ESC to close 3.62 (by 2557 users)baekmanjangjaui cheotsarang 백만장자의 첫사랑
  • 2006
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized baekmanjangjaui cheotsarang
english A Millionaire's First Love (literal)


genres drama, life, romance, friendship


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 09 Feb, 2006
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.62 of 5 by 2557 users
total users 3509
rating 9251
favorites 108



Gang Jae Gyeong is rude, arrogant, and frivolous, but just when he's preparing to inherit millions, his grandfather's will throws him a curve ball. In order to ensure he's qualified to inherit the money, he's forced to move to the country, transfer schools until he graduates, and live without his credit cards or fancy car. Jae Gyeong puts on a show, but he has more history with the little town and his classmate Eun Hwan than even he realizes.


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Choe Eun Hwan
Jae Gyeong
Lawyer Yu
Seung Jun
Yu Ri




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19 Jul, 2011
Both stories tell about love between two school students. But their love can't be happy because both girls suffer from a terrible disease and there's no chance of recovery.

04 Mar, 2011
Both series has a girl with an incurable disease and innocent love. Love that overcomes all the pain it causes.


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taeminlove 28 Feb, 2011
TT^TT So sad....
nigirimeshi 18 Feb, 2011
It was my first Korean drama too, it was so sad.. But i really loved it.
xsweetxskittlesx 10 Feb, 2011
This was my very first Korean drama and I enjoyed it a lot! It succeeded in making me cry. Not just a few drops either, like full on crying. The whole story is just so touching. I loved Myung-sik~
naath 30 Jan, 2011
Sad and beautiful.
ilate 28 Jan, 2011
beautiful movie. When i started to watch it, i thought it will be another romantic comedy and it will end up with happy-ending. But I end up crying. "Insa" matches perfectly. Amazing job. <3
chikuma 21 Jan, 2011
I've watched it about three times and I've cried like crazy. Just... When this "Insa" was coming in I was sinking in tears T_T.
When I watched it for the first time I had no idea who the main character was. Now, when I know it was Hyun Bin, I will say: WHAT? He doesn't look like himself in Millionaires First Love o.O
Well, I know the plot by heart, haha ^^. It's one of the most heartbreaking movies. Even if you say 'I won't cry' you end up crying. The story is predictable but you can't take you eyes of the screen. I don't know how they managed to make this ^^.
I still remember first time seeing this - my dad has just woken up and seen me crying and weeping like a baby XDD. His expression was unforgetable ^^.
inukko 16 Jan, 2011
Aww I wanted to watch it for the whole year and I only watched it now. I should have done that earlier.
Well I have to say everything from story to actors and scenery was absolutely beautiful.

And of course it was beautiful yet sad. And every time 'Insa' started playing I cried like a baby. T__T
thefreak 26 Dec, 2010
I agree with most of the comments here: A story I've seen thousand of times but I still cried a little bit. The end was predictable and the actors/actresses not the best out there.
Nevertheless a well made movie and I enjoyed watching it^^

But: Hyeon Bin didn't look like a 18-years old student...I mean he was 24 at the time and he exactly looked like that.
I watched it with veoh and the sound was really first I didn't even recognized Jaejoong's voice O_O