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  • 1998
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized gto
english Great Teacher Onizuka
aka グレートティーチャーオニヅカ, ジーティーオー

Based On

based on manga
title gto
author Fujisawa Tooru (藤沢とおる)


genres comedy, drama, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 07 Jul, 1998 - 22 Sep, 1998
episodes 12
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.92 of 5 by 1458 users
total users 2254
rating 5709
favorites 172


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gto drama special
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side story
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side story


Former motorcycle gang leader Onizuka Eikichi is finally accepted as a teacher after a series of chaos and mishaps. He is assigned to be a homeroom teacher for a class which holds a terrifying reputation of getting rid of all their previous homeroom teachers. However, this time they are dealing with Onizuka, whose ways of thinking won't be an easy opponent for them to beat. This drama also revolves around the students' relationship with other teachers and the opposite attraction between Onizuka and the English teacher, Fuyutsuki Azusa.


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Onizuka Eikichi
Saejima Ryuuji
Fuyutsuki Azusa
Yoshikawa Noboru
Kikuchi Yoshito
Murai Kunio


original creator


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The main hero in it is someone who was a delinquent before and who just wants to continue his quiet life at school without being disturbed. He is someone who reveals his true nature, which is why he is not easily or gladly accepted by his surroundings.

29 Jun, 2010
The male protagonist is someone who follows his own moral. By reason of fair play and well being of his friends, he is not afraid to talk or do whatever he thinks right. Not obeying the school rules, he is always at verge of punishment.


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It was announced May 23, 2012, that dance and vocal group EXILE performer AKIRA (real name Kurosawa Ryouhei) would receive his first starring role in a dram...


jentokki 24 Feb, 2012
This kind of reminded me of Hammer Session. So from that, I knew this was going to be a REALLY GOOD drama ^_^ I really liked how the students in the drama would say that Onizuka never cared about his position, but rather the lives of his students; Because that was what mattered the most to him as a teacher. It was very inspiring! I laughed so much, cried in a few scenes, and was mind-blown! The whole drama series were well put together. I'm just disappointed to hear about the movie being not so good and the original characters weren't a part of it U_U But the original drama series and the drama special were good enough!
sayitaintsojoe 31 Jan, 2012
GTO is really good. It's funny, but more than the comedy the drama parts are really good. Gokusen's comedy parts are funnier than GTO's but GTO's drama parts are better. In GTO the way Onizuka performs his miracles with the students and faculty is just awesome. In Gokusen I kinda got bored during the drama parts. I also like the chemistry/romance between then leads in GTO.
doramaaprncss 26 Oct, 2011
Really goood!
its one of those dramas when you watch every episode, knowing that there will be a moment that is going to touch you in some way. It neverr lets you down!
vaikepois 28 Apr, 2011
So far watched ep1 ofc drama cant beat the anime but thats logical cuz real life cant express much as anime.. anyways Lets put ANIME aside... i think its quite nice but kinda fast progressing .. and now back to anime.. it looked like lot of eps were mixed in there..

thats my ep 1 comment.
keithjon13 06 Apr, 2011
i just finish the entire Great Teacher Onizuka Saga from anime to drama !!! Its so damn200000x good and very very very and very2000000x touching and really gives you the spark on what is real life be your real self!! i will miss it for sure! hayss. one of the dramas and animes that stays in your head forever!! ^^
keithjon13 03 Apr, 2011
over already? i wish i could have gone to a school like that in m highschool but now im in college i will not stop believing and able to see such inspiring drama it really is a life lesson you know... i love it with all my soul !!!! way better then gokusen or any school dramas that i have seen and btaw watch the anime first before watching the drama version i thin everyone is like me uh.. haha

Great Teacher Keith !!! <3 <3
carolhiis 24 Mar, 2011
AMEI sim e MUITO ♥
genosan 16 Oct, 2010
While this drama is 12 years old I believe this is an example of what more shows should be like today. The comedy fits nicely into the serious plot line without compromising the plot to make it seem childish. I also feel that Takashi is the perfect type of actor for Onizuka in this sense as his facial expressions seem to add so much more to the comedy aspect.

I also like the way the plot branches out. First it begins with Onizuka attempting to get a job as a teacher before he has to combat a class, and then moving on to the school faculty before finally combating another school and also the very highest echelons of the education system. It does not stay on one area for too long which I feel stops the viewer getting bored. It keeps the show fresh and new without it becoming stale in other words.

Furthermore, the implementation of the cliffhangers at the end of most of the episodes I felt was a very enticing mechanism to keep the viewer interested as well as to allow the overall story to flow. Even if the cliffhanger left the viewer on a high or low feeling it still created the interest to continue the drama until the end.

While I do agree that this is a masterpiece of a drama there are certain areas that did antagonise me slightly. First of all Miyabi annoyed the hell out of me. While she did eventually become tolerant as a character I just thought she was a childish character and not in the good way like Onizuka is at times. Also in the final episode I don't really think some of the teachers really changed at all. While Teshigawara did because he had something to lose. The other teachers in renouncing their own self interest I think was very unconvincing. I mean surely the only reason they feel that way is because none of them have jobs now so is that still fighting for self interest?