ESC to close 2.44 (by 9 users)kodomo no kodomo
  • 2008
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kodomo no kodomo
english Child by Children (literal)

Based On

based on manga
title kodomo no kodomo
author Sasou Akira (さそう あきら)


genres life, school, friendship, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 27 Sep, 2008
duration 122 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.44 of 5 by 9 users
total users 26
rating 22



Haruna and Hiroyuki, both learning in the 5th year at elementary school, were good friends for a long while. However, after those two decide to play a special game of putting their intimate parts into one another, their lives are going to change.

The two are going to learn important things about life and go through hardships with their classmates while trying to hide everything from the adults.


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Mochida Haruna
Mochida Akemi
Yoshida Mika
Vice Principal Takamatsu
Haruna's Mother
Haruna's Father


director, screenwriter


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06 May, 2014
Both are about a girl who gets pregnant. The problem in both is that the protagonist is too young to have a baby. Both the drama and the movie talk about the problems that the protagonist will have to face with her pregnancy.


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Random chan 17 Sep, 2015
@curi lolXD great comment
curi 26 Aug, 2015
Putting this under a spoiler since it contains some tmi medical stuff.

This was one of the most ridiculous movies I've ever watched. It's pretty obvious that whoever wrote this movie has no understanding of basic anatomy or childbirth. First of all, it is EXTREMELY unlikely an 11 year old would have no complications from pregnancy. A child that age is still growing and requiring a large amount of nutrients to stay healthy--nutrients that her pregnant body would not be getting because they would go towards keeping the fetus alive and healthy. So there would definitely be noticeable physical effects that some adult would notice even if they weren't paying all that much attention. Second of all, it would also be extremely unlikely that an 11 year old could give birth naturally in the shed behind her school. Her pelvis would absolutely not be wide enough to push the baby's head and shoulders through. (Which is why when you do read about 10/11/12 year olds giving birth they almost always have to have a c-section.) But let's pretend it was wide enough. There would still be tearing and bleeding that would require stitches at the very least. Not to mention a doctor would need to deliver the placenta (because, you know, leaving it in the uterus can cause severe infection and DEATH). And where's the nurse to massage her uterus back down to its normal size? Yeah and how did a baby born one month prematurely not require any medical attention immediately after birth? Nothing in this movie makes any sense whatsoever.

This movie had the perfect chance to show just how hard it is to be pregnant at such a young age and all the complications that can (and more than likely WILL) happen while giving birth so young. Instead it made pregnancy and childbirth look like a walk in the park. Completely unrealistic. And a pretty dangerous message to send imo.

This only deserves a 1/5 rating at most.
Random chan 11 Dec, 2010
a very light film actually, quite unrealistic... but cute, I must admit.