ESC to close 3.28 (by 69 users)once upon a time in saengchori 원스 어폰 어 타임 인 생초리
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized once upon a time in saengchori
aka wonseu eopon eo taim in saengchori, 원스어폰어타임 인 생초리, 원스 어폰어타임 인 생초리


genres comedy, drama, suspense, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 05 Nov, 2010 - 18 Mar, 2011
episodes 20
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.28 of 5 by 69 users
total users 201
rating 226
favorites 5



The bottom rung branch of a major brokerage firm is banished to middle-of-nowhere Saengchori as a punishment for mediocrity in the eyes of the new company president. A select few brave the journey -- among them the president's right hand man, a math genius recently struck by lightning and stripped of his ability to comprehend numbers -- but none of them are quite prepared for the bizarre residents of Saengchori, or the mysteries the townsfolk are desperate to hide. Meanwhile, police investigate the murder of a former employee of the branch, and whether the killer might still be among those remaining.


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Jo Min Seong
Yu Eun Ju
Park Min Yeong
Park Bok Sun
O Na Yeong
Lee Man Su




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sunkeener 19 Mar, 2016
"Our time in Saengchori had become our sanctuary".
It was so Korean. And finally I could appreciate Korean humour fully) It was full of everythhing - fun, angst, tragedy, love. It was almost ideal except one of the motives and ambigous ending. I believe children can be as cruel as a serial killer, even though they are sometimes just 2 parts of a whole.
And especially I liked the work of a cameraman. It seems Korean movies are getting better and better.
catchxfireflies 16 Dec, 2012
There's really no other word for it but quirky. I enjoyed the characters and the mystery and even the romance a lot, and it went by quick enough that any of the little things that bothered me didn't have enough time to gain momentum and truly piss me off, so all in all I ended it satisfied. And I liked the twist. I wasn't expecting it, but it surprised me, and I like being surprised in a drama when most are boringtown business as usual. It doesn't hurt that there were some genuinely laugh out loud moments right along with the shocking ones.

They did drop the ball with some things... what became of the Na Yeong's mother story line? Or Yun Si Yun's character? A cameo, yes, but they literally never mention he exists again when he's the brother of a central character, after he spent the whole day with Na Yeong, and then suddenly she has a crush on Min Seong? Whereas I perceived that relationship to be firmly in oppa-dongsaeng territory, given his own similarly aged sister and the sibling vibe between them in general. I mean, I get it, because Ha Seok Jin, but still.

And who was on the phone all those times calling the shots, and they just drove away in a mysterious car at the end? Why leave that a mystery? Why MAKE it a mystery in the first place if you're not going to explain it? IDK. But that stuff didn't detract from my viewing experience enough for it to genuinely bother me, so whatever.

What I did love was the relationships between every character, which is what carried the show, definitely. And I adore how even though Ji Min had his melodramatic throw the engagement ring scene (which is damn presumptuous, really, when she already made it pretty clear she's not interested in you and every date you try to go on ends up in the toilet... or next to the toilet) in the end the ~love triangle~ was saving and helping each other (quite literally carrying each other in some cases) instead of slapping each other or declaring war or something stupid. It's just nice to see. :P
xxunlovedxxsoulxx95 25 Nov, 2012
This drama is hilarious, although I must admit that the ending was quite unexpected and a bit confusing. I wish they extended out the ending a bit more. Other than that, this drama was excellent for time passing. I didn't think I'd enjoy it this much and finish it off this quickly.
arcady 25 Nov, 2011
a really funny drama^^, i had a nice time with it.