ESC to close 3.81 (by 486 users)sora kara furu ichioku no hoshi
  • 2002
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized sora kara furu ichioku no hoshi
english A Million Stars Falling From The Sky (literal)
aka one million stars falling from the sky, hundred million stars from the sky, the smile has left your eyes


genres crime, mystery, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 15 Apr, 2002 - 24 Jun, 2002
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.81 of 5 by 486 users
total users 901
rating 1852
favorites 42


haneureseo naerineun ireok gaeui byeol
2018 TV kr


The series starts with a cute, cheerful girl that surprisingly committed suicide. But soon the police discover it was actually a murder. The murderer stabbed the girl and pushed her body from the balcony, making the room look like she killed herself. Detective Kanzou, looking for a point to begin, gets a picture of the girl and her boyfriend. Kanzou thinks this man has some answers.




Katase Ryou
Doujima Kanzou
Doujima Yuuko
Nishihara Miwa
Miyashita Yuki
Oosawa Takashi




20 Jan, 2012
What is it about this drama?

As much as I love Kimura Takuya and I don't know why everyone praises him in this, sure he's not bad, but somehow not the perfect man for this role. Thus it's not him who makes this drama, neither is it any other actor in particular, so what is it?

STORY it is, SUSPENSE it it

and here I may start with story telling.. once there was a cheerful rich student, who suddenly commited suicide. Sounds legit? Police thinks it's murder, thus there's got to be a murderer. At this point Detective Kanzou, a way too down-to-earth detective, not really the cool guy you'd think, yet he certainly got his moments and dark spots, starts his investigations. Somehow he gets involved with Katase Ryou, a seemingly more cool guy with a mysterious aura (who somehow gets all the women). Now those two are involved, another rich girl gets involved and Kanzou's sister Yuuko also enters the story.

Normal detective drama with some deceive the rich and stab them afterwards action? - Nah, there's more to this drama, which is what makes it so good!

Once you've watched a certain amount of tv in your life or read enough books, sure you can foresee certain things no matter what you watch, as well as in this drama, yet the twists and turns are so well-placed that you'll love even the moments you knew before. As for me I certainly knew how it might end and I was let's say 80% right, yet I wouldn't want it any other way, though I cried my eyes out. It's way worth it.

About the soundtrack, I'm sooo happy about their choice of insert songs, I loooove "Miagete Goran Yoru no Hoshi wo", a true japanese classic, both the acoustic version and the lyrical version are certainly a splendid fit for this drama, so god bless who ever decided to have it covered for this drama. (maybe I'm a bit too happy by the fact that I noticed what song it is with the acoustic version even.. lol) Other than this there is a suspense theme which is really awesome and raises the tension especially at the end of each episode. About the ending by Elvis Castello (I believe?), nice song, lyrics are like made for this drama, but I just believe it doesn't fit the drama musically, something more upbeat might have been a better choice, but well whatever it's just the ending, it's not like it appears in any way, so let's forget about it.

So what can I say about this drama? I don't knwo if it's a must watch, don't even know if I would recommend it to everyone, probably not, but I think it's definitely worth the watch. Like said before, the acting wasn't awesome, but also not aweful. The setting and story has certain flaws, moments when you will think "who reacts like this?!", but that's forgivable. Overall nice, interesting and rather dark drama (don't expect too much romance, lol), which is rare imo.
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06 Dec, 2010
I was very torn whether to rate this with 5 stars or not, but in the end I did. (Didn't, I changed my mind a few Dramas later lol)

This drama was... it was really really good. You can totally see it's from over 8 years ago, because the atmosphere, characters and story are completely different from nowaday's Japanese Dramas.

The atmosphere was rather gloomy and realistic, which sometimes made it hard to watch, because it would make me feel very sad and yet I liked this about the Drama. So was the story, but it was also full of suspense, which made it hard to take my eyes off the screen as soon as I'd started watching one episode. Furthermore the story took a few interesting turns midway, which made it unpredictable and kept the suspense. Still, sometimes this made it hard to keep track with what was going on and I was a little confused sometimes.

Then, the characters... I loved Kimutakus role, even though you won't be able to fully understand him and his actions until the very end, so don't give up on him here. The female lead role Yuuko was very sweet and easy to understand, though she as well will surprise you in the end. Her elder brother, "Kan-chan", definitely had my sympathy, but after a few episodes his way of acting was starting to get on my nerves... I mean he played really well and everything, but just his... way of acting, the way he spoke and treated people. So this was big minus in my opinion, but others may feel different about him.

All in all this Drama goes very deep into the mind of disturbed "Katase Ryou" (Kimutaku) and into motives of murder and suicide and in which way and why apparently "normal" people can be pushed into comitting these kind of things. It's also about the connection between family bonds and blood relation... So be strong if you watch this, but if you do, I think you can learn a lot and also that again after all "life does go on"...

That's why I suppose this is a masterpiece after all.
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04 Dec, 2011
There are a lot of similarities. Revenge, the relationship between the enemies, and mysterious deaths.

30 Aug, 2011
In both doramas Kimura Takuya plays main role and the plot is similar.


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yurisama 27 Sep, 2014
if you interested in Revenge dramas, you are welcomed to join our New group!
yurisama 20 Dec, 2013
@sayitaintsojoe Me too :$
missiealice 28 Nov, 2012
I really liked this drama, a masterpiece in my concept... The end was a surprise... but amazing drama! Amazing...
sayitaintsojoe 10 Feb, 2012
I wish I had not watched this. Someone please give me the 11 hours of my life back.
junho1582 25 Jan, 2012
Miagete Goran <3 enjoyed this drama very much
nihoneikitai 04 Nov, 2011
I wanted to rate it 5/5 but the first 2 episodes were really boring for me so I couldn't.
I really didn't like Miwa's character so I was kind of glad they killed her off... it took so long though -.-;
keelin 07 Aug, 2011
guren there is Korean drama with similar title ;)
guren 18 Apr, 2011
Just now, while searching what to watch next, I found this drama. The title looked kind of nostalgic, I don't know how else to put it, And when I read the synopsis, I have this huge feeling of having watched it already. But it's not on my list. Is it possible that there is another very simmilar movie or drama?