ESC to close 3.94 (by 1133 users)kwaedo hong gil dong 쾌도 홍길동
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized kwaedo hong gil dong
english Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong (literal)
aka Hong Gil Dong, The Hero

Based On

based on book
title hong gil dong jeon
author Heo Gyun (허균)


genres action, comedy, drama, history, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 02 Jan, 2008 - 26 Mar, 2008
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.94 of 5 by 1133 users
total users 2234
rating 4462
favorites 137



The story of Hong Gil Dong, the illegitimate son of a high ranked minister who inspired to fight against injustice and help the hopeless, and his relationship with the beautiful lady Heo I Nok and prince Chang Hwi who had been usurped by his half brother.

Love, hate, loyalty and betrayal, who will surmount in the end?




Hong Gil Dong
Heo I Nok
Lee Chang Hwi
Court Lady No
Chi Su
Seo Yun Seop




16 Oct, 2010
Hong Gil Dong was my very first ancient drama ever. And it truly deserves the name "drama". I was surprised at how good they managed to insert "modern" elements (like music and dance) that fit the atmosphere of the drama while being seriously ancient.

The story is always called a "Robin Hood" story. I can only agree on that. Hong Gil Dong is some Robin-Hood character that steals from the rich and gives to the poor and tries to give more rights to the poor people. He fights for his people. On the way, he meets I Nok, who helps him and they fight together against a crazy king and - the third party of this drama - the guy that is supposed to be the real king.

The beginning of the story makes you already addicted to this drama. I love Gil Dong's character and I Nok is cute. Jang Geun Seok as "Emo-Prince" (that's what I liked to call him) was also really good. He is a real actor. If you compare him from here to other dramas, you can see the difference. His character wasn't my favorite, but he portrayed him so well, that I didn't feel burdened by the over depressive element that his character has. So for acting, this drama already gets 5/5 points.

For the story, I can't really say that I am 100% satisfied with the ending or the whole plot, since I somehow got bored at the last 4 episodes. It was just so predictable and the only thing that kept me going was my love for Gom I and my hope, that what I expected to happen with him wouldn't happen and my love for Gil Dong, because he is just awesome like that. Many people give critique to the ending. Well, I can't say that I dislike the ending of the ancient area. I just don't like how they tried to put a moral into the story by switching to the modern times. It made the drama more comedy-ish and I felt like that didn't fit the ending. But even though I was dissatisfied with the moral they squeezed in, I still liked the overall ending and couldn't help myself but make this drama a masterpiece.

Another element I really liked was the music. The first time I listened to the main theme, I already knew it was No Brain singing. This song just rocks!! The insert songs also really touched my heart, so I need to get that OST.

Other things I really liked were the clothes (!!! That beautiful girls and I LOVE Gil Dong's style!! He looks so much more sexy than in Fireworks.) and the smooth beginning of the story. I would have to lie, if I say that I didn't get annoyed at the sudden turn from comedy drama to serious-drama drama, but I expected it, since that was the only way out of the story. Just to let you know: Be prepared! The lovely fun-times will not last all 24 episode of this drama! There will be hard times, too!

If you want to start ancient dramas, I guess this one will be a good start. If you already like ancient dramas, then maybe be prepared to have some modern elements in it (Gil Dong and sunglasses, anyone?). And if you just want to watch a good drama, no matter if modern or ancient, then please go and watch Hong Gil Dong. <3
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24 Aug, 2013
In both, after having been framed for a crime he did not commit, the main character becomes the leader of a Robin Hood-like group of bandits who fight against injustice.

01 May, 2010
Similar gist, and epoch. The protagonists fight against the corrupt government to help the poor, i.e. both shows have a strong Robin Hood effect.


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alexadm81 02 Aug, 2016
Firstly, I think 24 episodes were a bit too much for this plot, 16 or 20 would've been totally enough. The beginning of this drama was not that interesting as I expected it to be but I was dragged in the action quite fast later.

About the ending:
I didn't like how they made the King the bad character just because he was blackmailed. It seemed to me he only cared about having the nobles by his side. But he and Gil Dong lived in different worlds, they had a purpose in common but later they were both leading their own worlds. I quite liked the ending, but I still wished it would've a bit different. It was realistic, showing the world is always divided, but I still wanted there would've been some changes. The main thing that changed was that the king was no more an insane person but that's all. He was still thinking about having the nobles by his side because of their status.

The acting was amazing, I really liked how the characters were portrayed. The OST was beautiful and unique since it included modern elements. The action scenes were awesome (except some of the flying parts). The only thing that I think could be done better was the plot in some parts and the ending (which could've been a bit different in my view).

matsuka 20 Jan, 2016
Não terminei de assistir porque nenhum fansub terminou de legendar, mas até onde vi era muito bom. Foi meu primeiro dorama épico. Antes eu tinha um problema pra assistir épicos, porque realmente não me atraía, mas Hong Gil Dong foi minha porta de entrada pra esse universo e agora eu sou totalmente apaixonada pelos épicos.
liyirna 06 Feb, 2015
Hong sisters' only historical and political drama, plus the longest (usually everything is goes to hell after 12th ep in their series). Predictably, it was overwrought, scrambled and boring. Gang Ji Hwan is awfully melodramatic, everyone else is pretty decent for sageuk.
boochan 24 Sep, 2014
It was amazing until the last 2 episodes :\

WHY they had to die?!!
I felt they were rushing somehow to just kill them !

I was intend to give it 4 stars ..
but now and because of the ending it's 3 --"
rosiaczek 01 Apr, 2014
great drama! funny and intersting ^^
poulminjae 26 Apr, 2013
I'm on 13th episode and it's really interesting :P
I love main characters + Gomi and the boss XD
I hope that the rest of episodes will be such good as well :P
cheza 10 Feb, 2013
I was enjoying the first episodes but I regret wasting my time watching this series just for that
The last episodes was so so boring and the end was awful!
kasumii 30 Aug, 2012
it was a very good drama.ok it was sometimes boring but it was touching and had amazing cast.
the end well it was...
just sad and i want a different oneT_T i like master's words though