ESC to close 3.78 (by 290 users)lily chou chou no subete
  • 2001
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized lily chou chou no subete
english All About Lily Chou-Chou
aka riri shushu no subete, ririi shushu no subete


genres life, mystery, friendship, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 06 Oct, 2001
duration 146 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.78 of 5 by 290 users
total users 531
rating 1097
favorites 48



Teenagers who experience peer pressure, who can't escape from this cycle of violence and bullying. The cyber world and Lily Chou Chou are the only balms for their wounds.




Hasumi Yuuichi
Hoshino Shuusuke
Tsuda Shiori
Kuno Youko
Hoshino Izumi


director, screenwriter


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19 Feb, 2011
Sorry, but I didn't get this movie. It's one of the worst things I've watched in my life.

I don't get the message.

I don't get the plot.

I don't get the characters.

The music comes into the movie when it shouldn't be there.

All those web messages about the ether are nothing but nonsense.

I lost almost three hours of my life watching this movie.

For me, the director smoked something (probably that ether he loves to speak about), had a crazy sadic pointless dream and decided to write an script out of the nonsense. That's All About Lily Chou Chou.

The only good thing about this was the acting. But not even the actors can raise the bad ratings this time.
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13 Aug, 2018
Both movies have a similar dark atmosphere, focusing on the deep spiritual abyss of their main characters.


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iluvlynx 28 Nov, 2013
Wow, that was really confusing. Just like the main character, I felt so lost and lonely and I just really pitied him… and then it made me think about the world out there and how brutal it is to so many kids like him.
The OST was perfect with the movie, and the acting was good.

I'm not actually sure how many people died? 2? 3? Did Hoshino really die? I'm so confused.
aqu135 23 Feb, 2013
This movie made me feel so frustrated...the characters or situations were just too intense for me.

I couldn't sit through Kuno's rape part
Random chan 17 Feb, 2013
I can't judge this movie, because I believe I'm probably too stupid to understand it. I could see beautiful camera work and very nice OST, but not much beyond that. I found it rather hard to watch, but not in a sense of complex setting, plot or characters, but very over complex presentation of the work.
sarangimnida 22 Apr, 2012
This movie.... The 'ether' flows through it.
An uncomfortable, confusing, troubling, meanacing but beautiful movie. I break out in goosebumps every time I hear the soundtrack.
purefault 14 Dec, 2011
A very intimate and unsettling venture into a coming-of-age hell. The tone of the film was pitch perfect.
elisekate 13 Jul, 2011
This film made my head hurt in the best way possible.

I wonder if it has a physical CD for the OST, if it does I'm definitely buying it.
kajitoku 25 May, 2011
Amazing movie, Perfect soundtrack, what more do you need? =)
dollstar 13 May, 2011
Compelling character-study about teenagers in search of their identity with music as their only medium for liberation. This movie is visually stunning and emotionally charged, while the music is almost hypnotic. It certainly isn't for everybody with not much of a plot or action. Although long, it certainly felt shorter for me, while the last hour makes for one of the most emotionally touching climaxes ever. Not much of a movie to dissect, more of a movie to feel. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!