ESC to close 3.53 (by 956 users)boku no kanojo wa cyborg
  • 2008
  • film
  • Japan, Korea

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romanized boku no kanojo wa cyborg
english Cyborg She
literal My Girlfriend Is A Cyborg
aka Cyborg Girl, ssaibogeu geunyeo, boku no kanojo wa saiboogu, 싸이보그 그녀


genres action, drama, mystery, romance, sci fi


language Japanese


country Japan, Korea
type real
format film


date 31 May, 2008
duration 120 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.53 of 5 by 956 users
total users 1505
rating 3379
favorites 31


cyborg jiman gwaenchanha
2006 film kr
same setting


A love story between a man and a robot woman.


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Kitamura Jiroo
Cyborg Girl
Satou Kenta
Student From The 22nd Century
Teaching Staff
Indiscriminate Killer


director, screenwriter


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Both tell a story of an android sent from the future to protect someone living in the present. The two have a hint of romance and comedy in them.

04 Sep, 2011
About young boy who find by chance a cyborg-girl and fall in love with her.


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eyeslikefirefly 01 May, 2017
Watching this for the billionth time right now and just coming to some realizations about it (beware, this is mostly silly :P):
-I knew about Kiritani Kenta before I fell for him (it's always weird when you look back and realize you've already seen an actor before)
-I just noticed how Korean the comedy style is- and for good reason! It's written and directed by a Korean guy!
-Someone on IMDB complained that it ripped off Terminator...umm.... it's meant to be a comedy and most comedies parody something?? Derp.
Yup. I still love this movie and still love Haruka and Keisuke.
rosiaczek 01 Apr, 2014
One of the best movies I've ever seen!
yamashita 15 May, 2013
It was absolutely an amazing film!!! Ahhh... I wish it just could go on a little more ;( sobb -_- sobbb
hafsa 14 Apr, 2013
the worst movie I ever seen.
Random chan 02 Mar, 2013
@lustmord nah, I hate her :P she's somewhere on the top of my "worse actresses" list XD. The film is pretty much trashy indeed XD. I didn't expect much from it though :o.
nanuklein 02 Mar, 2013
@Random chan :D meh, I saw her also in Ichi, and she palyed what she had to play rather good. Truth be told havent seen her in much...but this film is trash one way or the other.
Random chan 02 Mar, 2013
@lustmord lol, your comment made me laugh for a few minutes. "Also, I felt that she was quite good at playing a robot". This. I think that it is the only thing I can admit she can play well (and I frankly don't think it's a compliment XD).
ayumi674 21 Dec, 2012
A cute and touching story that will leave you smiling. Cyborg She is a story about a cyborg girl who comes back from the future to save the life of a young man who eventually falls in love with her. The story does not focus so much on the future aspect as that is more of an interesting side note but really is about the love that develops between a man and a cyborg girl. He struggles with the hardship of falling in love with someone who can?t feel anything back, desperately hoping that he can someway light the spark of love in her heart. She is faced with the task of learning how to be more human and learning what love is. Although I enjoyed the simple storyline, it lacked any real mystery, or intrigue that will keep you guessing although it wasn?t from lack of trying. It was sort of predictable. There were a few surprises and interesting little plotlines that wrap the beginning and the end of the story in a tight little bow. The super girl aspect was cute but sometimes seemed like it was overly done and sometimes I felt like they were just having her knock heads around to add some filler. Still if you?re a sci-fi nerd it will be thoroughly entertaining regardless. The worst part is if you?re trying to make a relationship between two people in a movie, at least give the Cyborg a name! If you want viewers to feel theres a real passionate heartfelt relationship blossoming, I think that would be the first step to helping viewers connect with the character and making her more human. All in all Cyborg She is a wholesome and fun family movie worth watching once. It?s not going to be a time honored classic years from now but it did leave me smiling..