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  • 2005
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized nana

Based On

based on manga
title nana
author Yazawa Ai (矢沢あい)


genres drama, romance, music, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 03 Sep, 2005
duration 114 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 2991 users
total users 4168
rating 10695
favorites 165


nana 2
2006 film jp
2006 TV jp
same setting


Nana Komatsu is a naive young woman whose boyfriend has moved to Tokyo to study, but because Nana herself couldn't make it to same university she travels there to work. On a train she meets a woman whose name is also Nana, she is the exvocalist of a band, and they get friendly with each other and later by chance they meet in an old apartment building, going to rent the same apartment. The two Nanas end up living together in the same apartment and they both have problems with love which they try to make work out.


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Komatsu Nana
Oosaki Nana
Endou Shouji
Honjou Ren
Terashima Nobuo
Ichinose Takumi


director, screenwriter
original creator


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30 Nov, 2010
They both are about music and the way to success.

16 Sep, 2010
In both, the characters' bands are breaking up and for that or another reason they end up together. Facing their pasts and seeing themselves far behind, they try to manage with their new band. Love tingles, drama and a lot of qualified music.


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lottedh 14 Feb, 2018
It actually was a really good movie! In the beginning, I thought the acting was kind of bad and Hachi was too desperate. But after a while I got used to it and actually liked there reactions in certain situations! In a lot of J-dramas, the characters react in an unrealistic way, but here I felt that the way they reacted was really similar to actual real life! I wouldn't rate it a high score for the acting but for the realistic situantions and reactions (if that makes any sense ^^)
sayitaintsojoe 25 Sep, 2014
I've never seen the anime, but I liked this movie a lot. I enjoyed the sismance. It made me realize why girls like bromance so much. Aoi Miyazaki is so kawaii in this! I like the other Nana too.
invincible 06 Jan, 2014
This was my first japan movie I've seen :)
sarangimnida 11 Aug, 2012
It was a faithful adaptation of the manga. Yasu couldn't have looked any more like the manga character!

Storywise... This movie wasn't great. At all.
kiraning 10 Mar, 2012
Contrary to what some other people have said, I actually think this film was saved by its cast and music, and not the other way around. The story and characters were cliché-ridden. However, Miyazaki Aoi has a way of acting "cute" characters without being annoying, and this is part of the reason why the second film went straight downhill - There was no Miyazaki to hold it together.
switched 18 Jan, 2012
Not having seen the anime nor having read manga I absolutely LOVED the movie (I was in "Nana"-mode at the time so it was like watching japanese version of MY story ...). Quite a number of people seem to think the movie doesn't even compare...thanks a lot guys, now I probably won't ever dare to read the story in fear of getting a heart attach from over excitement!!!

daredaniel 20 Dec, 2011
Wow this film sucked.. 2 minutes in it and I knew already how bad it was going to be. The directing and the cinemathography were terrible and the characters beyond annoying o__O. what the hell was wrong with both nanas? One of them felt way too excited about everything for no reason and the other looked like a skull... the other characters were pretty much annoying as well, there wasn't a single one that I liked.. also, i laughed when I heard Nana singing for the first time... sorry, but this is a totally amateur film that is aimed for a teenage audience, dropped it after 40 minutes or so because I couldn't take it anymore. Maybe I'll finish it one day when I've got nothing else to waste my time on.

edit: finished watching... what a terrible film. this film was a complete mess that had a lot of subplots leading nowhere. do I even need to complain about the fabricated pop songs? damn, the concerts were awful. The tought that teenage girls look at both Nanas as examples to follow depresses me.
dabisu 03 Dec, 2011
Awful acting, clumsy direction, booooring storyline. This is a really really bad movie made for girls and their dreamy way of thinking about relationships between men and women. Two hours of my life lost.