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  • 2011
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized lady: saigo no hanzai profile
english Lady: The Last Profiling Crimes (literal)
aka reidi: saigo no hanzai purofairu, レイディ〜最後の犯罪プロファイル〜


genres mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 07 Jan, 2011 - 11 Mar, 2011
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.34 of 5 by 302 users
total users 614
rating 1008
favorites 3



If there is someone who can enter a criminal's mind, it's surely Kazuki Shouko. That young woman is part of a newly created profilers team and helps police understand the motives and behaviour of the ones they try to catch.




Kazuki Shouko
Terada Takehiko
Toudou Yuuichirou
Okui Marie
Shimbori Keisuke
Yuuki Akira




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24 Jun, 2011
Both revolve around a newly established team of detective/profilers, who deal with various cases and try to discover the criminal. Both teams are at odds in the beginning, but slowly start to bond, both teams have members with unique capabilities, and the lead woman is a strong-looking, iron woman with a mysterious past, which led her into the team.


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reyascapes 24 Jan, 2017
I suppose this is an unpopular opinion - On episode three and kind of uninterested so far. Maybe it's too early on, but I don't feel attached to any of the characters and everyone feels so... disconnected? There is no harmony or strong kinship to tie them all together. I know the 'group of unlikely individuals / misfits working together' is supposed to be a theme, but what makes that theme work is when the different personalities mesh well together. Right now, everyone sort of just does their own thing and it creates a dissonance. And even when they unite, it's not as convincing as it should feel. I don't know if that's on purpose, but I'm hoping as the show goes on there's more unity and rapport within the team. Saying that, the cases and crimes they have to solve have been pretty engaging so far. I just wish it was the same for the characters.
reonsoru 25 Feb, 2012
The concept felt kind of fresh and the characters - including the team investigating and the culprits - were extremely interesting and had very distinct characteristics and features, which made the drama feel very alive. I did like the idea of Kazuki "imagining" the cases to such an extent that she would "re-enact" the crimes partly and feel what the culprit felt during the crime.

Might not become my favorite drama of all time anyways, but it was definitely one of the better crime dramas with a fresh attempt. = ) People who are sick and tired of the old school crime dramas should try this = )
malice 01 Oct, 2011
I liked! the cases were much better that those from Boss but boss was more enjoyable,idk why
anyways,it was really interesting,and the profiling was awesome in every case,it wasn't a waste of time watching this
but Kimura Tae's acting was horrible,i don't know if she's always like this or her character had to be so lame. She had the same expressions,the same face and the same voice in every second of this drama, even when she couldn't breath because of her illness,really annoying ><
reiko92 19 Aug, 2011
It was quite a good drama, sometimes the bad guys scared me with their hellboy's laugh... ^^" I think I'll watch it again later. Kitagawa Keiko did a good job, but I think she wasn't really a "LADY" maybe this series needs a second season to develop the LADY characteristics in her. (Or LADY refers to Akira Yuki? and not the main heroine.
Lady Killer, as the main secret in the last episode. Where the whole story headed...

But it was so good, because this was the first drama, where the cuplrits were shown as victims or were shown on he screen as usual people, and I couldn't preditc that they will be the bad guys. (I mean if the bads are shown you can point out, that yeah this is the culprit. And now I totally couldn't. :))
zaharisa 31 Jul, 2011
@tarrasji & @himitsudreamer - I was wondering the same thing ;( Really- they screwed there.
But ?If we overlook? this XD- the show is not that bad, actually.

I like the team's boss :)

It bothers me though.. -> Kitagawa Keiko seems just too young and reckless and for me- she does not fulfill the image of real lady /nor her posture, not her behavior or clothes do so/. Since the show focus so much into profiles- it seems a bit ridiculous that the main heroine is not able to fit the image of it /the one of the title and her own/.
mikku77 19 Jun, 2011
second season plz !! :O each case was kind of touching...crime from a different point of view.
...and finally Hiraoka Yuuta & Kaname Jun are also in the spotlight .. yeahh!!! :D
taeminlove 19 Apr, 2011
I totally gotta agree with tarrasji! I was so surprised they didn't do that....I mean it could have shortened the ep! xD But watevs...I enjoyed it either way. :D This drama made me let out a flood of emotions.....happiness, relief, hatred, and it even made me hold my breathe at times because I was afraid of what was going to happen next......wah! It was so good it made me shiver haha. xD
himitsudreamer 17 Mar, 2011
Agree with Tarrasji. I was wondering why didn't they take DNA from the papers.