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  • 2007
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized koizora
english Sky Of Love (literal)

Based On

based on book


genres drama, romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 03 Nov, 2007
duration 129 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.87 of 5 by 3863 users
total users 5244
rating 14969
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2008 TV jp
same setting


Mika and Hiroki, two classmates, fall in love with each other. Through the movie, they learn to express their love and feelings. But suddenly, everything changes, parting the two hearts. Will the two hearts burn the love away?


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Tahara Mika
Sakurai Hiroki
Fukuhara Yuu
Sakurai Akemi
Tahara Saori




26 Oct, 2014
This story revolves around the life of Mika, who seeks true love when she’s in her freshman year in high school. And just like every other love story, the main girl meets a guy and falls in love with him and in this amazing movie, the main guy lead was the one and only hotstuff Miura Haruma. These two fall in love and the rest of the movie is basically about their love life and the obstacles they face. But, it’s really not that boring- I promise! It’s stuff you’d never expect that’ll hit you and bam! you’ll probably be crying… or atleast… I was.

Mika, herself is probably one of those characters that makes you want to just get into the screen and yell at her and try to get some sense into her. Miura Haruma, on the other hand, his acting was bang on. He was so good, that every time he cried, I cried.

I’ve watched this movie 4 times and every time I’ve bawled like a little baby because it’s just that heartbreaking and amazing.

I give this, without a doubt, 5 stars. Amazing cast coughMiuraHarumacough, amazing acting. Amazing plot. Amazing everthing.
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08 Mar, 2011
Before I go any further, I'll be blunt: I will never, ever, understand the love around this movie. The plot was terrible and I couldn't connect with the leads AT ALL. Every time I came close to understanding why they did something, the next instance, I'd be pulled out of the moment. I walked away wondering about everything they did.

Every cliche in the book was thrown in and milked for all it was worth. The story made little sense and made me want to pull my hair out (so she gets gang-raped and you console her by having sex with her? Oh that's perfectly logical).

I'm sure there's something that endears this to people and I may just be missing that "it" factor or maybe I need to watch the drama instead, but for now, I want my time back.
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Both movies have in common a story of first love and a dramatic plot with a tragic ending.

28 Jan, 2010
You may enjoy both because the characters and the plot are loveable and resemble each other.


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eyeslikefirefly 06 Sep, 2016
Re-watched this movie after years of not having seen it (I watched it when it first came out T_T). It was perfect for my younger self, but as an adult I completely agree with the user pyapi, who pointed out all of its flaws perfectly. I originally rated it as 5 stars, but now it's down to 2 (out of pity).
pyapi 27 Sep, 2014
This movie tries to put way too much melodrama and dramatic events in everything

I mean, seriously! Gang rape, spontaneous abortion, cancer, etc?! Everything just jammed packed! And if it were at least well executed I would let it slide, but that's not the case with this movie.

It all felt too forced, too clichéd. And the execution isn't good. Even with Haruma as the main, I couldn't like it. Much less cry with this movie. 1/5

What is up with Miura Haruma and getting underaged girls pregnant and getting terminal diseases? Guess the movie business likes him in those types of roles hahaha (He's extremely better in Boku no Ita Jikan, though)
yueko 15 Mar, 2014
Guess if it's because I watched the drama a few month ago, but I cried awfully much during the whole movie because I know what happens.

Guess I like the drama more, but I'm absolutely in love with both.
deformedchrist 04 Oct, 2013
@ataruko its sad and amazing! duh! haha
ataruko 22 Aug, 2013
What's so special about this movie? It was too predictable. Yes, it is sad. So what?
sable 10 Aug, 2013
Oh, yeah! It was a very very sad story about true love. The end is killing me, why couldn`t this have a happy ending? It`s not fair.
liza 06 Jun, 2013
so sad and touching i didn't cry that much before T^T
yukariichan 27 May, 2013
I love ;33