ESC to close 3.32 (by 960 users)taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta
english You Taught Me All The Important Things (literal)
aka I Learned All the Important Things from You


genres drama, romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 17 Jan, 2011 - 28 Mar, 2011
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.32 of 5 by 960 users
total users 1840
rating 3187
favorites 23



Shuuji wakes up on the first day of his new job as the local schoolteacher, only to find a strange woman in his bed, he doesn't know who she is or what her name is or how she came to be there. He goes to work with one thought on his mind: My Fiancée should NOT find out about this. Only, the bigger problem is that this mysterious girl is actually an underage student in his class, and his fiancée is a teacher in the same school.




Kashiwagi Shuuji
Uemura Natsumi
Saeki Hikari
Toudou Sayaka
Hiraoka Naoki
Mizutani Aya




31 Mar, 2011
I expected something completely different! The first few episodes are somehow that what I expected. I expected a very bright girl turning dark for the Sensei she loves and fighting a psychological bitch-fight with his fiancee (that is also a bright "woman" with a dark background) to win him over. What I got instead? A rather dark-ish school girl that has problems with herself, a lovely and understanding Toda Erika and such a terribly good main guy, it was unbelieveable. But actually, it's not that bad. It didn't come as I had seen it, but that's what made it even better.

The main character suprised me pleasantly. I have to hit me hard with a book to punish me after saying this but ym favorit character was Natsumi aka. Toda Erika. I could fully understand her, was surprised by some moves she made because they were actually what I would do myself and in the beginning I felt so sad for her... It was the perfect role for her to get closer to me.

Miuras character might be out of this world and a Gary Stu but... He is great. Gorgeous. I love him. Maybe a bit too early to give him this character, since he is still so young, but it was okay. Nobody said he was a teacher for years already, so I guess this might also be his first year as a teacher or something. ;)

As for the school-girl... She isn't really pretty (or maybe that's just my opinion) and I don't really like how she delivered the character, but it fit the story, it added to the feeling and that's what counts. I wasn't annoyed by her acting or something, I just felt like her performance wasn't as good as Toda Erikas or Miura Harumas.

On another, important, note: I love the side-character Hiraoka Naoki aka. "Slam-Dunk-Guy". He is totally different from Kamen Rider W (Philip) but after the first shock I got used to him and he is so adorable. I didn't feel like his acting was too far away from Toda Erikas. So 100 points for him. <3

Okay, overall-image of this drama is... Dark and socail-problems heavy. But I love the story, the ending was good, too. What annoyed me was the overuse of PINK songs in the drama. Not that I dislike her, but some songs just weren't made for this drama. "Dear Mr. President" in a very sad, heart-breaking scene might fit if you don't understand the lyrics, but if you do it's just...annoying ._. I'd rather have a not-so-good OST with Japanese singers featuered than PINK-only.
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09 Jun, 2015
In both productions a male teacher gets involved in a forbidden affair with one of his female students tries to not be exposed to his current partner.


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arigaato 31 Dec, 2015
It was bad... Really.
come on. Natsumi with her 'O my god, I want to marry him even if he cheated on me, no wait, he didnt cheat on me, no wait iam pregnant so i don't want to marry a father of my child even if it makes him fired of a job he loves, but wait he was already fired so it's ok now and we can get married' O my god. Seriously? And Shuuji too 'I will see Natsumi and if she asks me if I want to be with her I will look at her and say nothing, she will understand that I love her'
Their relationship was so annoying!! I started watching it couple of years ago and stopped after few episodes. I started watching it again now and I remembered why I dropped it. But this time I made it to the end and I am really proud of myself because it was stupid xD Liked actors but hated characters.
bluey 03 May, 2015
Miura Haruma is so handsome here and his acting is superb! The others were alright i suppose but nothing outstanding~
liucchan 30 Jun, 2014
Beautiful drama! I couldn't wish a better end :') Sooo good! It deserves a lot.
kyoryured 27 Oct, 2013
i saw this show before, it was very good. only because of Haruma Miura and Erika Toda despite that it has Shinoda Mariko in it.. -_-
ukezinho 09 Sep, 2013
@miyuka same.
liza 07 Jun, 2013
boring...... :/
suki034 10 Oct, 2012
the Pink soundtrack was really unsuitable for some scenes, especially Dear Mr President. but 'Prelude' by Hayashi Yuuki was quite a memorable and suitable track
accela 24 Aug, 2012
One of the worst dramas ever.Miura's acting was lovevly as always but the other cast was awful!Especcialy Toda Erika,she was so annoying!About the ost ,it was terrible,it was songs from P!nk only but if you understand english this is spoiling the mood,her songs didnt fit in there.Too bad for Miura to be a part of it :/