ESC to close 3.58 (by 2472 users)my princess 마이 프린세스
  • 2011
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized my princess
aka mai peurinseseu


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 05 Jan, 2011 - 24 Feb, 2011
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 2472 users
total users 3648
rating 8862
favorites 118



Lee Seol, a normal college student, discovers one day that she is a princess and accepts that role. But now she can't go out of her palace and has to study all day. Her only teacher is Hae Yeong, the successor of an important company.




Park Hae Yeong
Lee Seol
O Yun Ju
Nam Jeong U
O Gi Taek
Lee Dan




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26 Feb, 2011
A Cinderella story in Korea with a very beautiful main guy and a main girl everybody is talking about? Had just HAD to take a look at that! In the end, I was rather disappointed. Of course it was very romantic and oh god, that main guy is hot. But the story was simple and I couldn't follow the thoughts of ANY character in this but the main guys. That was a little bit frustrating and confusing.

What I really liked were the nice moments of the main pair together, the clothes of the main guy, side guy and reporter and... Oh, that kitchen-boy! So basically, all the eye-candy. The main guy ends up getting the nickname Mr. P. And I like the idea that some girls had, that it was actually the short form of Mr. Perfect. I also liked the "bad-women" and that for once the main girl wasn't a good girl but actually did something bad to the side girl. Also, I feel like the characters develeoped in this drama. At first the Princess felt like a child when she was standing between the two guys that cared for her, in the end I felt like she was more a part of them and like she could think for herself. I also really like the start of the drama. In the beginning it was really funny and light, the characters had a reason for everything they did.

On the bad side, the drama got weaker with every episode that was aired. The characters seemed to lose track of what they were doing. Also, the last two episodes felt like there was no story. No spoilers, but... I felt like nothing happened. The problems that they slowly introduced never got bigger and I felt like...a child that got promised chocolate but got salad....

So in the end, it was an enjoyable show but there are seriously better shows. I'm glad I watched this because of the hot main guy, but if you want to actually watch something because of the story I recommend you to watch something else.
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14 May, 2011
Both main lead started their life living as a commoner, then one day they realise that they are from the royal line and learn to take the throne.

27 Feb, 2011
They are both about adopted young ladies who find out they are princesses and fall in love with someone in the palace.


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afterdark 14 Nov, 2016
I already watch 3 episodes :D I really love it :D I hate Kim Tae Hee but here I like her very much :D She must play more roles like that :D Song Seung Heon was my priority in that drama and I really not disapointed at him :D I hope they don't make from this cute rom-com melodrama xD
liucchan 23 Jun, 2016
LOVED it! Maybe it's just the kinda of story I really love! The typical genuine, kind, amusing and easy to love girl with the typical hot and funny and lovable guy! The story is really cute, full of funny and cute moments :3
The last kiss in the end is just the most amazing kiss I have ever seen! lol
alexadm81 05 Sep, 2014
This drama had so much potential in the beginning but the plot lacked so much. I had so many expectations but I wasn't very impressed. The leads and Geon Yi saved this drama, this is why I'm giving a 3/5.
sh0oa 28 Aug, 2014
i only liked the first episode!
aphton 07 Feb, 2014
Its a good drama, kinda lighthearted, nothing all-too dramatic is happening; nothing tense;
not even highly climatic moments..
Yet its a good drama if you cant find anything else.
It has cute moments in it..
fabyanna 12 Oct, 2013
Amei esse Drama,foi meu primeiro,entaw sempre estará no meu coração,super recomendo,ele é lindo e fofo e os prota são demais.
jan1991 03 Jul, 2013
I had to drop this. I don't know if it was my recent lack of patience for cliché dramas or that this drama was just too dull for my taste. Also the male lead slapping his lips together every time before he speaks was very annoying.
vanelya10 23 May, 2013
Song Seung Hong ----> EXTREME HOTNESS ;) especially the body *____* nosebleed