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  • 2000
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized battle royale
aka survival program

Based On

based on book
title battle royale (バトル・ロワイアル)
author Takami Koushun (高見広春)


genres action, drama, life, school, friendship, survival


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 16 Dec, 2000
duration 114 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.69 of 5 by 2273 users
total users 3028
rating 8390
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battle royale ii: chinkonka
2003 film jp


At the dawn of the new millennium, the nation collapsed; unemployment is now above fifteen percent, students attack teachers, and children are now feared by their elders. The government is under immense pressure to quell the disorder so they come up with the idea of 'Battle Royale'
Every year the government randomly chooses one middle school class of fifteen year olds to compete on an isolated island where they have to fight each other to the death in order to save themselves. Only one can survive. If one doesn’t survive within the time limit then nobody survives.
This year it’s Nanahara Shuuya’s class which is chosen, he and his friends, Noriko and Kawada Shougo, must either find a way to escape or destroy each other, but time is running short as their classmates become ever more desperate and the killing starts immediately. They must make their choice quickly in a new and exciting game of...Battle Royale!




Nanahara Shuuya
Nakagawa Noriko
Kawada Shougo
Souma Mitsuko
Chigusa Takako


producer, screenwriter
art director


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Both are survival game titles where the characters must either kill or be killed.

31 Jul, 2013
Both are about students trying to survive in the middle of nowhere.


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chentse 25 Jul, 2014
@Random chan I always felt this was a "hit or miss" movie. I mostly see people either say they really like it or really dislike it. This is one of those rare occasions where I disagree with you because I really like it. I haven't seen it in a while though so I'll have to give it another watch and see if it still holds up.
oyqboyq 16 May, 2013
We watched this at a movie screening in my school and we had so much fun. I enjoyed it very much. Other than the funny blood effects I really really liked it.
Random chan 02 Mar, 2013
lol XD destroy Fujiwara Tatsuya and remove him from the plot, add some actors who can actually play their roles and battle royale would be an average survival challenge movie :P. But no, with the only elements that matter in this type of film being bad, the film is also bad :o.
nessssbm 08 Jan, 2013
kawada-san~~~ my hero! : D
choishinya 23 Oct, 2012
This movie is kind of overrated imo. Didn't hate it, but I'm not a fan.
kalemeh 27 Aug, 2012
I love this film so much... it is honestly sort of a masterpiece ....
lulukpop 17 Jul, 2012
It's different compare to the general movie genres I was in the mood to watch these days but tell you this, REALLY interesting, caught my attention from reading the plot and turned out to be good :D
Just somewhere lost me a bit, didn't have the right feeling of suspense and anxiety I was expecting to find.. don't know somewhere I hoped for a more phycological thriller kind of like feeling like mainly combining mystery and thriller to the whole drama those kids were going through. But to be honest I liked it ^^

At some point it was all like "kids coming out from everywhere shouting each other" XD

Just my opinion anyway :) Hope you enjoy this.
raziel 04 Jul, 2012
It's an excellent adaptation of the awesome novel. I watched the movie a few years ago, really liked it, then recently read the novel and rewatched this and my opinion deteriorated just a little bit since the novel is clearly the definitive edition of the saga. However, I still think it's a very good movie and realize that lot of content had to be cut and changed around a bit in order to make a compact 2-hour movie.
But to the movie itself - it's high on adrenaline, no time to stop all-out high school kid massacre romp that just has all the necessary elements to make it gold - little moralizing, albeit manages to be thought-provoking (sort of like Death Note); beautiful cinematography and location shots, stylish gore and chaotic teenagers, not to mention the massive score (you know, when THAT guy emerges from the explosions to that choral chant) and of course, the intriguing set-up. Highly recommended to watch it, but if you do, do it before reading the novel.