Now, I’m a fan of Jay (It’s surprising that he’s actually popular in India!).

Overall this movie is a must watch and after watching you’ll know that this movie will stay in your heart forever.

BTW Secret 2 is announced and currently in production. I hope Secret 2 will be as great as Secret and I also hope that it’ll be a sequel to Secret.
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12 Apr, 2014
Both are atmospheric romances involving music that have good special effects. They are also produced by the same person.

03 May, 2011
Both films deal with supernatural elements as well as an emphasis on the past, and primarily focus on a young couple.


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daredaniel 24 Aug, 2014
Sounded like a familiar plot but actually it some some really refreshing ideas. The fact that this film was acted, directed and composed by Jay Chou (I only knew him from The GReen Hornet so I had no idea he was so talented) was a plus for me. The score was really beautiful and it kept things flowing. The cinematography was beautiful. It had a lot of ingredients that made it a good film. The main actress was adorable and the ending was touching, I think this is melodrama at its best.

beeesseoul 06 Jul, 2013
Greeeeat film, very touching.
ahmadz 21 Mar, 2013
very good
alicedreams 20 Feb, 2013
A lovely film! charming, beautiful, depressing and romantic all in one. Definitely give this a go.
naath 02 Feb, 2013
As a piano lover I am amazed by this movie!
happywandrerin 07 Nov, 2012
wow! it's my first taiwanese movie! and i'm just so overhelmed with emotions!! wonderful! masterpiece!
addy1884 30 Oct, 2012

incredible OST, awesome everything! <3
mikazuki 18 Oct, 2012
My first Taiwanese film! :) It was very good~ I loved the looks of this film.
I just read that they're making another movie :o I wonder how's that gonna work out... Well, still waiting for it :)